A complete guide with tips to use amazon a+ content
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Amazon A+ content allows you to take an ace and enhance your product story with beautiful details and enhanced marketing content to overcome your customers’ purchase barriers while explaining all the product features and benefits and drive brand affinity. This increases sale by improving the conversion ratio on an average of three to ten percent.


An Amazon vendor registered under Amazon Vendor Central can avail maximum benefits by simply focusing on products that are already driving traffic to their store.


Premium A+ content on Amazon not only reflects poised standards of product description but also creates a sense of satisfaction among the clients.


Moreover, a well structured Amazon A plus content helps in optimizing the product listings and serve as the main reason to drive traffic to your Amazon products.



As an Amazon vendor, you often wonder which is the best way to showcase my products? How do I drive traffic towards my products? What features to use to make them appealing to the customers?  How do I create a rich shopping experience?


Well, there’s one simple solution to all your problems – Optimize Product Listing with Amazon A plus Content.


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So let us dive right into the detailed explanations of what is Amazon A+ content and how can you benefit from including those to optimize your Amazon Product Listings.



What is Amazon A Plus Content?


Amazon A plus content or simply A+ content is an efficient tool to increase the value of the products listed by Amazon Vendors.


An explanation of your products with the use of better alternatives like multimedia, high definition images, product explainer videos, and comparison charts contribute towards a successful Amazon A plus content.


This also means the usage of attractive layouts to showcase your products to the customers.


Amazon gives vendors the opportunity to design their own product page layout thus explaining the product in a better way.


The A+ content is a platform independent feature. Hence it is convenient for driving traffic from both desktop and mobile platforms.


Sellers are often confused with A+ content and premium A+ content. Well, there’s a slight difference between the two.  



What is Amazon A+ premium Content:


An advanced version of A plus content where sellers are granted with enhanced features like product video loop, highly advanced comparison chart widgets and an attractive client testimonials section.


amazon premium a+ content


The ‘Premium A+ content’ which is also known as ‘Amazon A++ content’ feature is an Amazon exclusive program and is opened for select vendors.


This is also not a free service as Amazon vendors are subjected to an additional cost of 250k to 500k USD for using these in your product description.  


The usage of Amazon a+ premium content is currently limited to only a few brands now. Although it is expected that they will be soon available to all the Amazon Vendors.


Now since you have learned about what is amazon a plus content, you must be wondering why Amazon is so much focused on implementing it in product listing….



Why is Amazon focusing on A plus content?


Amazon being the marketplace giants are setting the current eCommerce standards. The primary goal for Amazon marketplace nowadays is to provide customers with the best shopping experience.


Therefore in order to succeed the race, it becomes a necessity to shift the focus from Amazon trending features to various brand essentials.


This is also a very beneficial strategy of eliminating the cart abandonment issue thus increasing the conversion rate.


Amazon is also promoting brands by boosting its discoverability and redirecting the traffic to the brand’s entire catalog.


This is the reason why Amazon is so much focused on replacing the normal content with the A+ content on its website.


Now let us move on to optimization of Amazon product listing with  A plus content



How To Optimize Product Listings With Ideal Amazon A plus Content


There are a few points that make your product listings on Amazon stand out against others.

An Optimized Product listing on Amazon must have these following features:


  • 360 degree High Defenition Photographs:
  • Short and Precise Overview
  • Product Features & Benefits Listed in Bullets
  • High Defenition Product Video
  • Alluring Customer Testimonials
  • Product FAQs
  • Product Comparison Charts
  • What’s in the Box Section

Let us move on to these, one by one



360 degree High Defenition Photographs:


The Product image is the biggest factor in convincing the customers towards a successful purchase.

An optimized Amazon product listing must contain at least 8 high-quality images from different angles.

ideal amazon a plus content high quality image optimized product listing

Source : Amazon

There must be two kinds of images:

First, Close Shot images with preferably a single colored background

Second, The real lifestyle shots of the product, which must depict the usage of your products by common people.

amazon a+ content high quality image

Source : Amazon



The usage of the gallery slider in the content layout is advisable. So while choosing the layout for your product listing, ensure to put an image gallery slider.

The image hover can also be a great idea as it creates more user engagement thus making it an ideal Amazon a+ content.



Short and Precise Overview:


Now you have shown your customers what you are selling, next comes explaining the product to them.

Your product introduction needs to be precise and must be written in a convincing tone.

Ensure the product overview must not exceed by 100 words or else your customers might skip it.

amazon a+ content high quality image

Source : Amazon


Pro Tip:

Try including keywords in the overview of your product description and overview. Keywords are basically are a set of a few terms that customers generally search while looking for a product.

