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Have Incredibly Fast Magento Store

Loading Speed

Fast Loading

Ensure a site loading time under 3 seconds

High Rating

A Grade

Optimized pages to have Grade A on Webpagetest, Page Speed and YSlow tools

Reduce Response Time

Reduce Server Response Time

Improve performance by optimizing server side scripts and sql queries.

SEO Correction

SEO Correction

Optimized Site URL will help in increasing more traffic and sales.

User Experience

Better User Experience(UX)

A satisfying UX leads to higher conversions.

Reduce DNS

Reduced DNS Lookups

Will remove extra DNS lookups or load them later to avoid delays to the initial requests.

Magento Speed Optimization Service plans

Have a look at our Magento Speed Optimization Service plans and choose a Plan as per your requirements. We will definitely enhance the performance of your site by making it load faster thereby improving users’ site experience.

No. Features Standard Premium
1. Full page cache implementation
2. Convert multiple background images in to one Sprite image
3. Image Optimization
4. Reduce DNS lookups
5. Merge CSS and JS files
6. Apache .htaccess or Nginx virtual host optimization
7. Database Optimization and logs clean-up
8. Disable unneeded modules
9. PHP tuning and configuration
10. CDN implementation
11. HTML Minify
12. Test with multiple speed tools
13. SSL implementation
14. Implementation of lazy load
15. Theme optimization
16. Defer JS implementation
17. Infinite page scroll implementation
18. Software installation and setup
19. Delivery of content through Ajax
20. 3rd Party extensions optimization
21. Dedicated Database Server setup

Varnish Cache Implementation (This will be a special case, discussion will be needed with your host providers and also the Varnish Cache Extension from Magento MarketPlace)

Magento Speed Optimization

Standard Version

Magento Speed Optimization

Premium Version

Why CedCommerce?

An executive summary of findings with priorities

Detailed Study of your Store and Server to provide best solution

3rd party extensions preliminary review and optimization

Database optimization and logs clean-up

Server side cache implementation for fast results

Error less, Fast and Scalable site which help in increase your sales

Ajax Page Loading and Infinite Page Scroll implementation



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