How Walmart Built for Better simplifies purpose driven shopping?
How Walmart Built for Better simplifies purpose driven shopping?

How Walmart Built for Better simplifies purpose driven shopping?


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Walmart has launched a new shopping destination that aims to simplify sustainable shopping. This new program called Built for Better helps customers shop for products that are beneficial for them, for communities, and the Planet. This new program aligns with the Walmart ideology of Living Better Lives and helps customers shop for environment-friendly products at Walmart. This blog will help you understand the Walmart Built for Better shopping destination and what it means for the shoppers, communities, and the Planet.

What is Walmart Built for Better?

Walmart Built for Better is a new program from Walmart that aims to provide a purpose-driven shopping experience to Walmart shoppers. It offers a new shopping destination to customers who want to buy eco-friendly or locally sourced or grown products from Walmart. All they need to do is search for the products deemed as Built for Better on Walmart and they will reach the products they are interested in. The Built for Better icon helps customers identify such products.

The Walmart Built for Better program covers the following areas based on the purpose that shoppers seek:Walmart Built for Better


  • Built for Better program for Customers
  • Built for Better program for Communities
  • Built for Better program for Planet

Built for Better program for Customers

This is a customer-oriented program that provides shoppers with products that abide by nutritional guidelines or products that are made without the use of some ingredients that may be harmful. The Built for Better icon with the products eases the task of understanding such products that are better for them. These products are specifically made keeping in mind the materials that shoppers don’t want to be in the products they want to buy.

Presently, there is a wide range of products that come under the Built for Better for customers program, including cosmetics, everyday essentials, fresh meat, and more. These products abide by nutritional standards, like EWG Verified, Great for You, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, made without parabens, etc.

Built for Better program for Communities

This Built for Better program for Communities works to boost the growth and development of local communities. The icon of the Built for Better program for Communities tells that the products are made or grown in the US or by some women entrepreneurs. Thus, Walmart is giving an economic boost to the US community with this program.

Built for Better program for Planet

This Built for Better for Planet program eases the purchase of products that are good for the Planet. Because some customers only want to buy eco-friendly products, they can look for the Built for better for Planet icon and buy them from Walmart. Through this, Walmart is working towards offering eco-friendly products and reducing the effects of products on Planet Earth.

Consumers’ perception of Sustainability

The launching of Built for Better shopping for customers shows that the retail king is positioning itself as a sustainability-targeted marketplace. The customers buying these products means they too are interested in the products that are regenerative and environment friendly.

Additionally, a new CCRRC report shows that sustainability ranks high on consumers’ shopping lists. 69% of supermarket American shoppers revealed that they try their best to reduce their impact on the environment as much as they can. Consumers also said that they are ready to pay 4% more to a food retailer that supports the community and the environment. This Walmart Built for Better helps people attain their sustainability goals and also helps them in living better lives.

They also spoke about the initiatives that they want the retailers to take:

  • Help avoid food waste by offering products in various sizes
  • Availability of on-site recycling bins
  • Offer loyalty points/prizes for waste saved through the purchase of recycled products
  • Labeling of locally made/grown products to help shoppers identify the US-made/assembled products

How is Walmart dealing with Sustainability using Built for Better?

Sustainability-oriented working is the need of the hour. With the depleting forests and loss of various species of plants and animals across the globe, to the rise in the global temperature, the sustainability-oriented regenerative business is what businesses need to incorporate.Efforts of Walmart in line with Sustainability

For the last several years, Walmart has been working hard towards sustainability. And now it’s boosting efforts in the line of sustainability with various programs, Built for Better being one. With Built for Better shopping, Walmart’s sustainability efforts are brought to light keeping the customers, communities, and Planet in mind. In fact, this move of Walmart is making shopping eco-friendly and a regenerative process.

We want to play an important role in transforming the world’s supply chains to be regenerative. We face a growing crisis of climate change and nature loss, and we all need to take action with urgency. For 15 years, we have been partnering to do the work and continually raising our sustainability ambitions across climate action, nature, waste, and people. The commitments we’re making today not only aim to decarbonize Walmart’s global operations, they also put us on the path to becoming a regenerative company – one that works to restore, renew and replenish in addition to preserving our planet, and encourages others to do the same.–Doug McMillon, Walmart

The major efforts of Walmart in line with sustainability

  • Walmart is electrifying all its vehicles by 2040.
  • Walmart is working hard to achieve zero emissions on a global level by 2040.
  • Walmart is putting in efforts to avoid greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
  • Walmart is also trying to source 100% deforestation-free paper, pulp, timber, palm oil, etc. by 2025.
  • Presently Walmart is powering its facilities using 29% renewable resources. Also, by 2035, Walmart is working to power its facilities using 100% renewable resources.
  • Walmart has also conserved nearly 1.5 million acres of land.

To Sum Up

Walmart’s Built for Better shopping destination helps customers and communities live in sustainable ways. The program helps preserve nature by offering eco-friendly or regenerative products. Hence, the Built for Better for Customers, Communities, and Planet shopping helps solve sustainability challenges.

Offering regenerative products on Walmart helps you in performing business that is beneficial for each element of society. Sell products that support your local community. You can also sell the items made or assembled in the US, or the women-owned brands. If you are not yet selling on Walmart, connect with CedCommerce. The experts will help you sell on Walmart effortlessly. So onboard Walmart now to sell high and give a boost to your online visibility.

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