Selling at Walmart made easy: Walmart Scorecard Metrics
Selling at Walmart made easy: Walmart Scorecard Metrics

Selling at Walmart made easy: Walmart Scorecard Metrics


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“You are doing Great!!” is something we all want to hear, but how do we trust if we are really doing great? Scorecards back in the school were scary. But only to the people who were not expecting to do so well. Well, don’t you remember those kids who were absolutely ecstatic about the idea of score Cards? Guess now that we are older, it is easier to understand the importance of Scorecards. Speaking of which, Walmart Seller Scorecard is an excellent way to judge whether you are doing great or not. Selling at Walmart Marketplace becomes massively easy when you can keep track of what is up with your sales and where you are lacking. Thus, what Walmart Scorecard metrics mean and how to maintain them would help you out a ton. Explore more to learn all you can about Walmart Scorecard, Walmart 2 day shipping Policy, in-time deliveries and acknowledgment, Walmart ODR, etc.

Walmart Seller Scorecard

Is it not simply amazing that Walmart is actually offering you insights into your seller performance index through this Walmart Seller Scorecard and ensuring that you know what you are doing while you are doing it. Walmart Canada ensures you get emails through the weekly section they call “Weekly Seller Snapshot,” where you can have a look at your performance for a certain time period.  Also, words are that although, for now, sellers can only see their Order defect rate on Walmart Score Card, in the future, they will be able to see much more when it comes to their performance.

Walmart Scorecard Metrics

Walmart scorecard metricsUndoubtedly, Walmart Scorecard speaks about seller performances and expectations. But, these expectations are well thought through. Just consider the following standards that fall under the Walmart Order Defect Rate and see how each one of them help you in maintaining and keeping up the profits while selling at Walmart:

  1. Order Defect Rate should be less than 2%.
  2. On-Time Shipment Rate should be greater than 99%.
  3. Make sure you provide the correct Tracking Information more than 99% of the time.

Let us have a look and thoroughly examine each metrics one by one.

Order Defect Rate

It requires Sellers to make sure that they deliver orders with perfect qualifying conditions and on time, such as:

Return Defect Rate

The Return Rate at Walmart should be lower. This means customers must like the product and be willing to keep and not return the product. This contributes to the lower Return Rate, which eventually accounts for a lower defect rate. 

And if people are keeping your product and not returning it, this implies they are happy with it, and thus it means you are delivering quality most of the time. Which eventually counts up to good reviews and no complaints from the customers.

Order Cancellation Rate

Several reasons can push sellers to cancel orders. What if your listing is still alive, although the product is out of stock, or if the customer orders more pieces than there are in the stock. But that is not it. What if the item has expired or gone out of order while being left in the warehouse for too long? The seller can ship that product only to impact its Return Rate. 

Thus, one or two times, if this happens, then it is a misfortune. But what if this happens more and more often? It eventually adds to a constant habit of canceling and rejecting orders due to one or the other reasons. This disappoints the customer and goes against what Walmart, or as a seller, you want.

The solution is to select an Integration Solution for your store that automates all your stores in one place and regulates Inventory. It ensures not letting the low stock product remain alive on the Marketplace. Apart from this, it sends an automatic acknowledgment of the Order and ensures that your defect rates remain in line, among other benefits.

Delivery Defect Rates

What good are Thanksgiving decorations if they arrive a day after the thanksgiving dinner party? Walmart promises a lot of schemes that claim deliveries within a day or two post ordering them online. People rely on these Marketplaces, such as Walmart itself, to get them through last-minute shopping and not turn them down.

The different kinds of Walmart deliveries that Walmart promises are:

  1. Standard Shipment (Lowest Priority, 2-5 Business Days).
  2. Expedited Shipment (High Priority, 1-2 Business Days).
  3. Next-Day Shipment (Highest Priority, 0-1 Business Days).

Walmart also allows you to manage Shipments either by yourself or for an official third-party Logistics service provider. Options are there, and they are waiting for you to make the right decision.

One key consideration is to rightly calculate the Expected Ship Date (ESD) and the Expected Delivery Date (EDD). While selling on Walmart, sellers are expected to ensure that they ship the product by the ESD and ensure it reaches the customers well in time.

You, as a seller, are responsible for calculating and successfully providing the correct ESD and EDD to Walmart at the time of Registration.

Expected Shipment Date

It is the date by which sellers must provide valid tracking information that qualifies for the Shipment Acknowledgment. When the Shipment notification is made available in time, the product is considered “Shipped on time.”

Expected Delivery Date

This is the date given to customers at the time of checkout as the date they can expect the product to reach them. This is the date that you need to make sure the product needs to reach them to categorize the delivery on time and not increase the Defect Rate. 

Customer Complaints

Customer complaints also play a vital role in the calculation of Order Defect Rate (ODR). Customers can contact Walmart or the Seller for various reasons related to their shopping experience on the marketplace.

Say, if they received a product that they ordered on Walmart, and it does not meet the standards or is not as shown in the images, what will they do? The answer is obvious. They will contact Walmart or the Seller and complain about the issue.

These types of complaints significantly affect the customer shopping experience and have a significant impact on the Seller Scorecard. So, it is a must that you try your best to deliver what you promise through your Walmart listings.

The good thing is that Walmart generates a report that you can download from the Seller Center to view all the orders for which you had customer complaints.

How to boost and maintain Walmart Seller Scorecard?

