How can Walmart Connect help you reach more shoppers
How can CedCommerce & Walmart Connect help reach more shoppers?

How can CedCommerce & Walmart Connect help reach more shoppers?


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Walmart Connect, is the name businesses use to advertise brands on Walmart and at off sites. With 150 million weekly customers, Walmart Connect enables you to reach this big customer base in various new ways. If you want to know what it is and what it offers to businesses, whether big or small, here’s everything.

What is Walmart Connect?

Walmart renamed its media group to Walmart Connect in 2021. Walmart Connect is the advertising arm of Walmart that helps advertisers reach shoppers. With Walmart Connect, advertisers get the opportunity to reach shoppers online, in-store, and off-site at this marketplace’s sponsored platforms across the web. You can leverage Walmart’s brand name in advertising the brands you own using Walmart Connect. This also helps build your trust and recognition among shoppers.

Walmart Connect: The areas covered

With Walmart Connect, Walmart is covering the below three strategic areas to help you, the advertiser, reach more online and in-store shoppers:Walmart Connect-The areas covered

Growing digital advertising mediums

Walmart Connect helps you display your offerings to shoppers at the native Walmart properties, like the Walmart marketplace, Walmart app, and Walmart’s pick-up and delivery services. With this holistic approach to advertising, you can reach customers at the points they shop.

Offering Advanced experiences

With 4500+ stores and 170,000 screens, you can display your brand offerings to shoppers at multiple points. The TV walls and screen make shoppers aware of the products that you sell. This helps you to display your offers to 150 million weekly Walmart customers from across the US.

Expanding offsite media opportunities

Walmart Connect gives you the chance to expand off-site advertising too. With it, you can connect with shoppers on other sites too. With the vast shopper’s data that Walmart has, you can also engage with more shoppers beyond the native places of Walmart.

What is Walmart Connect focusing on?

With Walmart Connect, the efforts of Walmart focus on three areas listed below:

  1. It helps enhance seller-customer interactions by connecting shoppers with customers throughout the various stages of shopping(awareness, consideration, etc). It helps brands showcase their offerings on TV walls, in-stores, CTV, etc. Walmart will also be offering premium advertising experiences using videos and ad units.
  2. It uses automation to help sellers grow. So this eases campaign management for you. It also helps you to have more control over your ads.
  3. Its innovation and technology helps in the precise achievement of advertising goals. It helps you target searches and delivers measurable results.Walmart's expanded vision

How does Walmart Connect work?

Walmart Connect works by offering you the following ways to connect with potential customers across the web and at offline places:How Walmart Connect helps in connecting with more shoppers

Search ads

Search ads display advertised products when customers search for the products like yours. These ads help boost conversion rates. Walmart sponsored ads to make products displayed in relevant searches, while Search brand amplifiers display your products with a logo and custom headline, which enhances your product’s visibility. These ads are a great way to display your products when shoppers search for offerings similar to the ones you offer.

Display ads

The display ads make your brands appear to shoppers on, in-store, and on the web. The ads make shoppers remember advertised products on social media and other offsites across the web. They help people buy as they reflect what people want and that triggers a purchase. These ads make people aware of your brand and help people consider your brand when making a purchase decision.

In-store ads

With 4700+ screens and 170,000 digital spaces across Walmart stores, the in-store ads make the advertised brand presence felt by shoppers physically in Walmart stores. These ads display products to in-store shoppers.

With thousands of screens and points of purchase, the display ads try to capture the shoppers when they are in buying mode.

Brand interactions

Walmart Connect increases your reach to Walmart customers in new innovative ways. It helps create loyal customers by offering various inspirational moments at the shopper’s point of purchase.

Why should you use Walmart Connect?

As per research, 40% of shoppers buy a product under the influence of ads. Walmart Connect offers you different ways of getting in front of potential customers. By working with Walmart Connect, you can get in front of thousands of customers who visit Walmart stores and visit its websites each day. You can help shoppers in making informed decisions about your brands.

Walmart Connect: How to begin with it?

To begin using Walmart Connect, all you need is just fill out a form wherein you need to fill in some basic details, like Name, Business type, Contact info, Tax ID, etc., and submit it. A representative from Walmart will get in touch with you within 72 hours.

What are Walmart-sponsored ads?

Walmart sponsored ads are the ads displayed across to highlight your Product Listings and drive traffic to your products. These ads boost your product’s visibility and help you achieve more conversions on Walmart.

Watch the video below to learn more about Walmart-sponsored ads:

How CedCommerce helps you sell on Walmart effortlessly?

The first and foremost step is to fill out the Walmart marketplace application form. And once approved, reach out to CedCommerce to sell on the Walmart marketplace effortlessly. CedCommerce, being Walmart’s official channel Integration partner will ease the rest of the onboarding steps for you. With CedCommerce, you also don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of selling on Walmart as a dedicated account manager will be there to assist you 24/7. The personal account manager will guide you on how to perform the listings that can help them rank your products higher on the Walmart marketplace.

To Sum Up

Advertise on, the Walmart app, and at off sites across the web to highlight your brands at places where your potential shoppers are. The new age technology and innovation-backed Walmart Connect help you grow sales in newer ways.Get Walmart Integration

Additionally, you can also connect with us to sell on Walmart seamlessly and let Walmart Connect help achieve your desired sales goals.

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