Back to School & more: Walmart’s Bestselling Categories in 2021

Back to School & more: Walmart’s Bestselling Categories in 2021


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Quick brief – Walmart sells over 75 million products and witnesses over 150 million visitors per week. With its massive scale, selling on Walmart provides an enormous reach to the sellers. This means, serving over 90% of the US population. To remain successful in the competitive marketplace, it becomes necessary to keep in touch with the current marketplace trends- especially the top-performing product categories. This blog will lead you through a list of Walmart’s best-selling Categories and the latest product category trends of 2021. We have also provided a bonus of Bestselling Walmart Categories to stock your inventory with. This will help you plan your assortment based on upcoming trends.


  1. Walmart’s bestselling Categories from 2015 – 2019
  2. Walmart’s Bestselling categories 2021
  3. Walmart’s Best Seller Ranking
  4. How to access Walmart Best Seller Ranking?
  5. How does Walmart Best Seller help merchants?
  6. Essential tips for conducting bestseller research
  7. Conclusion

Walmart best selling products from 2015 - 2019

Walmart is a budget-friendly marketplace and provides its customers with some of the best deals and offers.  Thus, Walmart trends keep changing, along with the change in demand and shopper behavior. Hence, merchants need to stay in touch with the newest marketplace ‘trend’ to sell more and boost visibility, especially in product categories.

To help you sell more by understanding your shoppers and the top-selling items trends, we have put together a list of the Bestselling Walmart Categories to have an eye on in 2021.

Walmart’s Bestselling categories 2021


Fashion is fickle; however, it is also versatile and provides many opportunities in terms of markup. With the fall and “Back to School” seasons in full flare, the current fashion trends are to be catered towards young adults…Walmart Integration

Who would be on the prowl to nail a specific type of look and create statements? However, with the holiday season approaching, it would almost be a sin not to include fashion appropriate for Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. And dare we say, it is not too early to start stocking up on fuzzy Christmas sweaters or Pumpkin spice everything!

  • For the Young Adults

    • Women: For this group, cottagecore and utility are two major contrary trends of the style spectrum. While cottagecore has been trending for the past year or two and consists of ruffles, flowy dresses, puff and bell sleeves, etc., utility is the current in. It consists of Solid-colored cotton or denim jumpsuits and tie-dye clothing.
    • Men: Summer is mostly about surfing and skating for young adult men, highly reflected by their wardrobes. Walmart’s assortments for young adult men include ripped jeans, joggers, patterned shorts, Graphic tees, and other similar stuff.
  • The Fun Fashion Categories

    • The Back-to-school assortment: The pandemic impacted the Back-to-school shopping tradition of many tweens and teens. As it’s not just about fresh notebooks and pens, parents and kids plan for all the fashion fun that comes with going back to school. You can feature numerous items across tween fashion, including jewelry, backpacks, stationery, etc. Flannels and “shirt jackets” are the best reach outs for both girls and boys regarding back-to-school clothing.
    • The Night-out fling: Young adults these days are the trendiest among all and therefore demand fashion to suit their personality. Their love for night-outs can be seen in the robes they carry. So to rule their wardrobes, fill up your store with trendy two pieces and contrast matching sets. Make your listings shine with.
    • The Graphic-Tee: Teens and tweens have a whole new way of being proud of their fandom and pop culture. Gone are the days of big bedroom posters of the favorite celebs, young adults these days wear their interests on graphic tee shirts. Teens and tweens majorly love Disney and anime prints and prints from their favorite music artists. Therefore you can grab the chance to popularise your store by bringing out the tweens’ favorite fun prints like butterflies, rainbows, airbrush effect prints, and many more.

Walmart's Bestselling categories in 2021


Grocery became the biggest earner for e-retail during the pandemic, and understandably so. Walmart’s online grocery sales In 2021 accounted for 56.3 percent of the net sales of Walmart U.S. in the United States. During the pandemic, groceries became the bestselling category of Walmart, and shockingly the most sold item of this category was bananas. As most grocery stores remained temporarily shut due to the lockdowns, customers drifted to buy essentials online, thus altering the consumer behavior and creating a high scope for online grocery stores.

Health and fitness

Social distancing has forced people to adapt to new fitness routines, i.e., work out at home. An addition of work-from-home scenarios and nationwide lockdowns has resulted in people investing more to purchase exercise bikes and other fitness essentials from online stores. People are also buying fitness supplements online, which has increased the net sales of the health and fitness product category by 10.4% in the past year. The online sales of health and fitness products are high and expected to maintain for much longer.

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As people spent more time at home with families during the pandemic, parents kept their kids engaged with learning-based toys. Walmart witnessed a massive leap in the sales of high-tech toys that promote creativity in young minds. The sales of such toys included the Sensory FX ASMR Mega Bar and the Fujifilm Instax  Camera. Shoppers also bought Gotta Go Flaming, Squeaker, and Disney Princess Vanity as | interactive toys aimed to inspire imagination in young minds.

Household Utilities

General merchandise retailers usually sell non-food items such as housewares, toiletries, toys, plastic wares, etc. In 2021 Walmart U.S. had net sales of 369.9 billion U.S. dollars. During the pandemic, as food storage took a whole new trajectory, most of the population invested in storage containers to store and dispense ingredients and preserve the freshness of herbs, spices, and leftovers.

Customers relied heavily on storage containers sold on  Walmart for being microwave-safe, dishwasher friendly, and BPA-free. Apart from the list of Bestselling Walmart Categories in 2021, below is a bonus section for you about Walmart’s Bestseller Ranking to keep yourself updated on the latest marketplace trends.

Walmart’s Best Seller Ranking

As a Walmart seller, you need to stay in touch with Marketplace’s latest happenings and trends. Staying updated with the Walmart trends will benefit your business and help you survive the tough competition. Now, as you know, Walmart’s best-selling categories of 2021, here is an easy method to keep yourself updated about the upcoming best-selling items.

Walmart has introduced “Best Seller Ranking” to help you enhance your listings as per consumer demands. Walmart’s Bestseller ranking enables you to research the best-selling items on the marketplace within a selected category. It provides insights into what products you may or may not want to add to your upcoming assortments.

Walmart Bestseller ranking

How to access Walmart Best Seller Ranking?

To access Walmart Best Seller Ranking:

  1. Go to the Seller Center and select Growth Opportunities.
  2. Click on “View” in Walmart Best Sellers.
  3. Select the parent category and subcategory that you wish to view.

You’ll be able to check reference rank, item ID, reviews of the sellers, and whether or not the item is in the sellers’ catalog.

Here’s a demonstrative video of how the above process looks in action:

Source: Deliverr

How does Walmart Best Seller help merchants?

Walmart Bestseller is an excellent feature for Walmart’s existing sellers and interested merchants. It provides a great way to analyze which items do well and which categories to go after.

Three essential tips for conducting your bestseller research:

  1. Go to the Seller Center and select Growth Opportunities.
  2. Click on “View” in Walmart Best Sellers.
  3. Select the parent category and subcategory that you wish to view.

What we are saying is →

Selling on Walmart is extremely rewarding. But, it can occasionally be a little challenging too. Hence, it is necessary to know well about the category you are about to sell. Selecting the right product category helps in the visibility of the products on the right shelf at Walmart. It allows customers to buy the products they are searching for quickly. Hence, assigning the right product category and subcategory delivers a satisfying shopping experience to your customers and indirectly amplifies your Walmart sales.

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