How was selling on Walmart simplified for Thracian Trading/Insoles Shop?
How was selling on Walmart simplified for Thracian Trading/Insoles Shop?

How was selling on Walmart simplified for Thracian Trading/Insoles Shop?


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Short Summary

Challenges Faced

Michal Aleksandrowicz, the Thracian Trading/Insoles Shop owner, was initially involved in selling on Amazon in Europe. He wanted to quickly expand to Walmart to avail of the opportunities of selling on multiple marketplaces. Since Walmart is among the top marketplaces in the US, he wanted to onboard Walmart.

To make selling easy and quick on Walmart, Michal needed an Integration solution that could seamlessly connect his Shopify store with the Walmart marketplace.


Researching all the possible solutions per his requirements, Michal learned about CedCommerce’s Walmart Integration. With Walmart Integration, Michal quickly established a seamless connection between his Shopify store and Walmart.


Walmart Integration proved useful for Michal as it fulfilled the requirements he was searching for. It made it easy for Michal to manage the sales of his Shopify store and Walmart in a way like never before. It helped in quick product uploading, profiling, synchronization, and order management of his Walmart Shopify products.

Plus, Round O’Clock support from CedCommerce aided Michal in solving all his queries in no time. Since CedCommerce instantly aligns a dedicated account manager once someone opts for Ced’s Integration solution, Michal, too, got one aligned to make his Walmart selling processes effortless.

About Thracian Trading/Insoles Shop

Michal Aleksandrowicz owns the Thracian Trading/Insoles Shop. His Shopify-based online shop deals in Shoe accessories.

Michal’s online selling journey began when he onboarded Amazon in 2015. Later, he further felt the need to boost the online visibility of his Insoles shop. So he wanted to onboard Walmart and boost his catalog’s visibility to over 100 million unique monthly visitors of Walmart.

About CedCommerce

CedCommerce eases online selling for merchants of all sizes, whether big or small. Its solutions are made to simplify multichannel selling. The robust solutions from CedCommerce remove the complexities and technicalities involved in multi-channel selling and make online a cakewalk.

CedCommerce offers several Integrations that cover a broad spectrum of marketplaces. You get an Integration that eases selling on the major online marketplaces. Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopee, and Lazada, are just a few on the list of marketplaces served.

How has Walmart Integration made Walmart selling seamless for Thracian Trading/Insoles Shop?

Walmart Integration offered Michal the services or the features he was looking for. The various features of Walmart Integration listed below made it easy for Michal to sell on Walmart from Shopify:

Orders’ Auto acknowledgment

The feature of auto acknowledgment removed one important task of acknowledging orders manually since the app auto acknowledges all incoming orders.


The app’s profiling feature helped Michal create profiles and group products per the product category. This way, he could upload many products in bulk on Walmart.

Order management

Walmart Integration made it easy for Michal to manage orders efficiently between Shopify and Walmart. The dashboard’s order section displays all the order-related info with a few clicks.

Near real-time synchronization

The app is speedy and responsive, and it synced the products/inventory info between Michal’s Shopify store and Walmart in near real-time.


The app also helped Michal run promotions for the desired products on Walmart.


The app also notifies Michal of all incoming orders, failed orders, shipping updates, or anything that needs to be in his knowledge at the registered email address.

Additional perks with Walmart Integration

24/7 support

Ahead of the above-listed features of Walmart Integration comes CedCommerce’s support. So Michal gets all his questions answered round o’clock.

Dedicated account manager

CedCommerce aligns a dedicated account manager with the app. So whenever Michal needs any help related to the app, dedicated support helps him out.

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To Sum Up

The uncountable benefits of Walmart Integration make it a must-go solution for simplifying selling on Walmart. The benefits-backed features of Walmart Integration helped Michal sell on the Walmart marketplace effortlessly from Thracian Trading/Insoles Shop. If you, too, want to enter multichannel selling and sell seamlessly on Walmart with experts, connect with CedCommerce and obtain a solution per your needs.

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