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Top eCommerce Sites in Australia & New Zealand Shoppers Can’t Resist

Top eCommerce Sites in Australia & New Zealand Shoppers Can’t Resist


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Expanding your business to a new region may sound challenging when you don’t know anything about it. But, don’t worry! This guide covers list of top eCommerce sites in Australia & New Zealand. You will learn everything from ‘why choose Australian & NZ eCommerce market’ to ‘what are the top eCommerce platforms in Australia and adjacent regions such as New Zealand and entire Australasia.’ Furthermore, you will also learn about how to sell on the biggest online marketplaces in Australia and New Zealand right away.

“You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and drag them back to your store.” – Paul Graham.

Keeping this quote in mind, let’s learn more about top eCommerce sites in Australia & New Zealand!

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A brief on Marketplaces in Australia & New Zealand:

The continent of Australia is quite fascinating, with a rich heritage and thriving cultures. And if we talk about Australian eCommerce market and top eCommerce platforms in the region, it is dominated by two countries – Australia and New Zealand, with Australia having the lion’s share. The eCommerce sites in Australia and New Zealand regions are growing at an impressive rate. Also, they present many opportunities for the natives. Australia is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. Plus, it has the tenth-largest eCommerce market. Isn’t that interesting?

Wait! There is more.

This economically stable country has its own local online shopping marketplaces, such as Catch, My Deal, Iconic, and Kogan. These channels offer seller-friendly platforms for local and international sellers.


Now let’s discuss Online Marketplace in New Zealand,

An interesting fact about New Zealand is that the population here trusts and gives more preference to domestic eCommerce marketplaces. Amazon is one of the famous platforms here. Still, its NZ market reach isn’t as strong as domestic eCommerce platforms like Trade me.

Here are some other exciting facts that make the marketplaces in Australia and New Zealand the best region to target.

Fun Facts about the New Zealand and Australian eCommerce Market:

According to the ‘eCommerce Industry Report of 2022‘ by Australia Post and Statista report of 2023:

  • In 2023, the eCommerce market revenue is projected to reach US $50.21 billion, reaching US $76.50 billion by 2027 with an annual growth rate of 11.10%
  • About 71.1% of New Zealand natives visit online retailers to shopping
  • About 6 million+ households made purchases from the online platforms in November 2022
  • On a month-on-month basis, online purchases grew 38% in November 2022, as compared to October
  • Over the Click Frenzy period, about 4.2 million households shopped online
  • The number of eCommerce users, combining Australia & New Zealand, is expected to amount to 24.6 billion by 2027
  • The offline-to-online consumer split is expected to become 81.1:18.9


Top Selling Product Category in New Zealand and Australian eCommerce market

To sell on the top eCommerce sites in Australia and New Zealand, you must know the products that sell the most in this region. Here is the list of product categories with their demand growth from January 2020 to November 2022:

  • Fashion and Apparel (57% MOM growth)
  • Home and Garden Decor (32% MOM growth)
  • Health and Beauty (32% MOM growth)
  • Hobbies and Recreational Goods (37% MOM growth)
  • Food and Liquor (50% MOM growth)
  • Variety Stores (35% MOM growth)

Top eCommerce Sites in Australia and New Zealand

We have reached the most interesting part of the guide. And it is, learning about the top eCommerce marketplaces in Australia! So without wasting another minute, here’s the list of the seven biggest online marketplaces in Australia and New Zealand.

  1. eBay Australia
  2. Amazon Australia
  3. Trade Me
  4. Catch
  5. The Iconic
  6. MyDeal
  7. Kogan

eBay Australia

eBay is one of the largest global eCommerce platforms. And, it is the top eCommerce sites in Australia. eBay has more than 50,000 active sellers and over 8 million consumers visiting each month. Ultimately, it has become another famous name of best eCommerce platform in NZ Australia. Most importantly, this platform is famous among sellers for its wide range of high-quality products available at the lowest prices.

Here is all you should and shouldn’t do to become a successful seller on eBay Australia.

