Walmart Canada Integration for Shopify
Walmart Canada Integration is now Live on the Shopify App Store!

Walmart Canada Integration is now Live on the Shopify App Store!


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[Portland, Oregon] –The latest app by CedCommerce, i.e., the Walmart Canada Integration app, aims to enable thousands of Shopify users from Canada(as well as the US) to connect their store with Walmart Canada, which stands amongst the top 10 influential brands of the region. It would also facilitate the transfer of products from their Shopify store to the marketplace and help receive orders from it.

The app is the latest addition to the Multichannel apps by CedCommerce for Shopify users and is available on the Official Shopify app store. Being part of the Multichannel App family, the Walmart Canada Integration app contains all the functions that enable sellers to automate inventory, order, and pricing management-related functions.

Features of Walmart Canada Integration

features of walmart canada integrationThe Walmart Canada Integration app brings the following utilities for the sellers who install the app:

1. Bulk uploading

This feature of the integration app helps in bulk uploading products from the Shopify store to the Walmart marketplace. The app also simplifies the bulk mapping of product categories and attributes of your Shopify store to the categories and attributes of Walmart. With the app, you can enter inventory, barcodes, and prices of products quickly.

2. Real-time Synchronization

The Walmart Canada Integration facilitates synchronization of your Shopify store and Walmart. For example, changes made on the Shopify store in inventory and prices get synced to the Integration app and Walmart.

The orders that you receive from Walmart also get created on Shopify with the help of the Integration app. Similarly, when orders are shipped from Shopify, tracking details get updated on

3. Retire and Reinject products hassle-free

The app makes it easy to retire products that you don’t want to sell on Walmart. Then, if you need to sell those products again, you can re-upload them easily with the app.

4. Custom pricing

If you want to offer different prices for your products on Walmart, you can set custom pricing for your Walmart products with the app. This custom pricing feature will differentiate the price between your Shopify and Walmart products.

5. Notifications on email

With the app, you get email notifications for the orders that you receive on Walmart. Therefore, you get updates about all your Walmart orders in your email.

6. Easy Shipping

With the Shipping feature of the app, you can seamlessly manage all shipping aspects for your products on Walmart. Whether the shipping mode is standard, expedited, value, or freight, the app helps manage all of these smoothly. Moreover, whether you offer free shipping for some of your products or the shipping fee varies according to the region, you can manage everything.

7. Manage Ship with Walmart (SWW) Orders

The Walmart Canada Integration also helps in managing the SWW Program. For example, with the app, you can easily ship orders from the US to Canada.

8. Create listings in French

With the integration app, you can create listings in French also.

Major Categories at Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada offers various products from varying categories like clothing, toys, DIY, electronics, furniture, appliances, etc.

56% of all the customers are new parents or those purchasing products when they expand their houses. Also, graduates and going-to-be-hitched is the category that is gaining popularity on Walmart Canada.

About Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada started in the year 2011, is a Canadian division of the e-commerce giant Walmart. With this division, Walmart has turned its online product assortment to double. Serving more than 900,000 customers daily, it has as many as 408 stores in Canada. Walmart Canada has been ranked amongst one of Canada’s top ten influential brands and is amongst Canada’s largest employers with about 90,000+ associates.

To Sum Up

Are you considering expanding to from your Shopify store but finding it difficult to manage two stores simultaneously? Then, we have got the perfect solution for you- the Walmart Canada Integration. The integration connects your Shopify store with Walmart easily and provides an intermediate platform for managing two stores efficiently.

If you still have some doubts about the app, feel free to connect with us to understand the Integration app and how you can sell seamlessly on Walmart Canada from your Shopify store.

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