A complete guide on how to sell on catch marketplace Australia
How To Sell on Catch Marketplace Australia – Step by Step Guide

How To Sell on Catch Marketplace Australia – Step by Step Guide


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Keeping pace with their counterparts from every nook and cranny of the world, every online seller desires to sell strategically with an intention to turn the profit as well as to make it a brand, a glossy one. For selling with such a success rate, sellers prefer to sell on an Australian marketplace that is already well stable and world-known. Speaking of the list of well-established online marketplaces in Australia, Catch Marketplace is an undisputed leader – A marketplace that is loved by all. And that is what we shall discuss in this blog today – How to sell on Catch while grabbing the best deal for sellers!

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Catch.com.au has recently been nominated as the BEST MARKETPLACE by NORA Awards.

Catch Marketplace:

  • Catch Marketplace is an Australia-based e-commerce marketplace that is a part of the Catch Wesfarmers group.

Timeline of catch marketplace australia

  •  Established in the last decade, Catch soon emerged as a leading Australian e-commerce website with a huge spectrum of products.

  • The Australian marketplace, Catch has thousands of branded products across a sweeping range of consumer categories including health & lifestyle, home decor, fashion, accessories, sportswear, groceries, and many others.

catch marketplace homepage


  • An item is sold every 2.1 seconds on Catch Marketplace
  • Catch witnesses over 8 million visits and 20,000 orders every day.
  • Catch marketplace is growing and experiencing more than 30k new customers every week.
  • There are more than 3 million active customers and 1 million+ app users.
  • The average cart size on Catch is 4.3 products and the average cart value equals $130.
  • As many as 20k orders are sent by Catch every day.

A brief on eCommerce in Australia

  • As per market reports, the Australian marketplace fashion segment is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2025) of 14.86% by 2025.
  • The Australian market volume is projected to be US$16,855m by 2025 with a CAGR of 4.5%.
  • With the apparel, footwear, and accessories, eCommerce in Australia would be the most trending business verticals in the upcoming days.
  • The user penetration in the outdoor and sports segment will be 43.1% by the end of 2022 and is expected to hit 51.7% by 2025.
  • As per the market reports, the per-user average revenue (ARPU) is projected to reach US$989.34.
  • An expected transaction of US$27 billion will happen in the Australian online marketplace.
  • As per the report of Statista, it is projected to reach the Australian marketplace business revenue growth by 15.1%.

Fashion Australia Market Forecast

The above figures show that eCommerce in Australia is on the rise and the Catch marketplace is a great contributor to its growth. 

These statistics show that Australian Natives trust in Catch, so why not sellers?

Now let’s dive into the details.

Steps to Sell on Catch Marketplace

With all the achievement and success Catch has procured over the years, it has been attracting sellers to sell on Catch for better exposure of their products and a profitable result. It’s time we told you how YOU can sell on Catch, a big marketplace in Australia.

Read on!

Step 1: Create Your Catch Seller Account

You firstly need to open your Catch seller account to sell on Catch. For the link that will navigate you to the page of Catch seller account creation, Click Here!

Enter basic details like your name, contact details, etc. to create a Catch seller account.

  1. Enter email and password for the first user:
    You need to enter a valid email id and password for you to log in, for using it after the account gets created.
  2. Provide Your Company Details:
    Mention your shop name, the registered business name, and also the registered business number (ABN) of your company.
  3. Contact Details:
    Enter the contact details like the email address of the seller which will be featured in the invoice of the order.

Step 2: Fill All The Necessary Details

The next part while creating a Catch seller account to sell on Catch is to fill in all the necessary details which include:

  1. Shop Description:
    What is your shop all about, what does it sell.
  2. Country Shipped From:
    Select the country from where the products will be shipped.
  3. Return Policy:
    Enter the return policy. It will be compliant with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
  4. Warehouse Location:
    Enter the details of your warehouse location such as state, city, etc of the warehouse.
  5. Default Lead Time:
    Enter the number of days you need to dispatch the item from your warehouse.
  6. Bank Account Details:
    Provide bank account details for account verification which includes a scanned copy of checkbook, bank statement, etc. Also, add the details to receive the payments.
  7. Visual Identity:
    Logo, Banner, etc. for your store.
  8. Shipping and Delivery:
    Decide shipping charges for different shipping zones and logistic classes.

