how to sell on amazon with opencart
3 Ingredients To Become A Successful Online Seller – Learn How To Sell On Amazon With Opencart

3 Ingredients To Become A Successful Online Seller – Learn How To Sell On Amazon With Opencart


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Do you know the secret recipe for becoming a successful online seller? Retailers and sellers around the world often end up in despair while trying to get hold of this. And after years of research and hard work, we managed to find out the three key ingredients, which are:

  1. The biggest online marketplace – Amazon
  2. The most effective selling platform – Opencart
  3. An effective eCommerce Integration

A conglomerate marketplace (Amazon) and the most seller effective eCommerce platform (Opencart) combined with an efficient multichannel selling Integration.

Do you know what happens when we combine all these?

We get the most flexible, affordable, and efficient selling experience which scales your retail business multi-folds.

In this blog, I’ve explained how to sell on Amazon with Opencart. And, I have also included many pro tips for improving your selling campaign on Amazon. But before diving into the details, let’s have a look at the index:



An overview of Amazon Marketplace

What Makes Amazon A Perfect Platform To Sell:

A brief about Opencart

How to sell on Amazon With Opencart Integration by CedCommerce

Create an Amazon Seller account

Highlights of Amazon Opencart Integration:

Tip to improve your selling on Amazon with Opencart

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on selling on Amazon

So let’s begin with our first ingredient of success:

1st ingredient to sell on amazon with amazon opencart integration


What is Amazon Marketplace?

  • This usually goes without saying that Amazon is the biggest global online platform that connects retailers directly with desperate customers.
  • Launched on 5 July 1994, Amazon sells everything from a small pin to large refrigerators.
  • Amazon marketplace is available in almost every major country. For example France, the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan, China, India, Mexico, and many more.
  • Looking from the perspective of an online seller, Amazon provides ample opportunities to benefit in the nick of time.

Why is Amazon a Perfect Platform To Sell Online?

  • Amazon is compatible with both small scale and large scale merchants. And, it allows sellers to sell under two categories: Amazon seller central and Amazon Vendor central.
  • This marketplace has the most impressive conversion rate (8.9%), which is more than all the big marketplaces.
  • According to a report by Feedback experts, more than 140,000 third-party sellers made more than $100,000 in yearly sales
  • On Amazon prime day 2018, the conversion rate spiked to 11.4%
  • More and more new sellers are joining Amazon. And last year (2018), 1,029,528 new sellers have joined Amazon.
  • The largest market share of products available on Amazon is electronics, which contributes to 89.9%.
  • It makes it easy for sellers who don’t want to worry about packing and shipping their products. Amazon offers Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which handles all storage, packing, and shipping. So, you can just focus on Selling on Amazon effortlessly while the rest is taken care of.

A lot has been discussed about Amazon, now let’s move on to our 2nd ingredient, ie. Opencart.

2nd ingredient to sell on amazon with amazon opencart integration


A brief about Opencart:

  • While speaking of organized online selling, Opencart is the first choice of retailers and sellers across the globe.
  • It is an easy-to-use open-source platform that provides all you need to sell at a single place.
  • Opencart allows you to modify your store & website as you feel fit.
  • There are no monthly or hidden charges to sell.
  • No device boundations as you can manage your Opencart based store from any mobile device or desktop.
  • Get track of all the sales-based activities with regular sales reports and marketing tools.
  • If you are a new seller and are looking to sell with Opencart – you can register here
  • Since you’ve learned what are these two, let us proceed.

Now, all we need to do is connect these two but it requires you to have a seller account on Amazon.

This will be possible with our third ingredient of success – the Amazon Opencart Integration by CedCommerce:

3rd ingredient to sell on Amazon with Amazon Opencart Integration

3rd ingridient to sell on amazon with amazon opencart integration


How to Sell On Amazon with Amazon Opencart using CedCommerce?

