Shopify for Amazon, eBay and Etsy sellers
How JoePaul’s Crafts grew sales on Amazon, eBay and Etsy, with CedCommerce.

How JoePaul’s Crafts grew sales on Amazon, eBay and Etsy, with CedCommerce.


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Business problem

Shopify for Amazon sellers might aid towards better brand promotion and recognition. Its simple operative nature makes selling easier too! The former works well enough to further multichannel selling for other sellers. (here, eBay and Etsy)
JoePaul’s crafts, a Shopify business, has been successfully operating and making profits for more than 6 years now! It scales high-quality letters and wood products. As more orders came in, the store tried its best to keep up. But an absolute result demands concentrated efforts and time allocation.

Amazon by CedCommerce

Its major business challenge was related to inventory. As a multichannel seller on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy; manual inventory integration and update entries ate up the most time. Hence, keeping Joe from investing, both time and resources, into product innovation and related selling strategies.

Required solution

He was looking for a tool or an eCommerce solution to overcome all inventory and related challenges. An accessible tool that simplifies the selling procedure and eliminates all sorts of manual entries. Moreover, Joe wanted a one-stop solution that could be managed and modified from a single platform.

Complete solution: A CedCommerce approach

When the Shopify seller found out about CedCommerce and their efforts for many other sellers like him, he immediately got in touch. Hence, CedCommerce’s best industry experts and account managers brainstormed to help JoePaul’s Crafts set higher profit margins! Shopify for Amazon sellers has required specific attention. After a thorough and decisive business analysis, the following solutions were curated to be the best power-packed trio to resolve Joe’s inventory challenges and, more:

Integration for eBay

CedCommerce’s native integration for eBay provides easy operational access to the marketplace. The app ensures simple product listing, product and orders management. It also supports the business policy criteria! That means sellers on eBay are required to have a business policy to function freely. Thus, the Integration for eBay app supports sellers to create their own business policies or fetch and update their old ones.

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CedCommerce ‑ Etsy Integration

CedCommerce ‑ Etsy Integration app eases selling for all Shopify store owners. Hence, it performs all types of necessary retail operations like sample templates, product management, error notifications, and more. With consistent support and feature to convert currency, this integration app from CedCommerce works well enough with Shopify

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Amazon by CedCommerce

Predefined templates, multi-account connectivity, inventory data sync, listing creations, and more! CedCommerce’s native Amazon integration app for Shopify sellers has been doing retail wonders! Moreover, Shopify for Amazon sellers gains app support on orders, shipments, and all types of product categories. Amazon by CedCommerce app was developed during a Shopify seller emergency related to Shopify’s Amazon app abandonment. Ever since it has been thriving ahead!

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JoePaul’s Crafts+CedCommerce

Final verdict

Upon successful onboarding of eBay, Etsy, and Amazon integrations, Joe was ready for the market! His main problem of syncing inventories with all three above marketplaces was quickly resolved. Moreover, a single management platform i.e. Shopify dashboard made it simple to keep an updated orders record. After using these integrations, there was a 10% increase in traffic and interaction within the business store. The integration tools took the store towards automation! Therefore, they saved one of Joe’s most precious resources i.e. time, and avoided furthermore expenses at their cost.

Below are a few of his Shopify store’s challenges that were successfully stabilized via all those integration apps:

Management and reports

The apps for Etsy, eBay, and Amazon integrated JoePaul’s Crafts inventory with all such marketplaces. It enabled him to have individual control of those multi-channels on the Shopify dashboard. Furthermore, these solutions also eased up the process of viewing (and printing) accounting reports. With reports from the store’s dashboard, Shopify for Amazon sellers really helps!

Unavailability of multichannel data sync

The integration apps directly synced the store’s inventory with the respective marketplaces. Hence, a great feature to avoid redundant entries of any listing information or tracking numbers.

Absence of ‘refreshing’ app models

Joe tried his luck with multiple integration apps via free trials and offers. Unable to find the needed ones, he finally ‘stumbled’ upon CedCommerce’s integrations! With uncomplicated onboarding and updated (market trends 2022) app structure, their eBay, Etsy, and Amazon integration apps fitted perfectly with Joe’s Shopify store.

Late or no business notifications

Time is of the essence and when it comes to online selling, it’s one of the most imperative variables to keep one ahead of the competition. With no notifications on Shopify, Joe had to keep on checking for the latest updates and changes on his Shopify dashboard. Therefore, the aforementioned integration solutions enabled notification for every update or change in listings, orders, and related activities on the dashboard. Shopify for Amazon sellers aids with such alerts, too.

A little from the store itself: JoePaul’s Crafts

Apart from effortless selling and automated business operations, Joe extended more towards CedCommerce and its services’ appreciation! To quote, “The support team has always responded quickly and directly to all questions. The account managers have always been on top of such doubts. I like how they contact me directly through WhatsApp. Hence, this gesture removes the formality of form entries for a retail conversation. Whenever in doubt, within minutes, the development team had a solution (and within 1 day!). I appreciate that the account managers seem to care about my experience with the app.”


To sum up, JoePaul’s Crafts is all about innovation and a better user experience. After manual business operations were replaced with automation, it generated more space and resources for ‘wooden’ creativity!

One after another, Amazon by CedCommerce, Integration for eBay, and CedCommerce ‑ Etsy Integration assisted this Shopify business towards a glorified future and effortless selling!

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