Step 3: Create Your Products

Once the Catch seller account is created, you can sell on Catch but after creating the products from the Catch seller account. The creation of products includes:

1- Product Title:

The product title that you are writing for your product should be clear, concise, and readable to be read on Catch. Make sure it has basic details of products.


  • Max 255 Characters (alphanumeric).
  • The first letter of words only, NO ALL CAPS.

2- Product Description:

The product description must be having the answers to the questions that a buyer may have. For conversion and better results, use the keywords and aptest words for products.


  • Max 2000 Characters (alphanumeric)
  • The first letter of words only, NO ALL CAPS

3- Product Images:

Images for a product you want to sell on Catch must be clear and should be having at least one of these:

  • Clean product photo with white background
  • Professional standard lifestyle images showing the product in its natural environment

Note: It should be noted that the product images with logos, watermarks, badges, or text are not allowed and will be rejected at the time of Content Review.

Once the content has been reviewed, which can take up to 5 business days, you are all set to send your product listing to the Catch marketplace and sell on Catch.

Step 4: Product Uploading on Catch

To upload the products on Catch marketplace from the Catch seller account, you have three options which are listed below:

1- Product Spreadsheet-

You may use it when you have less than 1000 products.

2- FTP/HTTP Integration-

You may use it when you have less than 1000 products.

3- API-

It is for the case when you have more than 1000 products.

4- Product Spreadsheet:

The most commonly used and basic way is the use of the Product Spreadsheet while you sell on Catch. You can import products on Catch seller account via a spreadsheet in two ways:

creating a seller account on catch australia 

  • Use the Catch Template.
  • Use your CSV or Excel file.

5- FTP/HTTP Integration:

Using this mode in the Catch seller account, you will be able to import products automatically through FTP/HTTP products and offers in bulk from your spreadsheet.

Remember, while selecting the FTP/HTTP Integration, connect your own hosted product feed for automatic updates of the following:

  • Product data
  • Offer data including pricing, inventory, and promotional offers

Catch marketplace allows you to use the CSV, XLSX, and XML files while you upload products to sell on Catch using FTP/HTTP integration.

In this, you will need to map your product sheet to Catch marketplace categories. 

seller account settings in catch marketplace australia


6- API:

This method enables the seller to exchange the data automatically, reducing the manual effort. You may use it when you have more than 1000 products.

Our APIs provide real-time integration with:

  • Shop Management
  • Product and Offer Management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Service

API key and how to sell on catch marketplace australia

Step 5: Order Management

Once the products have been featured at Catch, you are all set to sell on Catch from your Catch seller account and all that you have to do is to wait for the orders placed for your products.

After the orders have been placed for the products you sell on Catch, sellers may take the following actions for the product orders from their Catch seller account:

  • They may see order details and history from Catch seller account
  • They may see invoice for customers & send documents
  • May export order delivery details in bulk
  • May upload tracking numbers in bulk
  • They may accept or reject orders from Catch seller account

Step 6: Customer Management

A seller may manage the customers and their issues from the Catch seller account easily. The issues that can be managed are:

  • Sending and Receiving Customer Message
  • Review of Order Incidents
  • Resolving Incidents relevant with Orders
  • Generating Refund

Step 7: Manage the Payments

Sellers may manage the payments made to them by buyers and also handle the charges and commissions accordingly, from their Catch seller account.