Top Selling Product Category on eBay Australia

Here is the list of top-selling product categories on the eBay marketplace –

  • Home appliances
  • Automotive tools and supplies
  • DIY Home and Garden
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Health and Beauty
  • Food and Grocery
  • Business and Industrial Equipment

top eCommerce site ebay australia.

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How to Get Seller Account on eBay Australia?

eBay is an online bidding platform where the user can sell in two ways. It is either by personal profile or business profile. Personal profile is best for selling items you no longer want. However, if you want a more sophisticated account for selling your brand’s products. You must opt for a business account. For a business account, you will need a few more details –

  • Valid business name and business email address
  • Valid Payment method

Amazon Australia

Amazon launched its marketplace in Australia in December 2017. Soon, it got over 2000 third-party sellers on the first day. Since then, Amazon hasn’t failed to make its impact in the Australian eCommerce market. Above all, selling on Amazon can be rewarding. This platform offers a solid customer base and a fulfillment service that makes product packaging and delivery easier for the sellers. Recently, Amazon Australia has opened doors for New Zealand sellers to provide them with a wider range of countries to sell.

Best eCommerce platform amazon australia Here is all that you should know before starting to sell on Amazon Australia.

Top Selling Product Category on Amazon Australia

Here is the list of the top trending product category to sell on Amazon –

  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Books
  • Home Decor
  • Computer Accessories
  • Toys and Games
  • Pet Supplies
  • Home Improvement

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How to Get Seller Account on Amazon?

To get a verified seller account, a seller needs to provide the following details –

  • A valid business name and contact information
  • A credit card with a valid billing address (and can be charged internationally)
  • Phone number
  • Tax identity information

Trade Me

Trade Me is one of the dominant & best online marketplace in New Zealand that was founded back in 1999. In later years, it grew slowly but successfully. Soon it became the fifth most visited marketplace in 2019. As of the latest reports of April 2021, Trade Me has 5 million active members, with an average of 690,000 people visiting the site every day. Trade Me is an online auction website that shares common features with other similar websites like eBay. Buy Now and Auto bidding being a few of them.

Top Selling Product Category of Trade Me

Here are the top-selling product categories on the Trade Me marketplace –

  • General items
  • Motors: cars, motorbikes, and boats
  • Property
  • Jobs
  • Rental property
  • Antiques & Collectables
  • Pets And Animals

sell on trade me australia

How to Get Seller Account on Trade Me?

To sell on the best eCommerce platform of NZ, Trade Me marketplace, the seller must be at least 18 years old. Moreover, the sellers must be a resident of New Zealand (or Australia). Finally, here is the list of things you need –

  • Valid business name
  • New Zealand business registration number
  • Valid bank account details
  • Government-issued ID like firearms license


Catch marketplace is a part of Catch Group and one of the biggest online marketplaces in Australia. Founded in 2006 and rebranded in 2017 as a marketplace, Catch presently gets around 1 million visits and about 25,000 orders per day. Moreover, this marketplace is getting over 30,000 new customers per week from the Australian eCommerce market with one order per 2.1 seconds.

Most importantly, if you want to sell on this platform, here is what you must know.

Top Selling Product Category on the Catch marketplace

The top-selling product categories to sell on the Catch eCommerce platform in Australia are as follows –

  • Health & Lifestyle Products
  • Home Decor Items
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Sportswear
  • Grocery & Liquor
  • Pets Care Products
  • Toys and Games

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Sell on catch australia

How to Get Seller Account on Catch?

To sell on the Catch marketplace, you will need to register for the seller account. And here’s is what you need for completing the registration process smoothly –

  • A registered business with a valid business name and business number
  • Details of your warehouse location and mention the default lead time
  • Complete and correct bank account details for verification
  • Visual identity – logo, banner, etc., for your store


THE ICONIC is an Australian fashion and lifestyle brand. Launched in 2011, the company has become one of the top eCommerce site largest brands in fashion, sports, beauty, kidswear, & homewares across Australia and New Zealand. The platform gets an average of 11 million visits per month, with 96.19% coming alone from Australia and New Zealand. On top of that, THE ICONIC is a part of Global Fashion Group connecting with 6k+ global, local and own fashion brands and serving a market of over 800 million consumers.

