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Why Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Magento 2?

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace will convert your Magento 2 store into a full featured multi-vendor marketplace. It will facilitate multiple independent Vendors/Sellers to have their own shop on Magento 2 store with the facility to list and sell their products. Store owner will keep the track of all the vendors' products and their sales.

Magento 2 store owner will be able to charge commission from vendors, which can be fixed, percentage or miscellaneous type. All the vendors will have responsive panel to manage their products, sales, shipping methods and reports. Moreover, the store owner can monitor and manage all these activities.

Overall Multi-Vendor Marketplace is an all-in-one package with high level extendibility.


Vendors Business Profile

Vendors will be allowed to enter their shop name, company name, company logo, company banner and phone number. They can also enter their facebook and twitter URLs, all these will be displayed on their shop page.

Multi Currency Support

Once E-Commerce store is online, you will be competing in a global market. CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace features support for multiple currencies. Store owners can add as many as they want from the admin panel.

Groups and Membership Plans

Multi-Vendor Marketplace will facilitate you to create and manage Vendor groups & their access to various features within the site. On the basis of these groups you can create Membership plans for your Vendors with special privileges.

Built-in Product Types

With CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace vendors can create Simple, Configurable, Bundle, Downloadable, Grouped and Virtual types of products with support for Cross Sell, Up Sell, Related Products and Custom Options.

Shipping Methods

For an E-Commerce site shipping is a very important feature for the visitors of that site. Multi-Vendor Marketplace provides support for multiple shipping methods and can calculate the price vendors wise or based on the site owners.

Payment Methods

Multi-Vendor Marketplace supports all the popular Payment methods like PayPal Adaptive, Braintree, etc. apart from Check/Money Order, Bank Payment, to carry out the transactions between Admin to Vendor or Customer to Vendor.

Email Notifications

We understand the importance of email notifications in regards to an E-commerce site and that's why in Multi-Vendor MarktePlace, emails are being sent to the Vendors as well as the site owners on the occurrence of each and every important event.

Commission and Transaction

Multi-Vendor Marketplace supports Fixed rates, Percentage rates and Miscellaneous commission rates which can be set product wise, category wise and vendor wise. It also has an interactive GUI to make payments to the Vendors.

Vendor Messaging

Whether for passing a 'Thank you' message or for settling the misunderstandings between the customers and the vendors within an online marketplace, it is necessary for them to contact each other. Thanks to Vendor Messaging Addon through which the conversations can be managed separately.

Multi Language Support

With Multi-Vendor Marketplace, the site owners can have as many languages as needed. Owners can add and manage the additional languages and completely translate all the texts for each of them through the Inline Translation feature of Magento 2.

Responsive Vendor Panel

We have implemented a fully Responsive Vendor Panel theme so that Vendors will be able to manage their account, products and sales on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones which will have a proper display with 100% functionality.

Vendor SEO Suite

Multi-Vendor Marketplace was designed keeping SEO in mind. Each product on your store has its own Meta tags and description. The site owner can put the Vendor Panel as a sub domain and rewrite all the Vendor related URLs.

3rd Party Integration via API

With Multi-Vendor Marketplace you can integrate your marketplace with other systems to synchronize your information and get all your data intact by the use of integration API.


Multi-Vendor Marketplace gives you the pleasure of having a complete mobile app of your own with all the functionalities needed to run your online multi-vendor store.

RTL Compatibility

The languages that follow Right to Left format like Persian, Hebrew and Arabic can also be integrated with you marketplace using CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Order Management

Multi-Vendor Marketplace also facilitates the vendors to manage their orders themselves, generate Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo (in case of refund) from the Vendor Panel.


Multi-Vendor Marketplace provide your customers a facility to return the products they are not satisfied with using the Return Merchandise Feature accompanied with messaging functionality.

Custom Event Extendibility

Custom Events are available to introduce additional custom logic in specific parts of the Multi-Vendor Marketplace work flow to achieve the features as per your requirement.

Premium Theme Integrity

Theme Integration Support is available for Multi-Vendor Marketplace to make it compatible with all the popular Magento 2 themes so as to make the vendor panel compatible to your theme.

SMS Notification

Vendors will receive SMS alert messages for every activity performed in the Multi-Vendor Marketplace like Checkout, Placing Order, etc. to keep them updated with the current activities.

Advance Reports

Vendors will be able to see Out of Stock, Sold Products, Product Views, Sales Report and Payment Report from the vendor panel. Moreover, admin can also view the reports related to Multi-Vendor Marketplace which include Sales, Products and Returns Report.


