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The world is confronting revolutionary technological discoveries every day. Having said that, it is incontrovertible to mention that it’s shrinking day by day. Result? It is transforming into a global family. With such advanced surroundings, everyone likes to surf on the digital waves- even while shopping. Sellers and buyers worldwide are heading towards the global online marketplaces alike. And while talking about global online marketplaces, how can we forget to mention Walmart. But going a step ahead, Walmart now brings to the sellers worldwide, an opportunity to sell on Walmart Canada!

As a seller, it is a lucrative opportunity for those who want their products to sell on Walmart Canada. So let’s start, and get to know everything you need to know about how to sell on Walmart Canada.

-What’s Walmart Canada

sell on walmart canada

  • Walmart Canada is an expansion of one of the biggest global online marketplaces worldwide- Walmart.

  • Walmart announced its expansion through the in the summers of 2017 in Canada.

  • It came up with Walmart Canada’s flagship online store,

  • With the Walmart Canada online marketplace, Walmart has turned its online product assortment to double.

  • That’s not enough, it is also planning to quadruple its products’ quantity with Walmart Canada.


-How big is Walmart Canada-

  • Operating in the growing chain of as many as 410 stores in Canada, Walmart Canada serves about 1.2 Million customers daily.

  • is visited by 600,000 customers daily.

  • Walmart Canada is amongst one of the largest employers in Canada with about 90,000+ associates.

  • It has been ranked amongst one of the nation’s top 10 most influential brands.


-What can you sell on Walmart Canada-

With a sweeping range of products, Walmart Canada Online Marketplace has almost anything that a buyer may ask for. And it opens the doors for the sellers to sell almost anything that they have to offer, on Walmart Canada Marketplace.

Some of the extensive categories that the Walmart Canada has are listed below:

  • Sports & Rec

  • Electronics

  • Outdoor Living

  • Furniture

  • Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories

  • Jewelry & Watches

  • Home

  • Health, Beauty, & Pharmacy

  • Movies, Music, & Books

  • Gifts & Holidays

  • Automotive, and many more.


-How to start selling on Walmart Canada-

After this, you may go through the integration process from your framework. And next, you may integrate the products into Walmart Canada Marketplace. For that, you may contact CedCommerce and we will be happy to help you! We will tell you how to list your products on Walmart Canada and other information.

-Why to sell on Walmart Canada-

  • Walmart Canada has turned out to become a name that buyers across Canada trust while browsing the global online marketplaces.

  • Selling on Walmart Canada gives ample opportunities to sellers to give their brand a glistening identity.

  • Walmart Canada has a huge customer base that consummates in the unmatched exposure for products.

  • Walmart Canada has smooth, Free Shipping Options that enable the buyers to shop effortlessly.

sell on walmart canada

  • Walmart Canada has a dedicated Help Center that helps the customers to resolve any hassle they encounter while shopping.

So now you know it well how you can undergo the expansion of your business by selling on Walmart canada and why it could prove to be a milestone for your business. With the comfort that Walmart Canada provides to its customers, it can become a platform to let your products, business, and sales thrive. So get ready and be amongst the Walmart Canada Sellers in some simple steps.

-How can CedCommerce help you sell on Walmart Canada-

CedCommerce is an E-Commerce web development agency established in the year 2010. We have worked as a driving force for about 3500+ sellers in selling their products on about 40+ marketplaces. Determined to give availability and desired outcome to its clients, CedCommerce works with a focused vision. Setting the new benchmarks every day, CedCommerce seeks to discover more every moment. We are the Official Channel Partner of Walmart, Newegg, Sears, Fruugo, Tophatter, and many other E-Commerce platforms. With aim in mind and dedication in our culture, we grow with every passing moment.

You may contact us by clicking HERE!

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