Walmart Canada Integration App is now Live on Official Shopify App Store
Walmart Canada Integration App is now Live on Official Shopify App Store

Walmart Canada Integration App is now Live on Official Shopify App Store


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Walmart Canada Integration for Shopify users is the latest among the multichannel apps by CedCommerce at Official Shopify App Store.


[Portland, Oregon] The latest app by CedCommerce aims to enable thousands of Shopify users from the Canadian region to connect their store with Walmart Canada, which stands amongst the top 10 influential brands of the region. It would also facilitate the transfer of products from their Shopify store to the marketplace and help receive orders from it.


The app is the latest addition to the Multichannel apps by CedCommerce for Shopify users which are already available on Official Shopify app store. Being the part of the Multichannel App family, the app contains all the functions that enable sellers to achieve automation of inventory, order, and pricing management related functions.



Utilities of the Walmart Canada Integration app:

  • All the data in one-go at Walmart Canada- Provides for category mapping, attribute mapping, inventory, barcodes, and prices of all the selected products in one go. Also, the app facilitates the mass data edits of the products.


  • Real-time Synchronization- Changes made in product inventory, price or orders received is synchronized in real-time on Walmart Canada and Shopify.


  • Auto Order Accept- The app enables merchants to make use of auto accept functionality which fetches the orders to their Shopify stores automatically whenever any order is received at their store.


  • Compatible with 3P Fulfillment apps: The app is also compatible with external (3rd party) apps merchants that may already be using to fulfill the orders on their Shopify store.



Major Categories at Walmart Canada:

56% of all the customers are new parents or those purchasing products when they expand their houses. Also, graduates and going-to-be-hitched is the category that is gaining popularity on Walmart Canada.

Apart from it, as the holiday season is approaching, Halloween category products will see a surge in its sales. Other categories are related to small appliances, electronics, clothing, and baby.



Pricing and Availability:

The Walmart Canada Integration can be Installed from the official Shopify app store by following the link:

Install from the Shopify App Store

The app comes with 7 days free trial and it doesn’t require any credit card.



About Walmart Canada:

Walmart Canada is a Canadian division of the e-commerce giant Walmart. With this division, Walmart has turned its online product assortment to double. Serving more than 1.2 Million customers daily, it has as many as 410 stores in Canada. Walmart Canada has been ranked amongst one of Canada’s top ten influential brands and is amongst Canada’s largest employers with about 90,000+ associates.


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