Admin can control the late delivery and cancellation of orders by charging fine from vendors as per the Service Level Agreement between the Marketplace Owner and the Vendor with respect to cancellation/completion of orders from vendors.

Advance Shipping & Order Facility

Vendors can assign tracking numbers to their orders accompanied with weight-wise commission calculation for every product depending upon the weight range. Auto-shipment & auto-invoice generation features are also available.

Social Login

Vendors can login to their account i.e. the vendor panel using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked & Google and avoid the headache of filling the entire account registration form.

Assign Attributes to Vendor Profile

Drag extra information from your vendors by adding different types of attributes to their profile. Dropdown, Text, Text-area, Multi-select, File type, etc. attributes are available to be included in vendor profile.

Rating for Vendors

Customers can rate the vendors and provide their reviews as feedback for vendors on the quality of vendor’s products, their service, price, brand value, etc. to help other customers to make the right decision at the time of purchase.

Vacation Notification

Let the vendors display a vacation notification message on their shop whenever they go on vacation. Vendors may also choose the mode of their shop (disable, can buy, enable but not to be sold) till the vacation period.

Attractive Shop Page

Allow your vendors to create attractive shop pages by adding custom style, layouts & content thereby making the shop pages more user-friendly, beautiful and standard.

Import Products in Bulk

Vendors can upload products in bulk along with their images by using csv files. Just specify all the products details in the csv file and those many products will be created easily with the exact details as specified.

Add Attributes to Product

Give the vendors a facility to add attributes to their products to enter more information that is necessary. A unique attribute set is provided to the vendor, in which his newly created attributes get assigned.

Assign Products to the Vendor

Assign already existing products to the vendor from the admin panel in a few clicks. To assign an already existing product to a new vendor, first it needs to be unassigned from the previous vendor and then it can be assigned to the new vendor.

Customer-Vendor Interaction

Customers can contact vendors via email messages and send them their queries related to the products or services to get the feasible solutions directly from the vendors. Moreover, vendors can also interact with the admin, if needed to clear their doubts.

Select and Sell

Allow vendors to sell the existing store products by selecting & modifying them with different stock units, price, description, etc. Multiple vendors can sell the same product and seller price comparison also appears on the product page.

Amazing Deals & Offers

Customers can have the pleasure of exciting deals offered by the vendors on their products. The deals can be shown on product view page & list page along with some message and end-timer.


Your vendors can add FAQs for their products which will be shown on the product page for better understanding and clarification of the doubts of the customers. To facilitate customer interaction, customers can also post their questions from the product page and receive replies from vendors.

SEO Suite

Modify the URL of vendor related pages from the admin panel and create SEO-friendly URL as per your need. Map the vendor panel at a subdomain of the site, the prefix of which can be specified from the admin panel.

UPS Shipping Label

Vendors can generate shipping label for UPS shipping method for their orders from their vendor panel. These shipping labels also contain Barcode and AWB number in it along with Shipper & Buyer address.

Product Review & Rating

Customers can rate the products of the vendor and provide their reviews on the basis of quality, price, services, etc. Vendors can choose which reviews to be shown for their products and which not.

Multi Step Registration

Vendors can enter step-wise information during registration to provide vital information to the admin for his records. Supporting documents, if any can also be provided by vendors as per the given format and size.

Incentive for Vendors

Admin can provide incentive to his vendors on the basis of some configuration settings. The incentive gets listed in the Transaction Details section and is visible both to the admin & vendor.

B2B System

The power of Multivendor Marketplace gives you the feasibility of transforming your current B2C marketplace into a B2B marketplace loaded with Pre Order, Group Buying, Purchase Order, Credit Limit, Request Quote, Bulk Purchasing & many more features.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace App

CedCommerce has launched with its Multi-Vendor Marketplace iOS, Android and Windows app(coming soon). Experience the pleasure of having your own app with all the Marketplace features.

Work flow

Simple to understand and easy to manage.

  • Vendor Signup and Account

    Vendors manage their profiles and payment methods

  • All vendor activities are under control

    Admin controls the marketplace flow

  • Vendors add their products

    Products get approved, vendors get notifications

  • Multiple brands, Multiple choices

    Popularity of products increase

  • Customers purchase products

    Buy products from multiple vendors

  • Vendors can manage orders

    Vendors get related notifications

  • Admin handles transactions

    Vendor confirms the offline payment method

  • Marketplace keeps commission

    Vendors get their share i.e. Net Earned Amount

  • Support and Reviews

    Customers request for support and provide reviews

Screen Shots

Screenshots always express better and are an easy way to understand any extension properly. We have tried to depict some of the functionalities covered in Multi-Vendor Marketplace through screenshots.

