Guru Catz's expansion with Walmart Integration-A Success Story
Guru Catz’s expansion with Walmart Integration-A Success Story

Guru Catz’s expansion with Walmart Integration-A Success Story


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Short Summary

Challenges Faced

German Castillo wanted to extend his business Guru Catz and go multichannel. So he sought to join a marketplace that would help him increase sales by maximizing the visibility of his catalog. He did his homework and discovered that Walmart was the best fit for him.

He also needed to integrate his store with Walmart, utilizing Integration technology to simplify selling at Walmart.


After discovering CedCommerce, Guru Catz accomplished its goal of simplifying the selling experience at Walmart using Ced’s Walmart Integration. He was able to integrate his store Guru Catz with Walmart the way he wanted, thanks to the excellent customer care from CedCommerce.


Guru Catz’s online business and Walmart were linked through Walmart Integration, which made Guru Catz’s desired expansion easier.

German Castillo now easily manages Walmart listings and merchandise from his Shopify store. German Castillo sells on Walmart like a pro because of the app’s user-friendly interface and round-the-clock support.

About Guru Catz

In 2020, Coco One Studios LLC was established to raise money for the Guru Catz Cartoon series. A team of individuals pools their skills to create the Cartoon series. All ages love Guru Catz’s range of entertainment options, which include music, visual arts, cinema, and animation. Under the name of this animated Cartoon series, Coco One Studios LLC also markets clothing.

About CedCommerce

CedCommerce offers excellent cost-effective eCommerce solutions. The eCommerce solutions from CedCommerce enable easy Integration of online stores with major marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others. These solutions also eliminate the technical aspects of online sales and make eCommerce easier.

Along the same line, Ced’s Walmart Integration serves the goal of individuals who want to link their store with the Walmart marketplace. All major eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Opencart, etc., are supported by Ced’s Integrations. Consequently, you can use CedCommerce’s platform-specific Integration solution to connect your store to Walmart.

CedCommerce’s role in simplifying Walmart selling experience for Guru Catz

German Castillo’s ultimate goal was a seamless Integration that could establish a connection between Guru Catz and Walmart, and Castillo received this with Walmart Integration.

With the help of CedCommerce’s Integration, which linked Guru Catz and Walmart, the challenging task of selling both at his site and at Walmart was made simpler. Let’s see how Walmart Integration made Guru Catz’s tasks easier:Features of Walmart Integration

Auto-acknowledgment of orders

Orders’ auto acknowledgment paved the way for easy acknowledgment of Walmart orders. So Castillo easily fulfills all orders he receives from Walmart without needing to manually acknowledge them, as the app does this for him.

Product profiling

Walmart Integration enabled the uploading of products on Walmart using product profiles. So it made it easy for Castillo to upload products on Walmart based on product categories and in bulk too. Castillo benefitted from it as multiple products can be uploaded to sell on Walmart with just a few clicks.

Simplified listings

Walmart Integration simplified doing product listings on Walmart. The attributes of products and the title and description that Castillo wanted to be shown with his Walmart products are now being easily carried out with the app.

Auto Synchronization

The synchronization of product and inventory between Castillo’s Shopify store Guru Catz and Walmart helped Castillo keep the inventory updated at both places with no extra effort.

Product data validation

Walmart Integration helps update the products on Walmart per the updated Walmart guidelines. This reduces the chances of happening of errors in uploading products on Walmart.

Real-time Notifications

Getting Real-time notifications with the installation of the app keeps Castillo updated on all the happenings around his Shopify store and Walmart.

Here are a few more success stories:

To Sum Up

German Castillo, Guru Catz owner, now easily sells on Walmart from Shopify. Ced’s Walmart Integration helped him connect his store Guru Catz with Walmart in an easy way. The app helped him by fulfilling his requirements, and the added Ced support solved all his queries the soonest. The great customer service from CedCommerce and a smooth Walmart Integration were the aspects appreciated by German Castillo.

Moreover, if you want to connect with CedCommerce to sync your store with Walmart, like Guru Catz.

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