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Find out how this Shopify store developed ‘Educational’ expertise with CedCommerce

Find out how this Shopify store developed ‘Educational’ expertise with CedCommerce


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Link Shopify store to Amazon for exceptional coordination between placed orders and their migration with Amazon retail ecosystem, to boost sales and attract new customers. Instead of a vicarious experience, sellers can read this blog on their fellow Shopify retailer who, with CedCommerce, found the ‘element’ of success and later incorporated their store towards business success.

The blog particularly talks about how:

  • The Shopify store was a purposeful initiation*
  • a Seller overcame retail challenges
  • An app solution that helped to achieve major selling goals

And a summation space that’ll help readers understand the final outcome of that integration app, on the business in question.

Also, discover how an ‘old’ Shopify seller (more than 10 years of online retail) made an enthralling comeback after being left with no integration solution. (Shopify’s integration app discontinuation)

*Purposeful initiation here is defined as the social and moral impact of the Shopify business on the seller-buyer committee. As the business is involved in the education industry; it might be responsible for shaping and building careers (like of STEM discipline)


involved in the eCommerce industry for almost 12 years now, Arbor scientific works towards a common mission of imparting educational and informational resources for a better future, globally. It is a leading provider of Physics and Physical Science teaching equipment. These tools have been tested and approved by global educators, who are recognized for their expertise in the field. In addition, the store works closely with teachers and is involved with supportive activities like equipment and laboratory tools demonstrations, create and share lesson plans, teaching guides and science education supplies to win at teaching and make each learning experience better than the last.

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After the 2019 global pandemic, the education sector was pushed towards a collective, yet challenging, mission of knowledge fulfillment.

Arbor has been selling online for more than 10 years now and deals with products like lab supplies, equipments, STEM tools and science gifts (like books, clothing, exclusive games and toys)

‘Gravity’ of Challenges pulling the ‘Retail’ down

This store faced a major selling setback when Shopify announced the discontinuation of its Amazon integration app. As new orders came rolling in, the storeowner observed a severe need of such a ‘catalyst’ that could not only manage the discovered challenges but also focus on quick resolutions.

Link Shopify store to Amazon now!

Read below a few of the selling hiccups that restricted Arbor from complete business success.

  • Data duplicity:

    Without an integration tool, Arbor found it difficult to manage placed orders’ data and avoid complete fallacy. When a seller migrates data manually, it’s inevitable to have errors. Hence such data, when shifted, might create duplicates and further loss of connected operational values, like inventory, orders management and more.

  • Time expenses

    Rather than an investment, one of most important resources, Time, was an expense for this seller. Amidst the management of orders, deliveries and fulfillment, Arbor’s involvement in creation and customer retention was not as much.

  • Redundant actions

    As each product requires a unique description, every product category should be under the same template so that it’s easier for the buyers to navigate and differentiate among product types.

  • Inventory errors

    Absence of an integration solution disrupts inventory management when there are multiple orders coming in. For reasons like slow updates, selective customizations and faulty offers on product prices, makes it tedious for sellers to manage inventory efficiently.

  • Shipment facilitation

    Arbor Scientific fulfills product orders on their own. After the aforementioned app discontinuation, the seller was unable to synchronize the generated listings on Amazon from their Shopify panel. They also witnessed delayed notifications from the store itself with faulty tracking information. Link Shopify store to Amazon now!

Final ‘Arbor’s’ verdict

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Acting as a reinforcer, CedCommerce’s official Shopify sales channel app ‘Amazon by CedCommerce’ paved an immaculate way towards business success and resolved the store’s major retail problem which was related to orders management and facilitation, from their Shopify dashboard to Amazon. The team at CedCommerce curated:

  • An integration structure that enabled the Shopify store to directly upload Product feed from Shopify to Amazon Seller Account.
  • Synchronization of the store’s Shopify inventory in near real-time with Amazon.
  • Other seller aids like product status highlights, automated inventory deletion (on out-of-stock orders) and more

Levitate in ‘Retail’ success with CedCommerce

As an FBM seller, Arbor Scientifc’s practical approach towards both product creation and retail, manifested into a reliable and ‘safe’ market option among their competitors.

Link Shopify store to Amazon with Amazon By CedCommerce App here!

Amazon by CedCommerce app supported and helped the store to overcome mentioned challenges.

    • Listings & offers to avoid data duplicacy

      Arbor Scientific easily integrated its store via Amazon by CedCommerce app, to upload product listings from Shopify to Amazon. The app also enabled required offers and promotions on the existing products.

    • Product templates to reduce redundant actions

      The integration app develops and standardizes such templates (samples) for products that avoid data duplicity with each new order placement.

    • Time investment and Inventory errors management

      With complete automation, the seller could now invest time in other business operations rather than on manual management. The app initiates Shopify inventory synchronization in near real-time with Amazon. Also, it helps with orders’ tracking, right from the Shopify Dashboard itself.

    • Manage Shipment facilitation

      This Shopify sales channel app also helped with quick delivery and shipment management for Arbor Scientific. Accurate tracking of information and an updated notification system left almost no room for any further logistical errors.


The store’s work ethics and operational objectives led to its success which was further aided by the Shopify-Amazon integration app by CedCommerce.

Apart from aforementioned app benefits, this integration app also provides a 24×7 support service (technical and business empowerment support) to strengthen industry presence by providing aid for major sales operations.

Sellers can also connect, link and manage multiple Amazon accounts through their Shopify store via this app. Furthermore, this Amazon sales channel app supports retail in all categories. That means,
It allows sellers to retail products from all categories without any restrictions and also help with customized catalog creation.

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