Let your Etsy Store Shine using Digital Products
Passive income made possible! Sell digital products on Etsy.

Passive income made possible! Sell digital products on Etsy.


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We all are looking for earning opportunities, Aren’t we? And with the world stepping into digital revolutions, virtual selling has become persistent now.

In context to this, we are witnessing yet new and exciting digital products being launched and celebrated globally.

While you may be new to this term, let us understand it briefly and know some of the top-selling items you may launch on your Etsy store and make your business match the upcoming trend of digitizing products.

  1. Printable Planners
  2. Digital Planners
  3. Logos
  4. eBooks
  5. Thank You Cards
  6. Social Media Templates
  7. Wedding Printable
  8. Cafe/Restaurant Printable
  9. Children Learning Materials
  10. Wall Art

What are digital products?

In simple words, digital products are intangible assets that are easily accessible by buyers and could be sold repeatedly according to the demands, hence highly reducing the extra costs of shipping, boosting creativity. For example, let’s take Kindle, the most downloaded and easily accessible app that is breaking the barriers between the readers and the books.

Now you may be curious, How does it revolutionize Etsy stores? Well, Etsy is already leading its way in selling stuff – all aesthetics, and a new talk of the town are digital products.

Why should you sell digital products on Etsy?

We quite touched the basis of digital products now let us turn up to the “Why”.

Digital products no doubt are revolutionizing the Etsy markets, but there are several benefits that are motivating sellers to imbibe them in their stores.


We will dive deep into the understanding of the benefits of digital products and how you may incorporate them to your benefits :

  • Provides variety to the products listed
  • Expands audience curve
  • Explores different sales channels
  • Easy to revamp products
  • Minimizes shipping costs by
  • Inventory management reduced
  • An excellent means for passive income

And above all

It frees you up to focus on the creative stuff – Jenny says.

We couldn’t agree more! Creativity is the foreground for Etsy, and by selling Digital products, the focus shifts more to the creative aspects hence cutting down the management part.

Thus making digital products an apt choice to sell on Etsy.

You might be thinking by now, why we stated Etsy, let’s drive you through,

But, Why specifically Etsy?

In addition to this, much valid question could be why only Etsy? Well, whenever one stumbles upon Etsy’s website, you see all things innovative. The platforms like these digital products suffice their creativity quotient.

When planning to put out your creativity into reality, in the form of store setup, being new to the market could be a little intimidating.

Shopify Etsy Integration app.

Etsy like other platforms provides a range of products that act as a booster to the upcoming sellers giving them a sneak through the window of what they should particularly target while going deeper into the trends and inculcating them in their store to have a boost in the sales.

How can you make passive income from digital products?

Here comes the big question about passive income!

The main reason to sell digital products is passive income, and passive income is the income that requires minimal labor and consistent benefit.

Digital products are a significant generator of passive income, as the products you are selling in your store are available online, so there is no barrier of stock not available. Still, it is like a continuous cycle of income that you may generate out of your graphic templates, printable valentine ecards, wedding logo prints, planners, or even your ebooks.

You can even launch your collection and spread your uplifting beliefs to the Etsy community while respecting its guidelines and policies.

Like the latest collection of printables that we recently saw on Etsy, which is to spread peace in the world and stop the war.


Source : Etsy

Approximately 7.5 million active sellers and 96 million active buyers on Etsy. Why did we state this figure? To help you get a sneak peek at Etsy and how it could be fruitful for you to take advantage of its global reach.

10 digital product ideas that will make your store trendy on Etsy!

It’s pointless if we keep on stating the importance of selling digital products, without placing some best selling options that you should be considering before launching your store on Etsy,

Some products will help you generate a substantial side income to lead your brand with digital products, let’s have a look at:

Printable Planners

Weekly planner

Source : Etsy

With so much hustle and bustle in our lives, we often need a clearer picture of how our day should look, Right? With digital products revolutionizing the markets, people find downloadable materials relatively easy.

In the case of planners, Etsy has thousands of printable planners that you may choose according to your preference.

There are planners divided into weeks and months.

An advantage of selling digital planners is that they are more in demand, and sellers can upgrade to the upcoming year or events in advance.

We personally liked this one! Which ones are your favorite?

Digital Planners


Source : Etsy

You may be wondering, what’s the difference between Printable and digital planners?

Printable planners are easily printable, and Digital planners are not. Well, there is absolutely no difference between them, but you may have seen so many people working on iPad or Android Tablets as their “notepad.”

With the day-to-day changes in the patterns of people inculcating technology, papers have been replaced with digital products.

Digital planners are the need of the hour, making it the perfect choice to sell on Etsy while planning your store.