Step 8: Check Your Success

While sellers sell on Catch, they may check the success that their products are procuring. From the Catch seller account, a seller may see the following sections for that:

  1. Catch Quality of Service Criteria
  2. Catch Dashboard Panel
  3. Customer Service Performance
  4. Sales Performance

1- Catch Quality of Service Criteria:

To establish and maintain the quality of service on Australian marketplace, make sure you keep in mind the following pointers:

  1. Incident Rate:
    It is required to be less than 15%.
  2. Acceptance Time:
    The time limit within which the orders must be accepted is 48 hours.
  3. Acceptance Rate:
    The rate of acceptance should be above 95%.
  4. Sequentially canceled orders:
    Only two orders can be rejected before you’re suspended.
  5. Total refused orders (upon review):
    More than 9 orders can’t be refunded. At the same time, a seller must also keep in mind that its account may be suspended if a seller:

    • Rejects Orders
    • Oversells Stock
    • Doesn’t Accept Orders within 48 hours
    • Doesn’t Ship with the set lead time – approximately 3 days
    • Experiences Higher Incident rates

2- Catch Dashboard Panel:

a) Unread Messages:

An online seller may check the messages that have not been read from the Catch seller account. Seller may also see the following details:

  1. On Offers- Messages before ordering
  2. On Orders- Messages once an order is placed

b) Orders:

You can also check orders from your Catch seller account. The information you can get are:

  1. Pending Orders
  2. In Progress
  3. With Incidents

c) Offers:

You can also check your number of Offers and you will find the following details under this section.

  1. Active – Currently on Sale
  2. Inactive – Manually deactivated or out of stock

d) Current Balance:

From your dashboard panel, you may check your Current Balance. You will find the following details in this section.

  1. Pending- Balance of paid orders under incident or not yet received
  2. Paid- Balance paid to you

You may see your “Transaction History” by clicking on it, to view your balance details.

3- Customer Service Performance:

In this section of the Catch seller account, sellers who sell on Catch may see the Rate and Deadlines regarding their orders.


  • Acceptance Rate
  • Incident Rate
  • Refund Rate
  • Refused Rate
  • Auto-Refused Rate


  • Average Acceptance Time
  • The average Time to Ship
  • Average Response time to an Order
  • Sales

4- Sales Performance:

In Catch seller account, a seller may see under ‘Sales’, the following details:

a) Total Orders-

In the Catch seller account, sellers who are selling on Catch may see their total number of debited orders during a selected period of time.

b) Revenue (excl. shipping)-

A seller-from Catch seller account-may also sees the total debited order value (in AUD) which is inclusive of taxes, shipping fees excluded, and net refunds during the selected period. It is seen under the Revenue (excl. shipping) section.

c) Revenue (incl. shipping)-

From the Catch seller account itself, sellers who are selling on Catch can view their total debited order value (in AUD) including taxes, shipping fees included, and net refunds during a selected period under Revenue (incl. shipping).

d) Average order value (excl. shipping)-

A seller who sell on catch may see the total debited order value (in AUD) including taxes, shipping fees excluded / Total number of orders during the same period, from their Catch seller account.

e) Average order value (incl. shipping)-

Sellers from their Catch seller account may see the total debited order value (in AUD) including taxes, shipping fees included / Total number of orders during the same period.

You can cut down most of the hard work and start selling on Catch marketplace with CedCommerce. Just fill out this form and team CED will take care of the rest. That’ll ensure successful onboarding and proper store setup with all the desired features.

How marketplace integration can Help You Sell on Catch?

With the market availability of multiple integration extensions for catch, Cedcommerce-a global eCommerce solution provider, help sellers selling on the catch. From any framework that an online seller is having or wishing to have marketplace integration extensions such as:

Not only this but we extend support and assistance for utmost convenience of a seller:

  1. 24*7 Free Support
  2. One-to-One Training

Click here to get the marketplace selling tools and integrations

Benefits of Selling on Catch with CedCommerce

As a trusted partner, Catch.com.au is extending an Exclusive Offer on selling & marketing fees for sellers associated with CedCommerce.

This exclusive offer entitles sellers to the following perks:

   (✓) 6 months free Catch Seller subscription (valued at $300AUD)

   (✓) Free entry into the draw to win a marketing package valued at $2,500AUD

You can avail this limited-time offer by signing up with CATCH through the link below. This offer is only valid for Sellers who are associated with CedCommerce.


Catch the ongoing e-commerce trends, ace out the competition, sell on Catch!


