How To Reduce Cancellation Rate, Out Of Order Stock And Return Rate At

Walmart ensures a flawless service for its customers. And timely delivery, correct order delivery, and damage-free item delivery constitute the core of the great fulfillment services. For this Walmart has partnered with the Giants – FedEx, UPS, Deliverr, USPS, UPS-MI, FedEx SmartPost or OnTrac – of the industry.


But there are 3rd party sellers also offering their products at These sellers may be using the partner fulfillment agencies of Walmart or they can have their independent fulfillment partners. And sometimes due to varied reasons the cancellation rates, or return rates or, refund rates do shoot up.


It becomes necessary to get control of these parameters as soon as possible. And by following the practice mentioned below you can easily reduce your cancellation, return and refund rates –



How to reduce your refund rate:


Selling prices, item quality, incorrect barcode and informative content constitutes the core of reasons responsible for initiating refunds. Thus, to reduce your refund rate, follow the below practices:


  • Check whether the selling price are competitive or not, for this check price parity report in the seller center
  • Regularly inspection of inventory to confirm they adhere to quality norms
  • Verify the content (Description, Title and Images)


Product Page Aspects, mostly, responsible for HIGHER SALES at



How to reduce Cancellation Rate?


Most often cancellation occurs due to Sellers mistake – pricing, inaccurate content and inventory shortage etc. Therefore, by following below steps you can easily reduce your cancellation rates:


  • Review all the Cancellation reports from the seller center and examine the pattern between the cancel orders and determine which types of orders are cancelled most often.
  • Ensure that inventory updates are properly uploaded through either API method or seller center
  • Proofread and update any content related information that may seem ambiguous.
  • Strictly analysing data provided by seller performance will help you find out various points that will help you avoid account cancellation on multiple grounds.


How to reduce Out-of-Stock Orders?


Following practices will ensure the reduction in Out-of-Order Stocks:


  • Download your own catalog and filter by Publish Status and Inventory Count at regular intervals. This gives you the required indication of OOS items you currently have.
  • Frequently update inventory through the API or Seller Center.



I hope all the reason that could possibly lead to cancellation, out of order stock, and increase in return rte are covered above. Following these points religiously will minimise the chances to nil. 

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