Source : Etsy

We all love decorating the room we live in, the work area of our office, and even any place we spend our significant time in, making surrounding aesthetic lingers positive vibes in us.

The same is with people starting their businesses.

They need their unique identity, and this, my friend, your store can provide.

With Logos, reducing the barriers of going out and buying banners that suit the buyer’s business, sitting at home, and choosing the banners that the buyer feels most drawn to, proves our point!

Selling aesthetic Logos will be the best choice for your store to boost its sales!



Source : Etsy

There are approx 12,000+ ebooks listed on Etsy already, which some or the other way makes it clear that ebooks are in demand and are like a stepping stone for sellers or authors to set a base to their Etsy store.

But you may not only be selling ebooks, there are thousands of ebook templates that sellers are providing to buyers.

One of the main reasons for ebooks stealing the “digital products” show is, selling a self-published book digitally is way more liberating and undemanding than publishing its paperback format.

Easier to list, quick to download, and buyers may even get a hard copy version of it if they wish.

Making it a perfect choice for you to think of!

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards

Source: Etsy

A token of Thank you is powerful, and businesses are imbibing it dedicatedly. Printable thank you cards are like a personalized note to the ones you give.

Most businesses use special Thank you cards to send the buyers online as a part of their promotional value and a note of appreciation to contacting them and buying from them.

ecards are soaring high in the digital world, and making them available as your store’s product will prove to be a great deal.

Social Media Templates

canva templates

Source : Etsy

Customized Social media templates for your users, but you may be questioning why they would want to buy from you when they can make it through several websites that give them free access?

Social media templates are a great way to set your foot out to the world of social media platforms uniquely defining customer’s choice.

Well, in this fast-paced life, nobody has the sheer patience to make templates on their own, and if you provide users with customized templates, wouldn’t it be the cherry on top?

The answer to all these is Yes.

Wedding Printable

wedding printable

Source : Etsy

First of all, wedding printable cards are a game-changer in the wedding festivities, people earlier used to agree with the designer’s choice but now things are more exclusive hence, there are variety of designs that customers may choose from.

On Etsy, you can see thousands of printable cards designed keeping in context the buyer’s persona and could be customized based on the changing patterns and trends.

Printable digital wedding cards are a big Yes. If you are thinking of making them live on frameworks like Shopify and then enlist to all the platforms connected – IT’S POSSIBLE TOO.

Cafe/Restaurant Printable

cafe printable

Source : Etsy

It’s super time-consuming when deciding the menu for your restaurant, but it’s even more complex when deciding the design of the menu.

You must be wondering Why design is more important?

See, a cafe’s menu is the second most important thing that a customer notices after the ambiance, so make it an impression to be vowed upon!

Many owners or to-be-owners are looking for beautiful templates for their menu cards.

Make customizable templates that are hard to ignore!

Children Learning Materials

children learning

Source : Etsy

Incorporating fun learning is a new way of education. Most parents are adapting digital learning and unique ways to make children understand certain subjects.

Homeschooling is back, and with that, people are opting for learning patterns. In the case of digital products, Etsy sellers make learning possible by providing printable and colorful matter for children.

Yet another example of all you can incorporate in your Etsy digital store.

Wall Art

wall decor

Source : Etsy

Explore a variety of designs to lighten your space with printable wall decors to further level up your design quotient.

Sellers on Etsy are making a point to develop different ways to attract buyers, one addition to this list is Neon Wall Prints.

Look forward to changes in your Etsy store and making them live on every other platform.

Sellers connected to us are already thriving globally, Have a look:

We are featuring some of the sellers connected with us and are thriving globally with their products and services.

Designers on a Dime offers a curated collection

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along with on-trend and highly affordable

clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories.”


“Elevated Construction + Style + Ethically Handcrafted

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Ethically made in N.C.

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“Gawa NewYork is a New York Online Clothing Store

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“The Plant Dyed Collection

Extra gentle pieces just for babies.”

The Simple Folk

Want to bring your Digital store on Etsy?

With all the benefits and top-selling ideas that we mentioned, if it propelled you to establish your brand on Etsy and thrive with digital products, then get started! Finding it a bit challenging?

Don’t worry, you can easily set up your Etsy store with CedCommerce. Let’s see what Jonas has to say about his experience with us:

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In addition to all the listed products, you also get an outlook of what digital products are all about. How passive income is made possible by selling the most attention-grabbing products while helping significantly boost your store’s sales on any desired marketplaces of your choice, i.e., Etsy?

Keep in mind that growing your business is a slow and steady process, but consistently revamping your store according to trends will help you boost your sales.

If you find this task a little daunting, let us help you through it. Get in touch with us and get featured. Go live with your choice of products with utter ease.

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