Follow these simple steps and connect your Opencart Store with Amazon marketplace:

  • Creating an Amazon seller account (in case of a new seller)
  • Downloading the Amazon Opencart Integration
  • Installing the extension
  • Validating all the necessary seller details of Amazon.
  • Performing the Configuration Settings.
  • Profiling of Products
  • Category Mapping of products between Opencart Store & Amazon
  • Order Settings
  • Start Managing Amazon orders directly from your Opencart Store.

In case you are a new seller and wish to learn how to create an Amazon seller account you can follow the steps below. Or else just skip over to the section ‘Downloading Amazon with Opencart Integration’.

How To Create an Amazon Seller account?

In order to open a registered Amazon seller account follow the steps below:

  • Visit Amazon Services Page.
  • Then, choose the country you are based in.
  • Now click on the Start selling button on the top right-hand seller registration 1
  • Then create a seller account by filling all the necessary details as shown to sell on amazon with opencart
  • Also, you can choose between a professional and an individual account (as per the requirements).
  • Here, individuals are charged per product sale and professionals are charged monthly.
  • After filling out all the details, it is sent for verification.
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation mail in your mail and you are good to go.

Downloading Amazon Integration for Opencart:

The first step towards the path of success begins with downloading an optimal Amazon Opencart Connector.

How to download?

You can download the Amazon Integration from any of the below platforms:

Amazon Opencart Integration by CedCommerce is an Opencart seller’s ticket to successfully start selling on Amazon. Moreover, it establishes a real-time synchronization between the Opencart store, inventory, and Amazon seller panel. So, to sell with Opencart is now much more productive and easy with this eCommerce solution. You can read in detail by visiting here.

Downloaded it!!! – Perfect

Now let’s ascend to the next step which is installing the extension in your Opencart panel.

Installation of the extension:

  • Go to Opencart dashboard and click on Extension⇾Extension Installer.
    amazon opencart integration
  • Then, click on Upload and select the desired zip file marked under the name (
    amazon opencart integration
  • Now click on Extensions
  • Then under the Extension list, Choose modules.
    amazon opencart integration

Note: The extension section in the Opencart dashboard may vary from the version of the module. And, the above is according to the latest version of Opencart (3.0.3.x)

Finally, the installed extensions are shown below:
amazon opencart integration

Here, you must also notice that the Amazon Integration tab appears in your Opencart Dashboard as Shown:
amazon opencart integration

Perfect !! now it’s all the smooth from here.

Retrieving & Validating all the necessary seller details of Amazon:

  • Now move to your Amazon seller central dashboard to retrieve the AWS Access Key ID and AWS Auth Key ID details.
  • Then, click on User Permission.
    sell on amazon with opencart
  • A page opens up as shown:
    amazon opencart integration
  • Here all your seller details are mentioned.
  • So, retrieve the details from here and mention them in your Amazon Opencart Integration Dashboard:
    amazon opencart integration
  • Finally, enter the details and save.

Perform the desired Configuration settings:

    • Now it’s time to perform configuration settings as per your Amazon store.
    • So, enable the extension in order to establish a connection between the two platforms (Amazon and Opencart).
    • Then, choose your desired location to sell
    • Also, set the primary email on which you wish to receive notifications regarding any new orders received.
      order email internal
  • Now, you can enable real-time synchronization by activating the crons mentioned in this section. And, it also means a feed of your products with the necessary details are sent regularly from your Opencart panel to
    amazon opencart integration
  • Then, you can also choose the default currency and can also set the minimum-maximum pricing of the products from here only.
    amazon opencart integration
  • Finally, fill out all the other necessary details and save them.

Congratulations!! you have successfully established a connection between your Opencart Dashboard and

Now it’s time to showcase your Amazon products via the Amazon Integrating module.

