Etsy prohibited items
Etsy Prohibited Items: Learn Before You Sell on Etsy

Etsy Prohibited Items: Learn Before You Sell on Etsy


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It requires excellent creative minds to create something outstanding. But then, every wonderful creation needs appraisal. No other platform is as motivating for such creative sellers as Etsy. Etsy always welcomes new ideas and creations on its platform, whether handmade, unique, or antique.

However, you cannot sell anything and everything on this platform to create something different. There are various reasons for putting some restrictions or prohibiting certain items from selling on Etsy. Scroll down to learn what Etsy prohibited items on Etsy.

What are the core reasons to prohibit certain items to sell on Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace that connects people seeking to buy unique items with the sellers creating them. Every item listed on Etsy should follow the prohibition policy, as you cannot go beyond rules and regulations.

Now you might be wondering what could be the core reason to put rules and regulations on selling certain items on Etsy. Here are some important points to be noticed.

  • Some items may present legal risks to the Etsy community
  • Some can be harmful to Etsy members or against their values.
  • Items may promote hatred, violence, or unlawful activity.
  • Some products may promote vulgarity and obscenity.

Any seller who would violate such rules and regulations their account will immediately be suspended or terminated.

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What are the types of Items that are Prohibited on Etsy?

There is a list of categories that explain what can be sold on Etsy. Abiding to the rules and regulations followed you need to determine what product category you plan to sell. Everything sold on Etsy should follow the Prohibited items policy. You can find the categories prohibited on Etsy below:

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

These are the substances that face serious legal issues. The policy is also applicable to substances with an intoxicating and healing effect. The items such as Alchohol, smokable products, and anything that consists of drugs or medicine fall under this category.

what can be sold on Etsy

Animal and Human Remains

Any item manufactured after torturing animals and humans is strictly not allowed to be sold on Etsy. You cannot sell live animals, items created using endangered animals, or items made of animal and human body parts.

Animal and human remains

Hazardous Materials

The products made up of hazardous materials can cause potential harm to the manufacturer and the consumer. Due to its risk of harm and complex delivery, Etsy does not allow you to create and sell such items on its platform. Anything that is explosive, flammable, gases, radioactive, toxic, and weapons aren’t allowed.

What to sell what not to sell on Etsy

Illegal Items

Etsy is a global platform, so it is very crucial for you to stick to the rules and regulations. If something is legal in one country might be illegal in a different country. However keeping in mind the perspectives and rules a country follows, you need to sell. Moreover, you are not even allowed to sell stolen items too.

What to sell what not to sell on Etsy

Internationally Regulated

When you opt for buying and selling internationally, you should be aware of your local laws and other countries. Before entering into import and export, you must keep in mind that every country has its own rules and regulations. You cannot deliver certain items to some places. Similarly, some transactions may also require licenses, permits, and documentation.

Animal and human remains


Being a part of a creative platform does not mean that you can create and sell anything. Etsy restricts mature content of any sort. You cannot sell anything obscene, vulgar, or explicit in nature.

Violent Items

Etsy wants to be a safe place for everyone; therefore, items that promote or support violence are not for sale on Etsy. Certain items can harm humans, and the environment, exploit peace and harmony or promote self-harm. These kinds of products are strictly prohibited on Etsy.

what can be sold on Etsy


Before you plan to sell on Etsy, rule out your listings as to what to sell and what is not to sell on this creative platform. Most of the sellers who have their standalone stores have also come to Etsy for vast selling culture. But to sell on Etsy, your listings must follow the ethics of Etsy.

CedCommerce’s Integration App has made it easier for sellers to sell on two different platforms at the same time, which has enabled them to take advantage of multichannel selling. Even you can start selling your creatives in just a few clicks – as long as you keep an eye on what you cannot sell. Take the help of the guidance given above plan your Etsy store to scale your selling.

Disclaimer– Etsy is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This content is not created or endorsed by Etsy, Inc.

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