Improve your Seller Scorecard at WalMart

Walmart ensures the high level of customers satisfaction whether the buyers purchase from it or 3rd party sellers offering their products at For this Walmart has established various parameters that define how would a seller scorecard for any particular vendor look like.


  • Fulfillment and Cancellation Summary
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Fulfillment
  • Cancellations



Aforementioned are the four metrics that define any sellers scorecard. Here Cancellations of orders more than 2.5% may reflect poorly on seller scorecard, as Walmart expects from its sellers to work toward achieving and maintaining an MP Partner Unit Cancellation Rate of 2.5% or less.



Here providing the Correct Tracking information each time helps sellers to avoid cancellation rates and provide correct status of the item in the shipment cycle. The Walmart has laid down several list of Dos and Don’ts to ensure correct information is provided by the customers.



But First, the parameters that define the validity of a Shipment Order:


  • Belongs to one of the supported carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS, UPS-MI, FedEx SmartPost or OnTrac)

  • Is properly formatted

  • Can be tracked through the website of the carrier indicated by the Seller during shipping confirmation

  • Has at least one carrier scan on record[1]


Now comes the list of Do’s and Don’ts to provide Tracking information




1. Walmart advises against use of OTHER in place of carrier name if the seller uses any of the aforementioned carriers – FedEx, UPS, USPS-Mi, FedEx SmartPost or OnTrac – as on the confirmation of the shipment, Walmart generates the Tracking URL on sellers’ behalf and, usage of OTHER breaks the URL thus deteriorating the customer experience. Therefore, NEVER use OTHER in place of carrier name.


2. Walmart expressively advises against the use of competitors shipment service such as Amazon Logistics (AMZNL) to deliver Walmart order. Non-compliance may lead to warning, restriction or suspension (temporary or indefinite) from




  • Verify that combination of Carrier and Tracking No is accurate.  Any mismatch breaks the tracking URL generated by Walmart and leads to poor customer experience


  • Verify if the Tracking Number Field contains a single Tracking Id in the proper format or not. Below are the examples (but not limited to) of various errors-



  • Set the status of the PO lines as ‘Shipped’ once it’s transferred to Carrier for fulfillment. Often, sellers relabel the order, ready to be transferred to carrier, if in such case the tracking information changes, it’s sellers prerogative to inform walmart for the same. Any changes to the original tracking id, if went uninformed, will be deemed invalid.


  • Walmart expects from its sellers to ship through its partners – FedEx, UPS, USPS-Mi, FedEx SmartPost or OnTrac – as shipment from small or regional carriers may become hurdle to achieve minimum 95% of valid tracking target.


  • Ship your products from warehouses situated in the U.S. Currently, Walmart doesn’t allow sellers to fulfill from outside U.S.


  • Ensure that LTL products are configured as Freight method as they’re mostly handled by small carriers and Walmart also, leaves aside these orders when calculating the valid Tracking targets.


  • Inform Walmart at earliest if any error is deducted at the shipping time as once it is confirmed tracking information can’t be changed, you can inform the Walmart by creating a case for Partner Support so walmart can address the issue.

Information Source: Walmart Knowledgebase


Therefore, following the Walmart’s recommendations regarding the tracking inventory practices, you can improve your Seller Score Card easily.


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