Profiling of Products / Assigning products in bulk:

  • Next is the step where you need to assign products in a profile. Or in simple words, add similar products in a group so that you can benefit from bulk product management.
    amazon opencart integration
  • Here, create a new profile
  • Then, enter a suitable title name. This is just for your recognition.
  • For example, if you are selling shoes and wish to categorize all the female shoes then create a profile for Female shoes.
  • Then, choose the desired category. For eg: fashion>shoes>female
  • Finally, include all the necessary details (like brand/manufacturer, language)and perform category & attribute mapping

Mapping Product categories & Attribute between Opencart Store & Amazon

  • To include the products from your Opencart store to the Amazon seller panel, you need to perform the desired category mapping.
    amazon opencart integration to sell on amazon with opencart
  • As shown in the image above all the categories of Amazon are listed on the left and on the right is Opencart.
  • Here, you can simply select the required categories and attributes using the drop-down menu.
  • If you wish to set a default value, you can do it from here only.
  • Once you do so, all your listed products appear and you can simply sell with Opencart.

You are all set now!! Upload all the products from here to Amazon with a single click from here only.

Start Receiving Amazon Orders:

  • The magic begins now as you start receiving your Amazon orders in here.
  • Order details are fetched along with status.
  • Additionally, you can perform all the order management activities (like ship & track) directly from here by clicking on these orders.
    amazon opencart integration

Simple right? Just follow these basic steps and no one can stop you from becoming a successful Amazon Opencart seller.

Let’s get all the features of this Amazon Opencart Connector at a single place:

Features Of Amazon Opencart Integration:

Once you begin to sell on Amazon using CedCommerce’s Amazon Opencart Integration, you can get the following features:

  • Simple Bulk Product Upload
  • Product arrangement via profiling
  • Category mapping feature
  • Price variations and modifications
  • Real-Time Amazon Order Management
  • Create new products with ASIN
  • Auto Stock Updation On Both Ends
  • Live Notifications updates of new orders
  • Integrated Shipment with tracking
  • One Time Payment Plan
  • And many more.

Download the entire guide on Amazon Opencart Connector by CedCommerce

Since now you have learned all the key ingredients of becoming a successful online seller, we would like to provide some additional tips for improving your sales on Amazon.

Tip to improve your selling on Amazon marketplace:

Amazon Seller FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: In How many days does a seller receive the payment from Amazon?
A: Amazon will disburse payments to your bank account once a week. So, you will be eligible to get paid for the order 7 days after the order is confirmed as shipped.

Q: What are the conditions for rejection of orders on Amazon?
A: Orders are auto-rejected from Amazon in the following conditions when:
– Amazon product SKU does not exist in Magento 2 store.
– A product is Out of stock in Magento 2 store.
– The product is disabled in Magento 2 store.

Q: What is meant by Fulfillment By Amazon(FBA)?
A: Amazon provides a paid program of delivering the orders at the customer’s footsteps without the involvement of the sellers. So, sellers just need to send the products to the nearest Amazon Centers and Amazon will take care of the rest. Furthermore, the Amazon FBA program includes picking, package, shipment, and delivery services for your products. Learn More.

Q: How can I get 5-star reviews on my Amazon Products?
A: To get 5 star reviews on Amazon:
– Sell Limited but High-Quality Products.
– Use the Amazon Vine Programme.
– Optimize your product listings with A+ content.
– Opt for Amazon Early Reviewer Program
– Competitor Analysis
– Keep tabs on satisfied customers
– Social Media Retargeting.

Q: What is the monthly subscirption fee of Amazon Opencart Connector?
A: The Amazon Opencart Connector by CedCommerce has NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION fee. 

Final Words:

It all boils down to the fact that selling on the Amazon marketplace can be fun and easy at the same time. And, all you need to do is to get hold of a compatible Opencart Amazon Connector that will do the rest. Also, you can experience simplified selling on the world’s grandest eCommerce platform with CedCommerce’s Amazon Integrating module. So, just sit back and relax while this powerful tool takes care of all your sales.

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