6 Tips To Improve Amazon Seller Rating
6 Tips To Improve Amazon Seller Rating

6 Tips To Improve Amazon Seller Rating


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In the e-commerce dynamics where cut-throat competition changes the equations every day, it is extremely crucial for sellers to maintain and generate their positive reputation at the marketplaces where they offer their product. One such point to do so is to improve the Seller Rating. Having said that, I will today be focusing on the Amazon Seller Rating and how sellers can improve their Amazon Seller Rating!


Tips to improve Amazon Seller Rating


Following are the 6 important points or tips to improve Amazon Seller Rating.


1.Ask for the feedback. Communicate professionally.


Before anything else, you need to at least HAVE CUSTOMERS who turn up and leave an Amazon seller feedback for you. For that, you need to shoot an email to the users who have bought your product and ask them politely to leave a feedback. The positive feedback will be eventually helpful in improving your Amazon Seller Rating.

Now, what if they are not happy with your product and leaving negative feedback? It is your duty to ask them as to what is the issue and how can you help them. If done, professionally and manage tactfully, you may ask them to remove the negative feedback. There are chances that they will leave a positive feedback, improving you Amazon Seller Rating.

At the same time, knowing the loopholes will make you understand how can you avoid the mistakes in the future.


2. Answer the questions. Address the concerns.


Answering the queries or questions that customers might come across regarding your product can help you to great extents to improve your Amazon Seller Ratings. Bring it in your habit to answer the questions regularly at every 24 hours. If customers are aware that you are careful about what are their queries, it builds a positive impact on them about you as a seller. As a result, customers if feel that you are attentive, leave you a positive, improved Amazon Seller Rating.


3. Offer them the solution


If your customers are not happy with your product or service and are leaving negative reviews, the best way is to offer them the solution and not the excuses to inflate their frustration. Most of the times when customers are angry, all they want is to get listened. Once they have expressed their frustration with pent-up feelings, there you are! Their softened anger and resolved issue will make them leave you a positive Amazon Seller Rating.


4. Go with Amazon guidelines


It is very important for you as a seller to know the Amazon marketplace guidelines. It is important for you to listen to the buyers and resolve their problems. However, if they are not leaving feedback regarding your service but the product, you are not responsible for it. In such cases, you just need to shoot a message to Amazon telling them that this is not the service related feedback but product related and Amazon will have it removed.


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5. Have flawless customer service. Be authentic.


It is very important for you to describe your product as it is on Amazon marketplace. In case there is any difference between the product you are offering and the one you deliver, it is bound to happen that users will negatively rate you decreasing your Amazon Seller Rating. Even if there is any scratch on the product, you miss the chance of being the choice of that buyer forever.

Apart from this, you need to have a flawless shipping. For that, you need to keep a check on Amazon shipping metrics from Amazon seller center. Apart from that, using the extension by us – the Amazon Magento 2 Integration Extension -you may get to know about the new orders, low stock and other related information that may help you have the shipping performance quick and apt.


6. Understand the basics


I should have told you in the beginning about this point but since it is a point that needs to be kept in mind all the while, I am telling it now. So the vital point that you need to understand is that getting a positive Amazon Seller Rating or improving your Amazon Seller Rating is not a one day process that will leave you unworried. It is an ongoing process. So these are a few points that you should be done with at one point and then there are practices you need to follow regularly. What does it mean? Basically, you need to have few things done at once such as specifying product details, its conditions etc. As far as the ongoing practice is concerned, it includes, answering the questions, resolving the queries or issues, shooting the emails asking for feedback and others.


Final Thoughts


Improving the Amazon Seller Rating is very important if you are a seller on Amazon marketplace. However, it is not an overnight process. It takes time, effort, and patience to understand the Amazon Seller Rating and creating your own customer base. But taking the easy steps as mentioned above, it becomes easy not only to have improved Amazon Seller Rating but also to be ranked up in the Amazon search ranking as ratings and rank go hand-in-hand. It is just the matter of taking a little extra effort and embarking on a new journey of success and sales.


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