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walmart Canada integration


Important Note

An innovative and best way to sell your product on one of the biggest and best Marketplaces of Canadian region.

Walmart Canada is a subsidiary e-commerce company of Walmart. It was founded on March 17, 1994, has headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. Walmart Canada is basically Known for their Electronics, home improvement, clothing, footwear, jewelry, shoes, toys, health and beauty, party supplies, grocery and, fresh foods products. After the great business in the US, Walmart Canada has focused on expanding their business in Canadian region.

Cedcommerce, the team of solution provider experts and developers Integrate your Walmart Canada store with different Marketplaces to provide you an ease of doing the things which you have never expected. Any seller can sell their desired products on Walmart Canada and earn money with a minimum costings.

What is Walmart Canada Integration from CedCommerce?

Cedcommerce always wanted to provide the best services to their customers so we have created Walmart Canada for the desired users. With this integration, you can do many things with a single click like Manage Inventory, Price, Orders and so on.

We understand the feelings and money of our customers that is why we are providing the free support for 3 months with the extensions, One-time Free Installation, and configurations. Our clients are from different countries so we provide 24*7 support by Call, Chat or Skype as well. These are the reasons for 5000+ satisfied customers we have.

What all can be done and managed through Walmart Canada Integration By Cedcommerce ?

Upload products to Walmart canada

walmartCanada import product

Synchronizes Product Inventory and Information

walmartCanada sync products

Automates the selling

walmartCanada automate order

Benefits associated with Walmart Canada Integration Extension By CedCommerce

walmartCanada integration benefits

Product listing

Imports all products of the store.

walmartCanada integration benefits

Bulk Upload

Just, choose and upload the products in Bulk .

walmartCanada integration benefits

Error Notification

While uploading errors are recorded .

walmartCanada integration benefits

Status Notification

Informs LIVE/UNDER REVIEW status of products.

walmartCanada integration benefits

Updates Information

Changes made are reflected on Walmart Canada.

walmartCanada integration benefits

Inventory Update

Inventory changes are tracked and updated.

walmartCanada integration benefits

Manage Orders

Manipulate orders of Walmart Canada from your store.

walmartCanada integration benefits

Automates Orders

Single step for fulfilling order.

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