Considering Keywords will help your product become the first in the search results thus increasing the chances of conversion.



Product Features and Benefits listed in bullets:


While mentioning the Product features for a plus content it is required to list the features in bullets. Same is the case for benefits as the customers can easily relate to while going through the points one at a time.

This makes it easier for the customers to notice all the features and benefits at a single place.

amazon a+ content product description

Source : Amazon



An ideal Amazon A+ content feature and benefits section is the heart and soul of the product page.

Make this as much descriptive and comprehensive as it needs to be. Do not miss out and any features or benefits of your products.

Amazon A+ content ideal product description optimize amazon product listing

Source : Amazon



Add High-Quality Videos of the Products:


Adding high-quality product videos in your content increase the credibility of your products.

An optimized product listing on Amazon should contain an explainer video from which the customers could relate to.

The ideal length of the Amazon a+ content video must range between 70 seconds to 90 seconds. Try not making the video too long or else it may backfire your own strategy.



The ‘Amazon a plus content video’ for your product must be a lifestyle video depicting the usage of the product in real life.

amazon a+ content videos

Source : Amazon


Alluring Customer Testimonials:


Your customers are desperate to look for a third opinion about your products. For that, they may google the customer reviews for that product.

But What about you cut to the chase and provide them at your product page only.

An ideal A+ content must be customer friendly and would not let customers leave the page until a successful purchase.

amazona+ content customer reviews

Source : Amazon

By Providing Customer Testimonials you are contributing towards customer’s transparency. This gives your customers assurance to consider you and your products.



Mention the customer feedback at the end of the product page. Once the customer has gone through the product image, description, features, and benefits and then an assurance from other customers will seal the deal hence resulting in a successful purchase.



Product FAQs


An ideal Amazon A+ content must contain end to end description of your products. So adding the FAQ section answers to all the curiosity of the customers.

amazon a+ content customer reveiws

Source : Amazon

Try adding the question by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and attend to all the common queries.



The answers in your FAQ section needs to be single liners and precise. Do not try explaining the whole working of the products as you have done this earlier in the overview and description sections.



Product Comparison Charts


Customers are very cautious as to where they are investing their money. A customer always compares the products with similar products before deciding on the final purchase.

Mention the product comparison charts featuring all the specifications of the products with similar products. Ensure to make the chart readable by not bombarding it with information.

amazon a+ content comparison chart

Source : Amazon

An ideal Amazon A+ content comparison chart contains very precise information placed in different categories.



Do not highlight the drawbacks or the low points of your product in the product comparison charts.

Using Infographics is an ideal way to design Amazon product comparisons.



What’s in the Box Section:


Your customers need to know exactly what they are investing into so ensure to add a section ‘What’s in the Box’.

In this mention all the accessories and equipments that the customer will receive along with the products they are buying.

For Example, if you are selling a phone. Mention in ‘What’s in the box section’ that along with the phone you’ll get:

  • A charger
  • Earphone
  • USB cord
  • Screen Protector and so on


Pro Tip:

You can mention the images of all the accessories alongside with the product for a better customer experience



 Advantages of Optimizing Your Product Listing With Amazon A Plus content :


Creates A Strong First Impression:

Since Amazon is a pool of millions of products ready to be sold, How can you stand out from other sellers? It’s Amazon A+ content that reflects your uniqueness and helps to capture customer’s attention.


Increases the conversion rate and Improve sales

It has been proven that by using Amazon a plus content in your products you can hike the conversion rate by 10%.

Moreover, if you opt for the Amazon A++ Content or Amazon’s Premium A+ Content then the possibility of an increase in the conversion rate increases by 15%.


Enhances the Shopping Experience:

By optimizing your products listings using A+ content on Amazon Marketplace creates an appealing shopping experience for customers. A plus content enhances the readability of the product page thus making it more engaging and user-friendly.


Boost your discoverability on Amazon:

Amazon A+ content improves the chances of your products to occur more frequently in search results and related products sections. This enhanced discoverability drives traffic directly towards your products.



 Example of Optimized Amazon Product Listing With A Plus Content:


To give you an exact idea here’s an example of an ideal a plus content for Amazon Vendor products, Here’s an example from Bose, an Amazon Vendor who have listed their speaker using Amazon a+ content.

Example of an optimize amazon product listing with Amazon A plus content


Here’s a youtube video from Amazon explaining all you need to know to begin using Amazon a plus content and a+ premium content:




Amazon A+ Content provides Amazon Vendors with a unique opportunity to showcase their products while using various multimedia formats like infographics, images, videos, and proper layouts. Amazon has taken a whole new step in enhancing the customer experience by optimizing the listings of products.



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