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How to update item pricing through Walmart Seller Center?

How to update item pricing through Walmart Seller Center?


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For the benefit of customers and increasing sales, Walmart Product prices should remain at the competitively lowest value. Whereas, sellers are responsible for the Product Pricing at Walmart. Hence, it falls on their shoulders to handle the costs. As a matter of fact, Walmart has two co-related policies when it comes to Pricing at Walmart: Walmart Price Matching Policy and Walmart Pricing Policy. 

Explore further to see what can be done to remain in line with these policies meanwhile ensuring the profits.

To understand the pricing limits better, explore the policies first.

Walmart Price Matching Policy

Walmart protects the customers and the sellers alike. While it aims to make sure that sellers can earn maximum possible profits, there is a check to that. The limitation is also targeted to give maximum benefits to the customers. The flipside to this is the fact that the seller cannot make profits to a length that violates fair trade in the market.

Hence there are policies and rules that control pricing at Walmart.

Price Matching

Walmart offers Everyday Lowest Prices on all the products. Thus, as per the Walmart Price Matching Policy, if a customer can find the same product in type and make at a lower cost from another online marketplace and stores, Walmart will match the price of its product to the new lowest price.

The policy has certain exceptions and limitations.

Walmart Price Matching Policy Exceptions

  1. In case a change occurs in the price of a product purchased from at a later stage, Walmart will not offer a Price match on such a product under any circumstances.
  2. Prices from, or on behalf of Marketplace and third-party sellers.
  3. Price after applying discounts in the checkout.
  4. Prices with a percent or numeral amount off on them.
  5. Prices applicable after Auctions or special memberships
  6. Any kind of special offers such as Bundle offers, rebates, vouchers, etc.
  7. Any product prices under the effect of Clearance, Closeout, liquidation, special hour/ flash/ limited quantity, etc.
  8. Products that are not new and first hand.
  9. In-store prices, or prices with errors. 
  10. Prices that are under the influence of shipping and delivery methods.
  11. Special Sales and prices during the festive seasons.

Walmart Price Matching Policy Limitations

  1. It is pretty obvious, that the product should be exactly the same in the make and kind. This includes all aspects, from size, model, quantity to brand and color. 
  2. The item should be in stock at both Walmart as well as the other store.
  3. The matching of Walmart Product Prices is applicable to one product per customer per day. Although, unless the product is meant for resale, this rule is not applicable to products that are going to New Mexico.
  4. There is no offer to update the price later on a product that is out of stock right now.
  5. The price matching is only done if the other marketplace or store which is offering the lower cost, should be one of these:,,,,,, etc.

Pricing at walmart and Walmart Price Matching PolicyWalmart Pricing Matching is not applicable in these circumstances.

Walmart Pricing Policy

There is another side to the Walmart Price Matching Policy, which is for the customers. On the seller’s part, if a customer successfully evokes the Price matching policy, then the product by that seller will be unpublished. 

As per the Pricing policy on Walmart, the team regularly monitors the prices of items and keeps comparing them to the prices on the competing sites. When a lower price listing is found across the websites, the respective product is automatically unpublished. A notifying message reaches the Sellers via Manage Items Report. 

Whereas Walmart will continue to monitor the other sites and in case the price on those sites changes to a ranging matching yours, the product will go live once again within 48 hours.

Thereby, maintaining prices on Walmart is pretty crucial. 

How to set pricing at Walmart through Walmart Seller Center?

While pricing at Walmart is essential, the process of updating the price is pretty much basic as well. Of course, there are two processes through which the Walmart Product Prices can be maintained.

  1. Individual Products
  2. Bulk Upload

Individual Products

Pricing at walmart and Walmart Price Matching Policy

You can update the Individual Product prices from the Walmart Seller Center using the following process:

  1. Choose the item whose price you want to change from Manage Items.
  2.  Click the Update Price option in the Action Bar.
  3. Enter the new price in the New Price field.
  4. Thereafter, Click Update Price to confirm changes.

Bulk Products

Pricing at walmart and Walmart Price Matching Policy

  1. Log in to Seller Center.
  2. On the left-hand navigation bar, Click Bulk Price Updates, a dialog box pops up.
  3. Click the Price and Promo Spec under the Download Spec section. Now to update basic pricing, fill the first two columns However, If you want changes in the Promotional Pricing as well then fill all other column information as well. 
  4. Fill out the required information.
    1. SKU: The SKU provided during
    2. Item Setup Price: The new price
  5. Save the Spec and close it.
  6. Now upload the file, you can do it in two ways:
    1. Dragging the file in the designated area
    2. Clicking and then choosing the relevant file
  7. Thereafter, choose the update type i.e. Price Updates and Promotional Price Updates.

To track the progress, visit Price Feed in the Feed Status tab of the seller center.

Hence, if you want to make profits and remain in good graces of Walmart, it is advisable that you keep updating the prices, and watch out for your competitors.

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