How CedCommerce eases selling on Walmart & your eCommerce store
How CedCommerce eases selling on Walmart and your eCommerce store simultaneously?

How CedCommerce eases selling on Walmart and your eCommerce store simultaneously?


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Do you want to sell online on an already established marketplace, like Walmart, set up your eCommerce store, or want to try both options? Deciding the best among the available two options requires an in-depth understanding of various aspects. There are advantages and disadvantages to whatever way you consider expanding online. And selecting the best out of the two options is not so easy. Also, some methods help you sell simultaneously at both places(Walmart and your store). This blog will serve as a guide to help you understand each aspect’s plus and minus points and how to decide the best one. Also, if you want to know how to sell on Walmart and your store simultaneously, you will get the answer here in this blog.

Selling on the Walmart marketplace

Selling on Walmart means leveraging the name of the biggest retailer in the US to sell your products online. To leverage Walmart’s brand, firstly, you need to get approved to sell on Walmart. Once approved, expand the visibility of your products quickly to millions of shoppers at Walmart. To know how to sell on Walmart, read this guide to selling on Walmart.

Benefits of selling on the Walmart marketplace

Easy to get traffic

As over 100 million monthly visitors visit the Walmart marketplace, getting traffic to your product listings is not so hard. And this number peaks during the holiday season. You only need to follow the practices that can help attract traffic towards your Walmart listings, like SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, clearly lit images, etc., and hike your products’ sales on Walmart.

Brand recognition

The most significant advantage of selling on Walmart is the brand name you will achieve indirectly. So you don’t need to worry about brand building. Sell quality products, avoid prohibited items, and reach more customers using the brand Walmart.

Low selling fees

One more perk you get while selling on Walmart is the costs involved. Just keep selling your products on Walmart and pay a small referral fee only when your product gets sold. Read this blog on Walmart marketplace fees to learn about the category-wise costs involved in selling your products on Walmart.

Drawbacks of selling on the Walmart marketplace


One major thing to be considered when selling on Walmart is the competition involved. There are over 150,000 sellers at Walmart, making it difficult for your products to stand out. Walmart is also attracting more and more sellers with various programs that ease sellers’ onboarding on the Walmart marketplace. Therefore, to stay on top, you must incorporate multiple sales strategies, like competitive product prices, fast shipping, in-stock items, etc. You can also take experts’ help to make your products rank higher on Walmart.

No recognition

Most people buy from Walmart without worrying about who the seller is. They consider that they are buying from Walmart. So the chances of your recognition are low.

No outside communication with customers

Walmart marketplace is your only medium to communicate with your customers. You have no ways to send marketing and promotional messages to your customers. You can only rely on Walmart’s traffic to grow sales.

Selling on your eCommerce store or online store

Selling on your eCommerce store means you are your boss. You control the A to Z of selling your products online. You can also choose the platform as per your choice and customize it the way you want.

Benefits of selling on your eCommerce store

No direct competition

Selling on your eCommerce store has the significant advantage of not having to face direct competition. So you don’t need to worry about other sellers selling the same products as yours, as in the case of marketplace selling, since you own the store and sell your products.

Access to customer data

With your eCommerce store, you have data about your customers. This data eases your marketing and promotional efforts, as you can send offers to customers by email, social media platforms, etc.

Brand building

Your eCommerce store allows you to build up your brand. Offering quality products and services to customers helps you in building your brand. This brand building helps you reap numerous benefits in the long run.

Set up your Rules

With your eCommerce store, you don’t need to adhere to the rules set up by others. You are the boss, and thus define rules for your eCommerce store at your convenience.

No monthly fees or commissions

Selling on the Walmart marketplace involves cost. You have to pay a percentage-wise commission on your Walmart sales. But with your eCommerce store, no monthly fees or sales commissions are involved.

Drawbacks of selling on your eCommerce store

High Investment

The first barrier to owning your eCommerce store is a high investment. Cost is involved in various website-building tasks. You need a domain name, technical team, timely maintenance, SEO experts, and whatnot to keep your eCommerce site running smoothly.

Attracting traffic is not easy.

With numerous industry players, attracting traffic to your store is a tough job. You need to put in efforts to rank your eCommerce site above other online players, so hiring an SEO expert is a must.

Selling on Walmart marketplace, your eCommerce/online store, or both: Which is the best?

There are many ups and downs of selling on any marketplace, like Walmart or owning your eCommerce store. It’s up to you to decide what’s best.

So why not opt for a hybrid solution that enables you to benefit on both the sales points, i.e., selling on Walmart and your store simultaneously from a single point? Yes, CedCommerce offers Walmart Integration that helps connect your store with Walmart easily. With Walmart Integration, experience easy selling on both places from your store.

How to sell both on your eCommerce or online store and Walmart marketplace?

If you want to avail the benefits of having your online store and target the customers already landing on the established marketplaces, like Walmart, you have got a way for that too. CedCommerce helps you quickly sell on Walmart and your store simultaneously. The Walmart Integration from CedCommerce enables you to remove the hassle of selling at two places at the same time, as they come with the new-age features listed below:

  • Auto order acknowledgment: App automatically acknowledges the orders and creates them on your store.
  • Near real-time synchronization: The app syncs inventory and product info on places. So you don’t need to update things one by one at both places.
  • Product profiling: Create product profiles and quickly upload products on Walmart using the app.
  • Order management: Manage all sales orders, failed orders, and return orders with the app.
  • Run promotions: Clear out the inventory you no longer need by running promotional pricing for your Walmart products.

There’s much more that Walmart Integration offers. Connect with us to learn more.

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