In conclusion, the Australian marketplace has enough verticals and ground to start selling on catch. Steps ahead, selling on catch strategy would be helping you to opt for the market best multichannel integrations to integrate your store with catch. I hope this blog has shown enough sanity to get accurate data and market insights to move forward with selling on catch.

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hello Osama,
      The selling fee on Catch is charged monthly – AUS $49.99
      The selling commission ranges between 10-15% depending upon the product category you are selling.

  1. Avatar for Mohsin

    I'm interested to know about fees and commision selling on Catch. Do they do Fullfilment By Catch … like they do with Amazon (FBA)?

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hey Jacinta,
      The fee and commission for selling on the Catch marketplace vary as per the product category you are selling. It usually ranges between (10-15)% of the product price. Plus you are charged with a monthly seller subscription of AUS $49.99.
      As far as fulfillment are concerned, unlike Amazon FBA, the Fulfilment of orders are made by merchants.

  2. Avatar for Mohsin


    We have been selling on Catch for a while and our performance seems to be good as well, but we are unable to increase our feedback score.

    Any tips for that, please?

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hey Rehan,
      In order to increase the feedback score on catch, follow these points:
      1. Write a Clear and Effective Product description
      2. Provide Minimum Shipping Time
      3. Effective Packaging and Timely delivery
      4. Open communication with customers
      5. Multiple high definition product images
      6. Work on customer satisfaction by offering discounts
      7. From time to time small surprise gifts with the products which can delight the customers

  3. Avatar for Mohsin

    Hi There,
    I am needing to bulk export order details as CSV files although I cannot work out how to do it for only a select few orders, not every order that is being processes. If there is a way to do it could you please advise.

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hey Tara, the resolution of the problem occurring while bulk export of orders varies as per the platform you are using. I'd like to know more on which platform you are using. You can get in touch with us at support@cedcommerce.com so that we can help you further to get this issue resolved.
      Thank you.

  4. Avatar for Mohsin
    Selvin Sunilkumar Macwan

    hey there! i have my apparel and home textile brand in India. can i sell at catch.com? if yes is the procedure same as the article speaks about?

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hey Selvin,
      Well the answer is NO. In order to become a seller on catch you must have a residential address of Australia.
      In fact there are 3 broad qualifications to register an account or to use the Catch Seller Website
      – You must be at least 18 years old
      – You must have a current Australian residential address
      – You must have the capacity to enter into a legally binding agreement with Catch.
      If you fulfil the aforementioned criterias, you are good to go
      I hope you got the answer you were seeking for

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hey Furqaan,
      As per the current terms and conditions, the Sellers have to utilize their own shipping and distribution networks for delivery and fulfilment of orders. A seller has the freedom to charge different rates for shipping on goods.
      But this will change soon.
      The executive general manager at Catch Group, Adam Kron said in an interview – "The company does not currently warehouse or deliver those products on behalf of sellers, but that's definitely something we’re looking into"
      So in the coming days it is possible that catch will launch its very own fulfilment and delivery services.

      Moreover, you can subscribe to our newsletters and follow us on social channels to stay updated with any more updates regarding catch marketplace:

  5. Avatar for Mohsin

    Hello Mohsin,
    Great to see your informative replies in the thread. Can you please confirm if the catch has introduced FMA ( Like Amazon ) yet? or The Ceo is still looking into it past 8 months as you previously mentioned in one of your responses. Would be great to see where the idea stands in your opinion. Thank You

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hey Aditya,
      I am glad you found this blog informative.
      We as far as the Catch FMA is concerned, there is no public information available for the same yet.
      Catch has announced that for queries related to FMC you can create a ticket directly on Catch through your Partner Portal Account.
      We'll keep you updated in case we receive any new updates on the topic.

  6. Avatar for Mohsin

    Hi there, I have created my products more than 2 weeks ago and it is stuck in pending. How can I get some help with the status?

