Sell on Walmart Canada easily
US Sellers can sell on Walmart Canada easily now!

US Sellers can sell on Walmart Canada easily now!


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Us SeIf you are already selling on Walmart US, then there is a high scope for you to expand the business to Walmart Canada as well. List products on Walmart Canada and double your profits just like that. Walmart Canada has no biases when it comes to US and Canadian Sellers. All of them have equal grounds to earn through fair trade. Thus, US sellers can sell on Walmart Canada and the US at the same time easily. Furthermore, explore to find out how to sell on Walmart Canda and the US as well as check out the eligibility to sell on Walmart Canada and the US.

Eligibility to Sell on Walmart Canada and the US

In order for the US sellers to sell on Walmart Canada, they need to have Canadian business numbers and be set up as an importer of record (NRI). Additionally, all the shipped products must be DPP-compatible which means their custom duty must be paid before shipment.

The Walmart US sellers are allowed under the CSA (Customs Self-Assessment program) which enables U.S non-resident importers to sell in Canada and must have a Canadian Business Address by Revenue Canada Agency

Eligibility for CSA

Online sellers willing to list products on Walmart Canada as well must meet the following criteria to be able to apply to the CSA program.

  1. They must be the residents of Canada or the United States.
  2. They should have a history of actively importing for at least 90 days prior to their application.
  3. No matter what, they should not have a history of contraband or major commercial infractions.
  4. They should be prepared to make an investment in business systems; and
  5. They should be willing to provide their senior management authorization that their books and records contain or will contain commercial business processes, customs interfaces, and internal control procedures.

Targeted Buyer Persona

Online sellers willing to list on Walmart Canada must ponder on this – 56% of all the customers are new parents or those purchasing products when they expand their houses. However, Graduates and going-to-be-hitched (Marriage) is the growing customer segment at Walmart Canada


Customers can return the products in-store at 400 locations at Walmart Canada or they can return it directly to sellers.

In-store return updates required at Seller Level:

  1. Return address
  2. Contact Information
  3. Return Permissions
  4. Preferred Carrier Accounts
  5. Customs Broker (for international sellers only)
  6. Return Authorization Number

At Item Level:

  1. Country of Origin
  2. HS Codes
  3. Hazardous Product Alert

Why you should sell on Walmart Canada and the US?

Walmart covers customer transaction fees at checkout and the cost of fraud verification. What is more wonderful, is that receives 22.73 Million visitors, adding up to th total sales of $170 Million in the year 2019. Every visitor lasts for about 5 minutes per visit on average. Over 85% of traffic is organic out of which 55% is directed from the Search Engine itself, declaring the popularity of the platform clearly. 

Thus, presents a very appealing opportunity for US sellers to list products on Walmart Canada.

How to sell on Walmart Canada and the US?

Both the marketplaces have a pretty simple and similar process of onboarding. The steps are the same, and if you are already selling on Walmart US the process of expanding to Walmart Canada is shorter and simpler than for the first-timers.

  1. Apply for approval
  2. Create Account post-approval
  3. Engage with the Walmart Seller Contract
  4. Complete Partner Profile Setup
  5. Get third-party help item setup
  6. Go live

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With high average income households, high familiarity and popularity of the platform, and the ease-of-cross-border-trade between the US and Canada, sellers have a great opportunity to gain even higher visibility for their products list on Walmart Canada and garner more sales.

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