How to protect IP rights with the Walmart Brand Portal?
How to protect IP rights with the Walmart Brand Portal?

How to protect IP rights with the Walmart Brand Portal?


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Protecting your Intellectual properties (IPs) is imperative to avoid their misuse. Any unauthorized person might use your brand name to sell products or services which you own. And thereby adversely affecting your business on the Walmart marketplace. So it becomes a prime concern to safeguard your IPs to avoid any fraudulent activity that the infringers might do. Looking after the significance of this key aspect, Walmart has launched a brand protection dashboard- Walmart Brand Portal. It helps you safeguard your brand and Intellectual properties on the marketplace, that too in the most simplified way.

So let’s explore what the brand portal actually is and how it helps you protect your brand and Intellectual properties on the marketplace without affecting your overall selling experience on the leading marketplace of the US, i.e. Walmart.

What is the Walmart Brand Portal?

Brand Portal is a tool that helps you protect your brand and intellectual properties(IPs) on the Walmart marketplace. You can effortlessly manage all brands and intellectual properties you own, claim for any inappropriate activity/misuse of your IPs/brands, and track claims with a simple to use Brand Portal dashboard.

The Walmart Brand Portal has been designed from the ground up to be a single, unified experience where you will manage your brands and claims- Walmart

Walmart allows you to register as many IPs or brands you like on the Brand Portal dashboard. One requirement for IPs registration on the Brand Portal dashboard is that all your trademarks should be registered under the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Currently, Walmart doesn’t provide protection for the trademarks registered under World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) or European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Why use the Walmart Brand Portal?

Everyone loves and cares about their brands and intellectual properties. And when selling your Intellectual properties(IPs) on a marketplace like with ever-increasing resellers, safeguarding your brands and/or Intellectual properties (IPs) becomes critical.

Brand portal simplifies this task of brand management and protection for you. An easy to use dashboard of the Brand Portal offers you several benefits as listed below:Benefits of Walmart brand portal

Simplified brand management

The Brand Portal has been designed in a way that you can effortlessly manage your IP rights on the Walmart marketplace. A simplified brand management dashboard that makes managing and claiming IP rights as easy as possible.

Brand protection

The portal helps you protect your brand by just filling out a simple form. This form helps you file claims for the following four types of Intellectual properties:

  • Trademark
  • Counterfeit
  • Copyright
  • Patent

Claims tracking

The Brand Portal provides you easy access to the claims you submitted. A further click on a claim provides you with additional details of the claim you submitted, like its current status.

Walmart Brand Portal and Brand protection: The relation between the two

Brand protection is of utmost significance irrespective of the marketplace you sell on. This task of brand protection is taken care of by the brand portal. With the Brand Portal program, unauthorized resellers cannot misrepresent you or your brand on the marketplace.

Imagine some unauthorized seller selling your product and misrepresenting your brand by not following the standard procedures that you put in to deliver quality products. This can probably lead to customers turning off from you. Hence, they may shoot negative reviews about you or your brand. Now with the Walmart Brand Portal, you can register as many brands as you want to, and it will help you safeguard your brands and IPs from all violations that might happen on the marketplace.

Requirements to enroll for the Walmart Brand Portal

As already mentioned earlier, one of the key requirements to start using the Walmart Brand Portal is the registration of your brands under USPTO.

However, if you don’t have a Brand Portal account, there is an alternative solution for you to file brand infringements, and that’s the webform. Walmart provides a webform for claiming all intellectual property infringements. This webform helps you file claims for any violations that happen to your brands/IPs on the Walmart marketplace.

How to sign up for the Walmart Brand Portal?

To enroll in the Walmart registry or brand portal program, be ready with the following things in hand:

  • Company and contact information
  • Active trademark registration number (Only USPTO)
  • An active email address for verification purposes

Once you submit your request for the brand portal, Walmart will review it and will revert you will with the status of your application.

How to get started with Walmart Brand Portal- The IP and Brand protection dashboard

You can quickly access the Walmart Brand Portal using Seller Center credentials. Just follow the steps below to get access to the Brand Portal:

  1. Go to the homepage of Walmart Brand Portal.
  2. Click ‘Login’.
  3. Now click ‘Use Seller Center Account’.
  4. Enter your Seller Center credentials.
  5. Provide your company profile and brand info to complete registration for the Walmart Brand Portal.

To Sum Up

Your brand is your identity and its protection cannot be overlooked. Any unauthorized usage of your IPs may lead to the delivery of low-quality products to customers, thereby affecting your brand image. The Walmart Brand Portal helps you safeguard your brand and your brand image on the Walmart marketplace. An easy-to-use dashboard of Brand Portal gives you access to all your brand claims and their statuses. Hence, register your brands and IPs on the Brand Portal and sell safely.Walmart Integration

In addition, for experiencing an awesome way to sell on Walmart, connect with the experts today. From onboarding to automating the selling procedures, the experts will simplify the way you sell on Walmart.

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