The Hidden Mystery Behind De-listing Of Products On Walmart
The Hidden Mystery Behind De-listing Of Products On Walmart

The Hidden Mystery Behind De-listing Of Products On Walmart


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Walmart Sellers cannot help but fear the de-listing of products on Walmart. There is plenty, that these Walmart Sellers do to avoid the mishap. The thing is, you cannot do plenty or less, you need to do it all to keep some immunization against de-listing of products on Walmart. Thus, the top priority actions to take here is keeping Competitive Pricing on Walmart. Additionally, Walmart Sellers cannot argue the benefits of Free shipping on Walmart. Similarly, another key rule is to perfectly match the correct Walmart’s Product Identifier.

Explore more to find out and solve the hidden mystery behind De-listing of Products on Walmart.

Reasons for De-listing of products on Walmart

There are multiple reasons that can cause Walmart Sellers to face the issue of Product de-listing. 

1. Not keeping Competitive Pricing on Walmart Products

It is absolutely necessary that while pricing the products, you ensure costs to remain at the lowest possible value. Walmart promises the customers to get the products at the best price like none other marketplaces offer. 

Walmart compares the cost at which Walmart Sellers place their products on other touchpoints. Thus, competitive pricing on Walmart is absolutely crucial. Not doing so can cause De-listing of products on Walmart, even after you modify the cost, as initial processing.

The rules that Walmart invokes are:

  1. Price Parity Rule concludes that Walmart sellers cannot offer the same product including the Shipping cost at a lower cost (Giving more profits to customers on other platforms).
  2. Price Leadership Rule implies that another seller on Walmart or any other eCommerce Touchpoint offers the same product at a lesser cost, including Shipping Cost.

Hence, it is clear that keeping prices competitively low is essential.

2. Abject Walmart seller ratings

Due to one or the other lac or defect on Walmart seller’s part, the negative Walmart Ratings can grow with each sale made with a defect. This might sound harsh, but it is true, customers take time to rate you either when they are extremely happy or when they are slightly distressed with the product and service they just received.

Defects such as late delivery, products of lower quality or quality differing from the one that listing promises, packaging defects, etc., causes great disappointments in the customers. Reducing order defect rates is a sure shot way to make sure that your ratings remain at the best ever count. 

While Walmart is a customer-oriented marketplace, that intends to offer the best of everything to its customers, Walmart Sellers face great scrutiny. 

As per recent changes in the Order Defect Rate, Lower Walmart sellers Ratings, are no longer a reason that can cause Walmart Sellers’ Account Suspension. Nonetheless, Ratings affect the de-listing of products on Walmart directly.

3. Not matching Walmart’s Product Identifier carefully and correctly

Walmart’s Product Identifier should be correctly mapped to the products while listing them on Walmart. Walmart’s Product Identifier is a unique set of numbers associating with each product independently, for the purpose of sale and trade.

By helping to recognize the product and properly identifying the categories of item listings, Walmart’s product identifiers help in organizing and distinguishing valid products from prohibited products. 

Walmart enforces that Walmart Sellers must look after Walmart’s Product Identifier mapping appropriately to avoid items not getting published at all.

4. Constant low inventory and out of order stock

One thing that absolutely everyone hates is going online all excited to reorder the product you so much loved the last time you bought them. You log in, go to your order, click reorder, and then you see the out of order notice stopping from buying it. 

That was a sure shot customer that a Walmart Seller lost due to Out of order stock. This sounds okay in the short term, sometimes sellers oversell. Especially so, when either they are the only ones selling the product or if they are selling a very popular product. And in the long term, it gets really negative for your general performance. 

Constantly going out of stock or low inventory products upset the customers, hence they are removed from the listings. Thus, make sure the inventory is up to date constantly. 

There are ways to handle the constant updates and stock management. Automation and integration of all your touchpoints to one centralized location.

5. Items not selling enough

 In case there is an item on Walmart Sellers’ listings that is no selling enough or customers are not happy with the products, then it is time to something about it. Walmart can remove listings that are not doing so great. So if one of your products goes out of active status and you can no longer sell it.

Hence, try choosing items that sell as your listings. Make attempts to promote the product more and more. Improve visibility of your products to sell it better, ad eventually avoid de-listing of products on Walmart.

6. Not Following Listing Standards 

Not following the listing specifications such as the right SEO practice, Correct Image of the listings, etc., can have consequences. It is crucial that, while listing your products on Walmart, you make sure that you follow listing specifications reverently.

There are description, title, specifications, images, SEO, and Keyword related practices that not only help your visibility but also makes an impact on directly and indirectly ensuring that product listing remains alive without hindrance.

7. Selling Prohibited Products on Walmart

One of the major reasons that are responsible for the de-listing of products on Walmart, is selling Prohibited products on Walmart. Walmart has marked a long list of products as Prohibited to ensure Trust and safety of its customers. 

Thus, selling any of those products, or a product that can be remotely marked as one of those products are bound to be removed, the moment they are caught. 

How to avoid de-listing of products on Walmart?

There are numerous means to avoid the inconvenience of de-listing of products on Walmart.

1. Ensure high sales

Follow all the practices that can get you a healthy sale while keeping excellent control over your stocks. From paid upgrades for visibility through promotions to ensuring maximum customer awareness from organic means, try everything.

Look into faster and free deliveries. Free Shipping on Walmart and other Marketplaces attracts the most customers. The chances of making the sale with 2-day delivery, next day delivery, multiple pick up options and free shipping on Walmart are much higher in comparison to the listings without these offers.

The best way to attain more by getting help from experts and automating your store and keeping it linked with a centralized space.

2. Maintain ODR and Performance Standards

Ensure the Order Defect Rate remains at an all-time low. Faster, high-quality product deliveries about 99% of the time. Keeping up with all the legal specifications of Walmart, following through the Walmart Agreement and standing within the line of Walmart Guidelines, ensures the stability of account and listings

3. Impressing and Earning the customers

Make sure your listing appeals to the customers. Use offers, win the buy box, free shipping on Walmart, gather strategies to use Promotional Pricing, etc.

Deliver quality, constantly, maintain it to earn trust, positive reviews and all the flashes of Badges that Walmart offers.

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