It is important to understand that there is no magic potion or all solutions serving formula. Hidden inside trigonometry. It takes time, effort, and a lot of work constantly to meliorate and maintain it for a long time. As per the discussion about ODR, you now probably understand the relation between your Walmart Scorecard metrics and ODR; they are the same.

Hence, avoiding anything to cross the healthy scale of your Scorecard limits, the best way to smart. Make sure you deliver quality to avoid returns, take care of your stock to avoid getting to the point of rejecting orders. 

Also, if you fail to deliver or ship the product in time due to the situation out of your hand, which reflects a negative mark on your scorecard, you can appeal to the Seller Center. If your claim is found to be true, then your scorecard will be updated.

How can Walmart sellers access reports (Walmart scorecard)?

It is effortless. Log in to the Seller Center. On the left side, under Analytics & Reporting, click Performance, and then select the Seller Scorecard tab. This will bring up four important metrics that presents a seller with the below information:

  1. The account level summary of shipping performance metrics.
  2. The complete details for every metric.
  3. The performance metric is specific to Free 2 day Shipping.
  4. Option to download reports.
  5. The Account Level PO Breakdown.

Moreover, thee are some more metrics you will see here:

  1. Date Range: It will show the last 7-day information. It is possible to see for the last 15 or 30 days.
  2. Units measured: Under this seller will find various Walmart scorecard metrics. Every metric is with respect to units in a Purchase Order.
  3. Color Key: It indicates performance standards for every fulfillment metric. Green represents the best. 
  4. Use: Use this metric to measure shipping performance. This allows you to know your performance in comparison to the topmost Walmart sellers.

These Walmart scorecard metrics are crucial for monitoring and managing seller performance. The Seller can improve his Walmart scorecard using the above Walmart scorecard metrics.

Walmart 2 day Shipping Policy

Following Walmart 2 day shipping policy is one of the most effective factors to improve the Walmart scorecard.

This metric is important as Walmart 2 day shipping will enhance the customer experience. You will be able to measure the success of 2-day shipping for 30 days in the following terms.

  1. The orders that are not shipped the same business day.
  2. The orders that lack valid tracking information.
  3. All the late shipments.
  4. All the orders that reach late.
  5. The orders that you canceled.

The 2-day shipping metric plays a vital role in improving the Walmart scorecard metrics.

How to Apply for Walmart 2 Day Shipping

To achieve Walmart 2 Day Shipping, your account must meet the below criterion.

  1. You must be selling for 90 days or more on Walmart or should have fulfilled at least 20 orders in the last 30 days.
  2. On-time shipping should be > 95%.
  3. On-time delivery should be > 95%.
  4. Valid Tracking rate should be > 95%.
  5. The cancellation rate should be < 1.5%.

Benefits of Walmart 2 Day Shipping

1. More Conversions:

The customer’s product at their doorsteps in 2 days will please him more than anything. This is next to life savior for last-minute lazy shoppers who rely on online shopping.

2. Win Buy Box:

Many sellers sell their products at a lesser price. But to win the Walmart Buy Box, it is essential that you offer fast shipping to the customers, along with competitive prices.

3. Place your Product at the Top of the Search Result:

Walmart gives special attention to products with 2-Day Free Shipping. These products have a landing page, banner, and greater prominence in category search.

Walmart Seller Performance Standards

Walmart implemented new Seller performance standards to improve the selling process. This will enhance the customer experience.

Measure the Walmart scorecard metrics in the below manner.

Item Ratings will no longer be important enough to be part of the performance metrics. It is thus not as one of the order defects.

Importance of Summary Report to Optimise Walmart Seller Score Card

It reveals an important detail about catalog performance. The summary report is useful to optimize the price, content, and inventory.

Daily Performance Report

It will provide a quick overview of the catalog for various metrics including,

  1. Date
  2. Authorized Orders
  3. Canceled Units
  4. Gross Units
  5. Gross Merchandise Volume
  6. Commission Charged

The Seller can view data at a more granular level.

It is also possible to see current data and use it for comparison in two effective manners.

  1. Prior Period Comparision: Here, you will see 7, 14, 30, and 90 days’ performance. You can compare it with the selected time period.
  2. Last Year Comparision: You can compare the last 7, 14, 30, and 90 days data. This comparison is with respect to the same time period during the previous year. 

You will be able to figure out the reason for a change in sales.

Conversion Funnel

This report provides insights into trends for particular categories of products. This way, it is easy to understand the path taken by customers to discover and buy the items.

The important insights Walmart seller can extract from it are:

  1. The number of times the product someone viewed on the Item Page.
  2. The total number of times a customer made it to the checkout stage with your product in the cart.
  3. The total number of conversions, which is the data, can improve product rank by showing it up in search results when the seller applies the “Best Seller” filter.

In addition to that, Check out the filters that make sure you get the report you want without wandering much and getting unnecessary confusions:

  1. Date: View data up to 90 days back.
  2. Category: Search product based on a particular category. 

Equally important are the reports of the prior Period and Last Year, which you will find here.

Order Defect Rate Trend

This states the percentage of defective orders. Furthermore, you can get updates here, twice a week. Also, yellow or red ODR indicates a warning for improvement.Get Walmart Integration

All in all

Checking the Walmart scorecard regularly will help you improve your performance. Additionally, it will help you find out areas to focus on. Which consequentially will come back to a super in line Walmart Scorecard. Whereas, while selling on Walmart, as a seller, you should most definitely look into Walmart 2 day Shipping policy and engage it to your benefit.

Furthermore, know in-depth about the importance of Seller Performance Standards.

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