So, if you are interested in selling on this top eCommerce website in Australia, here is what you should know.

the iconic marketplace Australia

Top Product Categories to Sell on THE ICONIC

Here is the list of top-seller product categories that you can target and sell on this marketplace:

  • Designer Clothing
  • Sports Wear
  • Beauty Products
  • Sneakers
  • Toys
  • Home Decor & Essentials

How to get a seller account on THE ICONIC?

To start selling on best eCommerce platform NZ & Aus, THE ICONIC marketplace, sellers must have a verified account. So, if you are interested, get started with registering your business on the marketplace by simply filling up the form from here. Once registered with the company, you can start sharing your products with its huge customer base and make a profit.


MyDeal is the most trusted and one of the top eCommerce platforms in Australia. Established back in 2011, MyDeal offers a wide range of products and the best prices to its customers. Moreover, it boasts of having over 2 million customers and thousands of sellers using this platform actively.

Here’s all you need to know to sell on the iconic marketplace in Australia –

Top Selling Product Category of MyDeal

Following are the top trending product categories to sell on MyDeal –

  • Furniture
  • Home & Garden
  • Fashion
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Baby & Kids products

biggest online marketplaces in Australia mydeal

How to Get Seller Account on MyDeal?

Like any other marketplace, My Deal also needs some details to verify sellers and their stores. Here is the list of details that you need to fill up the registration form –

  • Valid phone number and email address
  • Valid company name and the URL of the website
  • Annual Revenue details in AUD
  • Product details that you want to list on the marketplace


Founded back in 2006, offers a combined business for retails and services. And it includes Kogan Mobile, Kogan Marketplace, Kogan Insurance, and more. Started in a garage, this best eCommerce platform has become the biggest online marketplace in NZ & Australia. Presently, it boasts of selling over a million dollars of products a day with a growth rate of 200% to 300% per year.

And, to become a successful seller and skyrocket your sales in this region, here is what you should know.

Top Selling Products Category on Kogan Marketplace

Here is the list of top-selling products on the Kogan marketplace –

  • Tech Items and Accessories
  • Home and Garden Decor
  • Fitness Products and Equipment
  • Fashion
  • Luxury Travel

biggest online marketplaces in Australia kogan

How to Get Seller Account on Kogan?

The sellers who want to sell on the Kogan marketplace must have the following details to register for a seller account –

  • Valid email address
  • Valid company name, company website
  • Warehouse location for verification
  • Products type and their details that you want to list

Can you sell on these top eCommerce platforms of Australia together?

All these eCommerce platforms in Australia and New Zealand sound interesting. But can you sell on all of them together? Well, yes, you can. There is a concept called multichannel selling. Using it, you can sell on different marketplaces without being bound to a single region.

If stats are believed, more than 70 percent of online sellers prefer selling on more than one platform and target multiple regions. But selling on numerous platforms and boosting your sales isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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Then, how do the other sellers do it? Do they use magic tricks or complicated algorithms to achieve this?

Well, no! It’s not that complicated. They simply use eCommerce solutions developed to ease the selling process for merchants. And, you too can use it. This simple solution is called eCommerce Marketplace Integration.

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To Conclude

By targeting the top eCommerce platforms in Australia and New Zealand, you can boost your sales and make a strong presence in these regions. These top eCommerce sites in Australia & NZ even give you the best exposure to their target audience. However, if you want the best of this region, start selling on all these best Australian & NZ eCommerce platforms together. This process becomes smoother and more effortless when done using eCommerce marketplace integration. It is because multichannel selling can become challenging if all the tasks involved are done manually. You can read more about the challenges of multichannel selling if you don’t believe it!

Are you ready to sell on the biggest online marketplaces in Australia and New Zealand?

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