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How to Win Amazon Buy Box in 2023?

How to Win Amazon Buy Box in 2023?


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Hey! Do you know the need for Amazon’s Buy Box? As per a report by Statista, the net revenue sales of Amazon has grown steadily over the last decade, reaching US$502 billion in 2022, with over $416 billion worth of sales coming alone via the Buy Box. If you are a seller, want to know about the importance of Amazon Buy Box, how to win this, who is eligible, and how this can act as growth in your sales, then this blog will help you. More products are sold by retailers who are a feature on Amazon Buy Box. So before you know about how to win Amazon Buy Box in 2023, it is mandatory for you to know what is Amazon Buy Box and how its algorithm works.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is the box that is on the right side of the Amazon product detail page, where customers add items for the purchase to the cart. For winning the Amazon Buy Box not all sellers are eligible for it. When multiple amazon sellers are selling at the same time then there is competition in which the seller will win the Amazon Buy Box. If you are the seller represented in the Buy Box so your product will be added to the shopper’s cart. It is seen that 83% of Amazon sales are through the Buy Box.

How to win Amazon buy box

The above image shows a product of the Amazon Buy Box.

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Why is Amazon Buy Box important?

There are two kinds of sellers on Amazon. First, Amazon itself which sells a variety of products, and the second kind is the third-party sellers who are also known as resellers as they are specialized in one or more category. For the seller, the Amazon Buy Box can make or break a sale. Whenever a user clicks on the “Add to cart” button, they buy from one merchant who is the Amazon Buy Box winner, which is a huge advantage for that merchant.


The only way a customer will see the other offers is if they search the product page for a small link to show all other offers and select someone else’s offer. Amazon Buy Box winners acquire 90 percent of the sales.

What is Amazon Buy Box Eligibility?

You must be a subscription-based professional seller to be Amazon Buy Box eligible. There is a particular algorithm followed by Amazon which represents the product of the seller to be represented in the Buy Box. Because it is of great value so only a few sellers who have excellent customer reviews get selected for this Amazon Buy Box.

The items being sold must be new, the old and refurbished items are stored in the Buy Box from before under the category Buy Used Box. Therefore, used products cannot be featured in the Buy Box. Even though the Buy Used Box appears with the Buy Box for new items, the two operate in a mutually exclusive manner and do not affect one another.

There must be an available stock of the items the seller puts in the Buy Box. It does not display the item out of stock.

Amazon Buy Box Algorithm:

To win Amazon Buy Box in 2023, the algorithm for Amazon Buy Box is as follows –

Create or Upgrade a professional seller account:

Having a professional account is a must, as if you don’t have this, then you won’t be appearing in the search. Buy Box can only be won by a professional seller.

Use Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA):

It is a method that Amazon sellers can use to fulfill orders. Whereas Fulfillment By Merchant(FBM) asks the merchant to pack and ship the order by themselves. In the case of FBA, this all is done by Amazon itself. Hence, Amazon gives Buy Box preference to FBA sellers as it knows the product will be delivered on time and without any defect.

Know more about Amazon FBA and FBM

Make your pricing competitive:

  • The price of the product should be comparable to the competitor’s price. It is not necessary that the product with the lowest price will win the Amazon Buy Box in 2023 because the customer’s reviews also matter the most.

Minimize your Shipping time:

  • The amount of time the seller takes to ship an item has a high impact on winning the Amazon Buy Box. The faster the customer receives the product better reviews it gets.

Landing price:

  • The landing price is the total price a seller sells a product, including the shipping price. So, the lower the landing price, the greater will be the chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box. 

Maintain your Product Order stock:

  • Amazon wants sellers who have more stock than fewer numbers. For e.g., If A seller has 10 units of bags with him and B seller has 30 units of the bag. So, seller B receive the Buy Box in this scenario. It is because Amazon never gives out of stock items in the Buy Box. 

Order Defect Rate:

This ODR is based on Customer feedback that how much time shipment time is taken by the seller. Moreover, the customer return and refund should not be very high in the records for sellers to be Amazon Buy Box eligible.

As a seller, you need to keep a check on Order Defect Rate. Here are some tips on How to Improve Order Defect Rate (ODR) on Amazon


This is a very efficient method that many clever sellers use. Just reduce the product price by a very small difference & easily win the Buy Box. For example, 10 sellers sell a product for $50, and one among them reduces the price to $49.9. Then, in this case, the Repricing helps this seller to win the Buy Box.

Strategies for Amazon Repricing in 2023

Improve Customer feedback score:

Amazon’s customer feedback is most important as it is based on the orders and overall reviews. Sometimes shoppers leave product reviews on seller pages which becomes a problem for sellers’ scores and giving less rating.

Seller Performance Metrics:

If the customers get good service by the seller then they would switch to the same seller again. This means a satisfying shopping experience will help in winning the Amazon Buy Box.


By 2023, it is estimated that eCommerce retail sales will account for 17% of the US. Therefore winning the Amazon Buy Box will help you easily reach heights in your business. By being on top and winning the Amazon Buy Box in 2023 can be great for your product performance. This will increase your sales as compared to the other merchants.

But don’t think it is a permanent thing because sellers earn a share for some time. If you want to get the most out of Amazon, you need to optimize for the Buy Box.

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It is not difficult to win the Amazon Buy Box in 2023 if you follow the above strategies.

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