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Another query is “How to update item pricing through Walmart Seller Center” which inhabits the mind of those selling through Walmart Seller Center and not via API method, as various API provider do enable online sellers to make changes in the prices individually as well as in bulk.


However, with Seller Center, you can make the changes in the following two ways:


1. For individual SKUs

2. And for changes in Bulk through Microsoft Excel


1. Update individual SKUs


From the Manage Items section of the Seller Center, these changes can be made

  • Choose the item whose price you want to change from Manage Items


  •  Click the Update Price option in the Action Bar. The following picture shows up:



  • Enter the new price in the New Price field


  • Thereafter, Click Update Price to confirm changes


2. For Changes in the Bulk:


To make changes is mass –

  • Login to Seller Center


  • On the left-hand navigation bar, Click Bulk Price Updates, a dialog box pops up (as shown below)


  • Click the Price and Promo Spec under the Download Spec section. Now to update basic pricing, fill the first two columns However, If you want changes in the Promotional Pricing as well then fill all other column information as well. See in the image below.


  • Fill out the required information: SKU: The SKU provided during Item Setup Price: The new price



  • Save the Spec or

Now upload the file, you can do it in two ways

– either by simply dragging the file in the designated area

– or clicking and then choosing the relevant file



– Thereafter, choose the update type i.e. Price Updates and Promotional Price Updates, obviously here Price updates should be chosen





7. To track the progress, Visit Price Feed in the Feed Status tab of the seller center



All of these changes can also be made through Walmart Marketplace Integration app’s dashboard – a highly popular integration solution by Trusted Walmart Partner.


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