Explained: The Coil’s Success Story with Walmart Integration
Explained: The Coil’s Success Story with Walmart Integration

Explained: The Coil’s Success Story with Walmart Integration


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Short Summary

Are you someone interested in expanding your online presence from a personal online store to the Walmart marketplace? Or someone searching for a solution to connect your online store with Walmart? Here is one such success story of an online seller Raquaza M, owner of the online store ‘Coil,’ and his team, that got all the help they needed in expanding their online shop coilchargingcable.com with little help from CedCommerce.

Let’s learn about the success story of the Coil and how team CedCommerce helped him expand his online visibility from the Coil store to the leading marketplace of the US, i.e., Walmart.

Challenges Faced

The major challenge faced by Raquaza when he decided to onboard Walmart was the need for UPCs for all his product listings. He also wanted expert support to make his onboarding process smooth and fast.


CedCommerce, being Walmart’s official channel integration partner, fulfilled all the requirements of Raquaza. From making UPCs available for the products of the Coil store to onboarding the Walmart marketplace, CedCommerce did all to make multi-channel selling a cakewalk for him. Also, with Walmart Integration, Raquaza’s all tasks of selling on Walmart from his Shopify store got simplified.


The UPCs helped Raquaza successfully perform product listings on Walmart. Additionally, Walmart Integration made the multi-channel selling process seamless. The feature-rich integration assisted Raquaza in managing sales orders of his Shopify store and Walmart in an effortless way.

About Coil

Raquaza M heads the coil store. He started his online journey in 2020 from New York City with his online store ‘Coil.’ Raquaza manufactures coil chargers and sells them online from his Shopify-based store-Coil.

The chargers from Coil give you freedom from the wired chargers of the early days. Now you can quickly charge your cell phones and stay tangle-free. The Coil can also be used to charge mobile phones from your laptop or computer. And they also come equipped with the feature of fast charging to help you charge your mobiles faster.

About CedCommerce

CedCommerce provides eCommerce solutions to merchants. With a long history in simplifying eCommerce sales and making online selling a cakewalk, CedCommerce is the leading multi-channel integration solutions provider. CedCommerce provides eCommerce solutions for all the frameworks (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce WooCommerce, PrestaShop, etc.). With these solutions, you can smoothly integrate your online store with the marketplaces like Walmart US or Canada, Newegg, Fruugo, OnBuy, and many more.

CedCommerce’s services availed by the Coil store

To successfully list Coil’s products on Walmart, CedCommerce firstly helped Raquaza with the UPCs. By assigning UPCs for all Coil’s products, coil chargers became eligible for getting listed on the Walmart marketplace.

Raquaza also wanted to simplify multi-channel selling. With Walmart Integration, team CedCommerce made it possible for him. With a centralized platform of the Walmart integration, Raquaza now efficiently manages Walmart and his stores’ sales hassle-free.Walmart Integration

Not only a secure and stable connection, but Walmart integration also offers several other perks, as listed below, that made multi-channel selling flawless for Raquaza:

Order management: The app helped Raquaza manage his store’s and Walmart’s orders. The app’s user-friendly platform helped Raquaza manage sales orders of both the Coil store and Walmart easily.

Profiles creation: With the app, Raquaza now seamlessly creates profiles and maps his store’s products with Walmart.

Stock synchronization: Walmart integration also synchronizes inventory between Raquaza’s store Coil and Walmart in near real-time. Now the store owner Raquaza does not require managing inventory from separate platforms. The app is enough to serve the purpose.

Notifications: The integration app also keeps Raquaza updated with all the information and updates him on his store and Walmart. App sends email notifications to alert him of all the sales orders or failed orders.

Apart from a few features mentioned above, Walmart integration has several other features that have simplified Raquaza’s multi-channel selling from Shopify to Walmart.

To Sum Up

This short success story of the Coil store must have helped you understand the way CedCommerce’s Walmart Integration works. The UPCs helped Raquaza in an easy listing of his catalog on Walmart. Raquaza established a seamless connection between his store and Walmart marketplace using Walmart integration. Its advanced features like profile management, inventory sync, email updates, bulk product upload, order management, etc., made multi-channel selling a fluent task for him. If you are also someone like Raquaza trying hard to connect your online store with Walmart or any other marketplace like Fruugo, OnBuy, Wish, etc., connect with CedCommerce.

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