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Kudos to you for selling on a marketplace filled with ample growth opportunities. You can break the tedious process of selling products on the marketplace into an easy and manageable chunk of online selling operations such as Bulk Product Upload, Inventory Management, Order Management and much more.

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Cater to entirely new targeted audiences by selling on a marketplace that promotes unbiased product visibility and recognition. This new beginning can prove out to be the ultimate hike you have been dreaming of.

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Easily list your products on Walmart Canada by uploading bulk of products in just a single click of the mouse.


Get updates about your order and inventory status as available on your marketplace.


Manage the product data, prices, inventory and much more through a centralised platform.


Set shipping extension to your products and reflect the same on the marketplace.

Why choose Walmart Canada?

With about 1.2 million active customers, Walmart Canada is a growing Marketplace.

As Walmart Canada allows you to list your products in two languages- English and French, you get to target a wider range of audience which is amazing for the growth of your business.

Walmart Canada allows you to set competitive as well as offer prices to your products.


Satiate your customers with minimum effort

Marketplace Integration Apps understand the need for you to have happy customers. Thus, they come with the following features-

Walmart Canada updates

See what’s happening on your marketplace seller panel and strategize accordingly to sell better.

Seamless Bulk Product Upload

Upload products in bulk from your online store to the Marketplace in a single go.

Fluent Inventory Management

Edit/update quantity of your products regularly and reflect the same on the marketplace.

Systematic Order Management

Create the orders received on Walmart Canada on the app and fulfill the same efficiently.

Effective Price Customization

Set the desired prices to your products according to the marketplace scenario through the app.

Promotional Pricing

Stand out as a leading Walmart Canada seller by setting offer prices to your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

We just can’t see you cribbing and struggling hard to get answers to the questions popping up in your head!

Let’s take them one by one!

  • Walmart.ca is visited by 600,000 customers daily. Huge traffic of customers can help in getting good revenue.
  • Walmart Canada is one of Canada’s largest employers.
  • Ranked as one of the country’s top 10 most influential brands.
  • No initial or set-up fee for getting an account in Walmart Canada.
  • A reputable seller that provide first class customer service
  • Fast and reliable fulfilment
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast shipping facility to Canada
  • After approved as a seller, an “invitation to sign up” email you will receive in the Walmart marketplace Retailer Agreement.
  • Register on the Seller centre and integrate your items.
  • Complete your Launched Checklist.
  • Upload 10% or 1000 SKUs (whichever is fewer) to make your products available for buyers.
  • Yes, you can sell.
  • However, any items you offer must be sold as either a DSV or a seller.
  • You can’t sell the same item as both a seller and a DSV.

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