How is Walmart playing smartly with its Private Label Brands
How is Walmart playing smartly with its Private Label Brands?

How is Walmart playing smartly with its Private Label Brands?


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Walmart Private Label Brands, like Great Value, Equate, etc., are gaining high popularity on the Walmart marketplace. 72.7% of US consumers reported purchasing products from Walmart-owned Great Value. Because of the popularity of Great Value and other similar brands, Walmart is investing more in these private-label brands.

Explore further to understand what private label brands are and why the leading marketplace of the US focuses more on them.

What are private-label products?

Products manufactured by a company but sold by another company or seller after rebranding are private label products. Private label products allow you to launch a new brand into the market with the name you want. It also offers you the freedom to work on the products as per your choice, like you can offer a product in new colors, variants, sizes, etc., under your newly launched private label brand.

What are Walmart’s private label brands?

Walmart’s private label brands are the brands that Walmart owns. While shopping at Walmart, you must have noticed brands like Great Value, Equate, Sam’s Choice, etc., available only at Walmart but nowhere else. These are the Walmart private label brands that Walmart owns. It’s a profitable business to invest in private label brands, and so is Walmart doing it.

Listed below are some of the Walmart private label brands that will help you understand them better:

Sam’s Choice

Sam’s Choice is a private label brand that Walmart has positioned as a premium food brand from Walmart. You will find bread, coffees, thin-crust pizzas, Swiss chocolate breakfast meats, etc., under the private label brand Sam’s Choice.

Parent’s Choice

Parent’s Choice is also a Walmart-owned private-label brand that sells baby products such as food, bottles, diapers, etc.


Equate is a Walmart-owned private-label brand. You will find health and personal care items, like toothbrushes, lotion, shaving cream, etc., under the brand Equate.

Great Value

Great Value is a private-label grocery brand from Walmart. Under this private-label brand, you will find items like snacks, candy, beverages, etc.

Pen + Gear

It is a Walmart brand for school and office supplies. You can easily find items like notebooks, paper products, organizers, etc., under Pen + Gear.

Ol’ Roy

Ol’ Roy is a dog food brand from Walmart.

Why does Walmart sell private-label brands?

Customers accept these brands because they deliver the quality and value customers expect in the products. Walmart is selling these brands because of the reasons given below:Why Walmart sells private label brands


Private label brands have gained popularity at Walmart as Walmart has been selling them for a long time. Consumers accept these brands because their quality is at par with the National brands. Since consumers are now focussing more on value, these brands deliver the value consumers want.

Higher profit margins

Private label brands offer higher profits to Walmart. Since these are not available anywhere else, customers don’t have any option but to buy from Walmart only. This allows Walmart to control costs and reap better profits.

Product customization possible

Since Walmart owns the brand, Walmart gets the power to customize its brands the way it wants. It gives Walmart the freedom to put in creative efforts and perform experiments to uncover what performs the best in the market.

No competition

The Walmart private label brands are owned and sold by Walmart. No one except Walmart sells them. So Walmart is selling private label brands that have no competition.

Start selling on Walmart now!

Onboard the Walmart marketplace by following the steps given below:Steps to sell on Walmart

1. Do product research

The first and foremost thing is to perform thorough product research. Analyze what you can sell on Walmart that gives you the profits you want. The Growth & Opportunities tool in the Walmart Seller Center helps you know the in-demand products at Walmart.

2. Find a supplier

You know what you want to sell at Walmart. The next task is to find a supplier who will supply the products you want to sell.

Do price negotiation since you will be buying in bulk, and test the product quality before placing bulk order.

3. Request to sell on Walmart with the Walmart marketplace application form

Now fill out the Walmart marketplace application form and wait till you receive an approval mail from Walmart. Once approved, you are ready to perform product listings on Walmart.

4. Create product listings on Walmart

Now list products as per the Walmart guidelines. Read the listing best practices laid down by Walmart to increase the chances of higher visibility of your products. Do keyword research and look for the keywords that can help your products rank higher on Walmart. The product title, description, images, etc., should also be per the Walmart SEO aspects as it helps improve your product’s visibility and achieve more conversions.

5. Fulfill items

The next task is order fulfillment when you finish the item listings and receive orders from Walmart. There are various ways to do that.

If you can, you can fulfill products on your own, but if you are a novice and don’t have the fulfillment expertise, opt for the fulfillment program from Walmart, Walmart Fulfillment Services, or WFS. This program simplifies product fulfillment for you. Send your inventory to the Walmart Fulfillment Center, and your job is done. When a customer orders your product, Walmart will do the fulfillment job for you. With WFS, Walmart handles storage, product returns, and customer service. One added advantage of fulfilling products using WFS is that they get fulfilled by Walmart and 2 Day Shipping tags. These tags improve your products’ visibility and boost trust in customers ordering your products from the Walmart marketplace.

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