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Golden Tips On How To Increase Sales On Amazon Marketplace

Golden Tips On How To Increase Sales On Amazon Marketplace


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For any business that has ever flourished or is flourishing has a common strength which is a Great Customer Force. Not a single business can flourish without strong online visibility and brand awareness amongst the target audience in the marketplace. Here are a few major tips that can be adhered to increase sales on Amazon marketplace.

Golden Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon

tips to increase sales on amazon

Learn about Amazon services to leverage your sales on the Amazon marketplace

This is the best way to start optimizing the facilities offered by the marketplace. Amazon has ample services that are offered to potential sellers and big businesses. Until and unless you know what all Amazon can offer you, you will not work towards becoming eligible for one. Some of the services that can help you increase sales on Amazon are –

Winning Amazon Buy Box –

You can win BuyBox if you fulfill certain criteria for eligibility. Winning the Buy box means that your potential buyer would add your exclusive product to his cart and make the purchase.

Amazon Pay Per Click Ads –

Amazon has built a tremendous ecosystem by webbing everything under one roof for everyone on its platform. Advertising services is one of them. There are several advertising types to which you can enroll and pay minimal cost only for the clicks on your ads and getting views and impressions absolutely free. The list of some ads are below-

Amazon Delivery Services –

Amazon gives a wide range of choices to make. Sellers who face shipping challenges can avail benefits from Fulfillment By Amazon or Seller Fulfilled Prime. For big and medium business houses, Fulfillment by Amazon is completely open where the entire responsibility is taken by Amazon to pick, pack and deliver the products to your customers. Not only this, but Amazon also maintains your stock and inventory in its warehouse and ships products ordered on your store.

Amazon A+ Content –  

Amazon offers a tool to enhance the layout, image resolution, and SEO-friendly content to the sellers. This tool is also on a premium basis which is available only to the selected vendors. A lot of case studies have shown how this tool has proved to be a boon for their sales on business.

Read here about Amazon A+ Content in detail. 

Conduct a full-fledged Research Of the Target Audience On Amazon Marketplace

research of target audience on amazon


Get the latest statistics and study it well. Do the research at regular intervals. Study the reviews, feedbacks, and ratings of your competitors. Read from credible sources that talk about the latest demand and trends amongst your target audience. Make your research as specific as possible. Generalized research and categorization are easy and less time-consuming but bears limited results.

Let suppose you sell female cosmetics, your research will focus on females, specific age groups, and countries that you sell them. Your research will focus on and include every aspect of these three areas. A conclusion thus extracted can help you build a robust marketing strategy for your business.

Boost your sales by adding the Amazon Top Selling Products to your Inventory.

Take Business  Ideas and help from Amazon Case Studies and Customer Service

business ideas from amazon case studies


A famous adage goes like this – ‘One who learns from his mistake is intelligent but one who learns from other’s mistakes is a genius.’ There is no harm in learning from others. Case studies are one such brilliant method to learn core and ground realities about a marketplace. Read carefully the situation, strategies, practices, and time were taken by these example-setting business companies. What added advantage you have is to even learn from the mistakes and unproductive decisions made by them.

Without investing a penny, you will get to learn some huge life-changing business lessons. Make sure that the case studies you go through are not fictitious or fake. Read relevant case studies from credible sources, websites, and offline media platforms.

Increase your Visibility On Amazon

increase your visibility on amazon

Amongst millions of sellers selling similar products, the only way you can establish your existence is through increasing your visibility on Amazon and other online social media platforms. Some of the ways you can use Amazon services to increase your visibility are –

Amazon Ad Campaigns

  • Sellers, Vendors, and even another business house ( who are not on Amazon) can enroll for these ads. You have to select the type of ad you want to run, decide your most potential product, keywords to bid on, create campaigns and ad groups to make the keywords more competitive, and then fix the budget.
  • Through these ads, your product will be visible on the top, side, or bottom of the result page. These ads can easily be run on multiple devices ranging from a laptop to mobiles to conventional computer screens.
  • Ads allow you to get an amazing and comprehensive report of the performance of each of the campaigns and specific keywords. This helps you to analyze, which keywords to focus on and appropriate investment.
  • To get the maximum advantage out of the ad campaigns, it’s important to understand what strategy works best for you. Knowing the best practices about Amazon Pay Per Click Ads can be a game-changer for you.

Amazon SEO Optimization

  • Optimize SEO of Amazon to go ahead of the pack. Search Engine Optimization is very essential to be visible in any marketplace. Download tools and software that help you choose the most searched and highest volume keywords. Use these keywords while writing the product title, product description, running ad campaigns, and discounts and offers.
  • With these relevant keywords, as soon as a user types these keywords, the Amazon search console crawls and might display the product considering the relevancy of the description of your product. This is how SEOs work.

Automate Amazon Settings At Initial Levelautomate amazon settings

If you are new to Amazon but bent on increasing sales, then this strategy might work for you. Let Amazon handle some basic things for you.

While running ad campaigns, choose automatic settings over manual settings. Reports have shown that even a proficient manual setting cannot compete with the automatic settings done by Amazon.

Delivery is another responsibility that can be passed on to Amazon. Amazon offers options between Fulfillment By Amazon and Seller Fulfilled Prime. You pay some amount to Amazon and Amazon will take care of picking, packing, and delivery of the product to your customers.

Automating some tasks can help you get better results at an early stage and you will also have ample time to understand how Amazon works. Not only this you will also have time to do extra strategy building for promotions, display ads, offers and discounts, and also social media promotions.

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Add Complementary Items

add complimentary items


This may sound a little loss-oriented but according to Peter Attia, founder, Dicey Goblin, says that adding one more complimentary item to their main product has given a boost to their sales. Same products with the same price hold the toughest competition for the sellers and difficult choice more users.

Adding one more item with the main item and slightly increasing the products would not even make you competitive and also give a reason for the buyer to buy two items with a slightly high price.

Final Words

Apart from these tactics to increase sales on Amazon, you can apply strategies like multichannel selling, upselling, free delivery and shipping, follow-up/feedback emails, organizing giveaways, etc, can possibly give far better results. Be adamant, be patient, avoid hurry and worry. Try to stand on more time than you fail and you are sure to hit your business goals.

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