Vaid tracking number on walmart
Provide Valid Tracking Details for Walmart Scorecard

Provide Valid Tracking Details for Walmart Scorecard


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Selling through Walmart is slightly less complicated if you manage to comply with a few things on the guidebook. As a seller, you will be introduced to a fun thing called the seller Scorecard. The rules that help you improve your seller scorecard at Walmart are a bit simple. And among those, is providing Valid Tracking Number on Walmart. These Valid Tracking numbers for Shipments helps you out with maximizing Customer Satisfaction. The seller scorecard sees a great impact when you provide the tracking information properly.

What is Valid Tracking Numbers for Shipments?

Valid tracking number on walmart

The customers prefer to have an idea where their product is, immediately after they order it. Which brings the concept of tracking the Shipment. But the question arises, what accounts for a Valid Tracking Number on Walmart? 

Walmart graciously solves that question just as well. For a Tracking detail to be Valid, the Shipment method and media should abide by the Walmart Guidelines. Hence, they should have:

  1. Alignment with a carrier, which is acceptable by Walmart, such as:
    1. USPS
    2. FedEx
    3. FedEx SmartPost
    4. UPS (also applies to UPS Sure Post)
    5. UPS Mail Innovations
    6. OnTrac
    7. DHL eCommerce
    8. Lasership
    9. UDS
    10. OtherCarrier (When none of the above services are in use. In case you select OtherCarrier and then go on to provide a Tracking Information from one of the above methods, it will be counted as invalid.)
  2. The format is correct
  3. Tracking of the product using the information is possible from the carrier’s website successfully.
  4. Get at least one Carrier Scan on record for the shipment.
  5. The Shipment must be from one of the following methods:
    1. Freight Shipping
    2. Standard Shipping
    3. Expedited Shipping
    4. Value Shipping

Valid Tracking number on Walmart

What Walmart requires from the Scorecard perspective is:

“Provide Valid tracking numbers for shipments at least 99% of the time. Failing to which results in Warning or Restrictions progressing to suspension. Whereas, orders that go by Freight method, are not a part of Valid Tracking Rate But, that is inconsequential since you need to provide the valid tracking numbers for shipments from freight methods or otherwise.” 

When selling through Walmart you know that there are certain Performance Standards that need reverence from sellers. If the Walmart Performance Standards are not met, Walmart sends a warning message to the sellers asking the sellers to immediately take actions and recover the performance defects.

One of the factors that can cause the Seller Scorecard to go beyond the margins of what is safe, is Tracking information. So how and when do you provide this information? What entails the Tracking information? 

What entails Valid Tracking Details for Walmart Scorecard?

The necessary details are the Tracking Number as well as Tracking URL.

When you provide the acknowledgment for the Order, that is when Walmart asks you to supply the following details:

  1. Universal Product Code.
  2. Product Name
  3. SKU
  4. Shipping Method which is what the customer has requested
  5. Quantity Requested and Updated (For example, customer requests 4 and you pack 2 together)
  6. Status
    1. Ordered
    2. Acknowledge
    3. Ship
    4. Cancel
  7. Carrier
  8. Tracking Number
  9. Tracking URL

Hence the moment you acknowledge the order which should be done within 24 hours of the order placement, you need to provide the Tracking details.

Another thing you can take as good news, that as long as you provide the Valid Tracking numbers for shipments, you do not need to provide the URL.

Walmart auto-uploads this detail.

Guidelines for Shipment to sell better on Selling through Walmart

Improve your seller scorecard at Walmart with a few Shipment related tips:


  1. As mentioned above, in case you are using a method from the list, do not select Other Carrier. If you do that and then supply a Tracking number from one of the listed carrier methods then it will be rejected as invalid. Also, with other Carrier, it is essential to supply the URL.
  2. Using a Logistic service from one of the Walmart’s competitors isn’t all that much of a great idea. Remember Walmart takes it pretty strictly, and in case the Tracking Numbers starts with “TBA” which is the code for the Amazon Logistics, then Walmart will reject the order.


  1. It is highly advisable that you verify the Tracking Number against the Carrier to make sure that everything with the Shipping information is in fact Valid. There is a strong technical reason behind this. When Walmart, generates the URL automatically, it uses the Carrier name and Tracking number to do so. A defect in the two fields will cause the generation of a broken URL. Which in turn adds up to poor customer experience. Thus, before all of this could become an issue, Walmart declares the tracking information as invalid.
  2. Make sure, the moment your package goes in the hand of the Carrier Service, you update the status to ship. In the case of relabeling the shipment, it becomes your responsibility to supply the correct details in time. You can update the shipment with the Edit Tracking Details option when required.
  3. The best technique to deliver best is using the best. Try to use a popular, well know and proven service that does deliver in time and safety. Use the best shipping services for all of the orders. Please understand that, if people spend an extra amount on the shipping, they expect the product to be in their hands safely, within a reasonably short time. Also, with the fast delivery options, free shipments, next day delivery, 2-day shipping, etc., the expectations of customers have only risen. Moreover, we all know the more the customer expects, the harder it is to provide them a completely satisfactory experience. But of course, trying is the key.
  4. With the fair warnings given by Walmart, all that is left for you to is actually follow through them. While freight shipments are not a part of seller performance pertaining to Valid traffic details for Walmart Scorecard, you need to confirm it properly. For Les than Load products, which are generally tackled by local and small shipment services, do confirm that they are being sent via Freight method.
  5. Currently, Walmart expects you to ship the product from a warehouse on US soil. The products must be here in the USA and should be shipped from and to a USA based address.
  6. Make sure you manage to update the errors in the tracking details within the four hours of confirmation at any cost. Always make sure you provide Valid, correct and well-matching information. Failing to which affects the Walmart Scorecard and Seller Performance indexing detrimentally.

Its never too late to seek help. There are multiple apps and integrations that can help you out in automatically handling the acknowledgments and other performance indexes such as Inventory management, Stock updates, multi-channel store management, and automation, Repricing, etc. 

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