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hey Syed,
      Products getting stuck in the pending stage is really frustrating. But a single phone call can solve all your problem. All you need is to contact Catch support and get the feed & Product approval. Once done then you can simply start uploading all your products.
      In order to simplify the whole process you can use an eCommerce Integration as well as it helps in sync of Inventory, Price and other details from your store or ERP panel to your seller account on catch.
      Know more about integration by visiting this link: https://bit.ly/3ErTrid

      Habe a nice day

  7. Avatar for Mohsin

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a sellor on Catch from last year but I am having many troubles with Catch.
    I do understand the procedures as I have carefully read their manual. However, there are a lot of techicial issues when I import template on their site. I have contacted them many time but they simply replied to me along with manual which I already read.
    I have followed the manual but I still am having errors from the template.
    I am quite lost now what to do as they do not attend sellors' enquiries.
    Would you be an agent for us like helping how to use the Catch's site properly?
    I look forward to hearing from you ASAP as I am really looking for someone to help us.
    Thank you.

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hello Misun,
      I can feel what you are going through but unfortunately, our team can not be an agent for you (like helping how to use the Catch's site properly). I hope you can understand.

  8. Avatar for Mohsin

    Hi Mohsin

    Thank you for your information. It is very helpful.
    I am thinking to sell on Catch.
    There is a section on Catch that says wholesale to Catch, is it still available? if yes, how does it work? Also, on the Catch marketplace. do sellers need to pay for advertising like Amazon? Any info update from now?
    Thank you

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hi Nirobon,
      I am glad you liked our blog. Please do subscribe to our newsletter in case you wish to stay updated with such interesting topics.
      Coming to your query regarding wholesale to Catch, yes you can do that easily. Please visit the following link for more details – https://www.catch.com.au/wholesale

      Coming to your 2nd question, on Catch both free and paid advertising can be done. Trending products are put together in mixed events at no cost to sellers. You can choose to offer a ‘Price drop’ and free shipping for the duration of the event to further incentivise customers. You can also purchase an event to feature only your range of products. Please contact your Account Manager for more information on our marketing packages. For more detail please submit an enquiry here – https://help.catch.com.au/s/

      Have a nice day.

  9. Avatar for Mohsin

    Hello, thanks for the article. Is there an easy way to automatically upload 300+ products that are already on eBay into Catch Marketplace? Or do I need to spend days manually uploading all the products?

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hi Ben,

      Yes, you can easily import the products that are already listed on eBay onto the Catch Marketplaces through a Product Importer Extension and an Integration Extension. This is a three-step process:

      Step 1: Create a centralized location (preferably a Magento-based website) to store your products
      Step 2: Fetch the already listed products from eBay using Product Importer
      Step 3: List or Upload the same products using a Catch Integration

      Note: Both the Product Importer and the Catch Integration will be added as an extension to your website.

      If you do not have a Magento store then we will set it up from our end. Once the products are easily imported, you can fetch them in bulk and upload not only on Catch Marketplace but on any other platform
      To know more about this, you can connect with us via skype/WhatsApp/email using the below links:

      Email- lisasmith@cedcommerce.com
      Skype- https://join.skype.com/Bt2iDGpVFRs0
      Whatsapp- https://chat.whatsapp.com/JjJKfj0TortCYbYKuDhefN

  10. Avatar for Mohsin

    It seems that the official channels are currently suspended, are there still channels to join Catch or get a Catch account? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for sharing your query. Despite the official channels being down, you can still join Catch or create a Catch seller account through this <a href="https://sell.catch.com.au/apply-now/">link</a> provided. Hope this helps
      If you encounter any issues or need further assistance feel free to drop a comment.
      Thank You and Have a nice day

  11. Avatar for Mohsin

    we recently applied to sell on Catch marketplace, however its been over a week and we have not yet received a response.

    • Avatar for Mohsin

      Hi John,
      Please note that the review process may take some time, but rest assured, very soon you'll have a response.
      In case you have any immediate questions or require assistance, please feel free to submit a request via the following link: [<a href="https://help.catch.com.au/s/submit-a-request">Link to request submission</a>]. Additionally, you can connect with officials from Catch Marketplace through their live chat option available on the same page.
      Thank You

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