Frontend screenshot

  • Dashboard
  • login
  • orders
  • products
  • Profile View
  • Reports
  • Setting
  • Shop page
  • Transactions

Backend screenshot

  • Configuration
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Transactions
  • Vendor Information


Reasonable prices to cater your needs within your budget


Elementary features for a complete multi-vendor marketplace.
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Extra & Advanced features to enhance your store.
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Create your custom package by choosing your desired addons.
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Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platinum

Proceed 9 steps further with the platinum version of Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platinum helps to build an effective program with basic features plus 9 most-used addons. Each Platinum addon will take you a step higher towards enhancing your store with its unique and advanced features.

Vendor Product Addon

Product creation process must be smooth for any Multi-Vendor Marketplace store so that the vendors of that store can create any type of product to increase their sales. Vendor Product Addon is a powerful addon with robust features that allows the vendors to create all the default Product Types of Magento 2. It also facilitates the Vendors/Sellers to create products with advanced product features like Up-sells, Cross-sells, and Related Products, default Magento 2 Pricing & Inventory Features and allows adding Custom Options as well.

Product Attribute Addon

An addon for CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace based on Vendor Product Addon facilitates the vendors to have their own Attribute Sets in which they can create or update attributes as per their requirements. Attribute Set will be specific to each vendor and all their attributes will be displayed on their product creation form as per groups they assigned.

Vendor Order Addon

A revolutionary addon for Multi-Vendor Marketplace. It facilitates the Vendors/Sellers to have full permission to access the orders placed by the customers as well as can invoice, ship and generate credit memo of their orders. All these functionalities will be supervised by Site Owner and can be restricted as per need.

Vendor Multi Shipping Addon

Vendor Multi Shipping Addon allows the vendor to use Multi Shipping feature in Magento 2. When a vendor's products have been added to cart, customer can choose various shipping methods for each vendor according to the origin and destination address. Shipping cost will be calculated using Vendor's address as Origin Address.

Vendor UPS Shipping Addon and others

Allows the vendors to use UPS shipping method for their products. An E-Commerce store must need to have easy shipping process of products. Multi-Vendor Marketplace supports multiple shipping methods so that Vendors can setup shipping methods as per their requirements and customers can choose best suitable shipping methods to get their products.

Vendor Product Assignment Addon

This addon allows the admin to assign his existing products to the vendors and can also un-assign them whenever needed. If a product is assigned to a vendor then for assigning it to the other vendor, it needs to be first unassigned from the previous vendor and then assigned to the new vendor.

Vendor Review and Rating Addon

Reviews are very important for buyers to judge whether the vendors/sellers are reliable or not. Vendor Review and Rating Addon for Multi-Vendor Marketplace allows the buyers to rate the vendors for their shop's performance on the basis of the features such as Quality, price, value, etc. The ratings assigned to each vendor will be visible at frontend on Vendor Shop Page.

Vendor Social Login Addon

We know users don't want to fill the same information repeatedly to create accounts on any site. Therefore, Vendor Social Login Addon allows the buyers as well as vendors to login without filling all the information. It provides one click login to the E-Commerce Marketplace store. Currently, this addon supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google logins.

Vendor Commission Addon

Vendor Commission addon is a miscellaneous commission rate module which provides the facility to the admin to set miscellaneous conditional rates for every purchase of his vendor's products. The rates will be applicable depending upon the priority (applicable on the rates that are of same kind) and min/max rule (applicable on the rates that belong to a different kind).

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Addons

Flexible and Robust Addons to amplify your marketplace experience by making Multi-Vendor Marketplace extremely extensible.

Payment Method Addons

Let your customers directly pay the vendors via the Payment Method your vendors wish to receive their payment. If your country specific payment method addon is not available, it could also be created upon your request.

Shipping Method Addons

Give your vendors the authority to fulfil the logistic needs of their customers with the desired shipping methods. If your country specific shipping method addon is not available, it could also be created upon your request.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace API

CedCommerce will soon be releasing a more reliable, secure and stable API for Multi-Vendor Marketplace. Establish 3rd party integrations with all the popular integration tools like:








Many more

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