6 tips on how to increase your Walmart Canada store’s traffic
6 tips on how to increase your Walmart Canada store’s traffic

6 tips on how to increase your Walmart Canada store’s traffic


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Unless you incorporate strategies that help you overtake the sellers sharing the same listings with you, showcasing your products in front of 900,000 daily visitors, and getting ahead of over 700 sellers on Walmart Canada sounds uneasy. To solve this and overcome the troubles, some things need to be taken care of. Explore further to get tips to increase Walmart Canada store’s traffic and learn how to boost the visibility of your Walmart Ca listings.

How to increase traffic on Walmart Canada store listings

Below are tips that will help you bring traffic towards your Walmart Canada listings and hence boost your sales:Tips to increase Walmart Canada store's traffic

Optimize your listings

Listing optimization is one major aspect you need to work on. Optimize your Walmart Canada listings so that the product titles, descriptions, images, product attributes, etc., are according to the guidelines of Walmart Ca. Following the guidelines helps you perform SEO-friendly listings. This listing optimization helps your listings rank above the rest on the Walmart marketplace, which ultimately helps to increase your Walmart Canada store’s traffic.

Offer Competitive product prices

Another key aspect that shoppers consider while purchasing is the product price. Low prices may land you at a loss, and pricing too high may divert shoppers towards other product listings. So the thing is keeping your product price competitive. Even a difference of a few pennies can divert your customers. If your product pricing is not strategically done, it may be worthless selling out there.

Forecast demand

Demand forecasting is an essential step to selling seamlessly. It helps you sell without the fear of getting overstocked or understocked. Getting understocked when the customers need your products or having overstocked products when the orders are below the expected levels is a loss to you. Since you cannot predict the exact future demand, you cannot decide the exact inventory levels. But based on past sales, estimate how much inventory you need at any point of time.

Win Buy Box

Putting in all your efforts in performing listings but not being able to win Buy Box lands you nowhere. So how to win the buy box on Walmart?

Well! Keeping your product prices competitive and having products in stock helps you win the buy box. When you win the buy box, you attain a sale, and not winning it results in sales loss. So winning the buy box is essential to jump your Walmart Canada sales.

Maintain Seller performance standards

Maintain a healthy seller scorecard to avoid account suspension or termination. To deliver a quality shopping experience to Walmart Canada shoppers, Walmart has laid down standards that each seller needs to meet. Keeping your Seller performance metrics within the specified limit is a must. You need to maintain the order Defect Rate at or below 15.5%. In addition, maintain the fulfillment performance metrics, customer service policy, and pricing policies of Walmart Canada to excel in the marketplace.

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Use an Integration solution

To avoid indulging in the chaos of maintaining and managing things separately on your store and Walmart Canada, a smart way is to have Walmart Canada Integration. It helps you streamline sales on both the online fronts, as it’s equipped with features that automate several tasks and keep you updated in near real-time.

Let’s learn about the autonomous benefits of having Walmart Canada Integration installed in your store:

Near Real-time synchronization

The Integration app helps to sync everything between your store and Walmart Canada. Whatever changes you make on your Shopify store, the app syncs it and reflects the same on Walmart. So you don’t need to get things updated separately in both places.


Profiling helps to map the products of your store with Walmart Canada properly. You can effortlessly map products based on vendor, category, type, product name, etc., to assign a proper shelf space to your Walmart Canada products.

Price and inventory templates

The price template eases you to sell your store’s products at a different price on Walmart Canada. You can raise or lower the product prices by a fixed value or percentage.

The inventory template simplifies inventory management. You can set an inventory threshold and specify how much inventory you want to sell on Walmart Canada from your store.

Edit Product Attributes in Bulk

The product attribute editing has now been simplified with the bulk edit feature. You can quickly edit attributes of several products at once with the newly added bulk editor of Walmart Canada Integration.

Create Partial Orders

Now create those orders, too, wherein you have missing SKUs. This means accepting partial orders is now made possible. So if a customer places an order for four of your products and you have three in stock and one out of stock, the app creates an order for the available SKUs and cancels the rest.


The app notifies you about all orders to keep you updated with all the incoming orders.

Currency Converter

The feature of a currency converter lets you easily convert currency into USD or CAD.

Add Swatch Images

For different product variants, easily add swatch images to let customers view the products in different colors.

Backend Importing

Install the app and import products in the backend. This means you can perform other tasks while the product import keeps running in the background without interrupting your other tasks.

Perform French listings

With the integration, you can also perform listings in French.

How to sell on Walmart Canada

Follow the steps below to sell on Walmart Ca:Steps to sell on Walmart Canada

1. Apply for Approval

The first and foremost thing is to get approval from Walmart Ca to sell on the marketplace. For this, fill up the Walmart Canada application form. If your application gets accepted, you will get an email with a link to begin the remaining steps of selling on Walmart Canada.

2. Go through the Contract

Go through the legal contract and understand each point mentioned therein. Abiding by the pointers mentioned in the contract is a must as a small diversion from the contract terms may lead to the account suspension, thereby taking away your opportunity to sell on the Walmart Canada marketplace.

3. Complete the Registration

Now you need to complete the launch checklist for registration. It consists of Account Creation, Company Registration, and furnishing Shipping related info.

4. Complete your Partner Profile

Next, you need to complete your partner profile. It includes furnishing your:

  • Company Information(Company Name, Logo, Description)
  • Customer Service Details (Customer Service Email, Phone Number, Escalation Email, Policy)
  • Shipping Details (Shipping Rates, Standard Processing Schedule, Additional Days Off, Shipping Policy)
  • Return Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sales Tax Information( Nexus, Shipping Tax Codes, and Sales tax Policy)

5. Item Setup and selecting an Integration method

Now finalize a way to upload your items on Walmart Ca(bulk upload or API integration solution). Then set up items on Walmart Canada.

6. Go Live

Click the Go Live button, and you are ready to go live on the Walmart Canada marketplace.

To Sum Up

Follow the above tips to be a pro-Walmart Canada seller and make your Walmart Canada selling a success. These tips will help you increase Walmart Canada store’s traffic easily. From optimizing product listings to offering competitive prices for your products, demand forecasting to a few more strategies (as mentioned above) can help you easily sell your products on the Walmart Canada marketplace or any other online selling platform.

If selling on Walmart Canada appears to be challenging for you, opt-in for an integration solution to make things easy. Once approved, get the Walmart Canada Integration to complete the remaining steps of onboarding the Walmart Canada marketplace. With little help from the experts, experience frictionless selling on Walmart Canada.

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