Drive sales to Facebook Shop
Drive More Customers On Your Facebook Shop Through Facebook Business Page

Drive More Customers On Your Facebook Shop Through Facebook Business Page


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Facebook has succeeded in winning the hearts of people in the social arena. Despite the emergence of as many as tens of social media platforms, none of them has been able to overshadow the power of Facebook. This is the reason why Facebook stands second to none as far as eCommerce potential is concerned. Having said that, Facebook provides a diverse opportunity to the businesses like you who want to make their presence across Facebook Shop. The primary requirement to do so is to have a Facebook business page.

Explore further to know the listed benefits of the Facebook page. Top tips on how to drive traffic to your Facebook Shops through the Facebook business page, including optimizing your Facebook Business Page that you must not miss.

What is the Facebook business page?

A Facebook business page helps you set up your store across the Facebook network. Your potential customers can view information about your product, business, Facebook ads, reviews, posts, etc.

Facebook Business Page leverages you with the following benefits. Learn how to drive sales on Facebook Shop through the Facebook business page:

Benefit of Facebook business page

  • Timeless Availability: Drive more profit to your Facebook Shops by showcasing your products to a larger set of audiences.
  • Drawing New Customers: Captivate your existing and new customer’s interests. Share attractive photos, videos, posts of your products on your Facebook business page.
  • Direct Customer Engagement: Facebook lets you directly engage your customers with the product and store activities. They can directly participate in the sales or festival discounts offered by you.
  • Leverage Facebook advertising: You can create your Facebook ads through your Facebook page and target your potential customers more efficiently.
  • Real-time Analytics: Get insights into your activities through the Facebook business page. You can easily access the performance of your Facebook ads, products, and other paid marketing tools that you are using to promote your products.

To create your Facebook Shop through Facebook business page, check out the blog on ‘How to create a Facebook Shop 2021”

How to drive traffic to Facebook shops through Facebook business Page?

With Facebook Shops, you can meet your customers where they are already are. But to set up your Facebook Shop, you need to have a Facebook Business Page. So let’s explore the ways to drive more traffic to Facebook Shop through the Facebook business page.

Make your brand relatable

Having a keen understanding of how your audience reacts to their favourite brands and products can help you attain more profit. Ideally, your customers see themselves in the scenario you place before them. So, make sure you add varied videos, images, and the context of your products to your Facebook Shop. This will help you drive sales to your Facebook shop through your Facebook business page.

Deliver social proof

The greater your influence in the market, the better chances you have to captivate your audience’s interest. For this, you can either collaborate with various influencers and creators. Also, you can plan different promotional strategies; like reposting content, using Facebook ads on your Facebook business page to enrich your brand value. 

Inspire shoppers with a personalized catalogue experience

Creating a product catalogue enables your shoppers to search for the products of their choice; and make it easier for them to make a purchase through various filters, search & explore, and recommendations. Besides, your potential customers can now see your product collections in the feed and can make a purchase right from your Facebook Shop. 

Choose Facebook partners to get more flexibility, and faster go to market. See what CedCommerce can do for you.  

Monitor local insight

Keep track of your product activities and customer engagements through Facebook insights. Facebook insight is a feature introduced within a Facebook business page. The feature lets you know how your potential customers interact with your products. Besides, through the dashboard, you can also note your sales on Facebook Shop, Facebook ad performance, the best time to post your content, and much more.

Monitor local insights

Include CTA in the Caption:

It is said that most of the shopping is done on impulse. Thus, make your every post count; try to drive sales by redirecting your customers to your Facebook Shop. Use a call to action phrase with your posts and stories to increase the customer’s curiosity towards your products.

Repost your content on the website

Sharing user-generated content could be a beneficial strategy to attain customers. Through reposting, you can better convey your products and services to your customers and garnish their interest in your Facebook business page. For this, keep track of your best selling products on Facebook; and start revamping your content.

Revamp your Facebook business page according to latest season and trends

Get ready to boost your product reach by revamping your Facebook business page according to the latest themes and occasions. With the festive season all around the corner, you can modify your storefront according to the season and offer various gifts and vouchers to your audience.

Post Image or Video Content for Maximum Engagement

Posting the content in the form of images and videos tends to increase the chances of getting your products and services in the notice. So, while posting a product on your Facebook page, add an image or video content. This technique would help you to reach your potential customers more effectively and drive sales to your Facebook shop through your Facebook business page.

Get to know the busy hours while posting

Analyze the timeframe to understand when your audience availability is the maximum. Posting the content on your Facebook business page when your audience is available tends to increase the chances of you getting your products and services in the notice and drive traffic to Facebook Shop.

Best time to post on Facebook

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in your posts; & let your customers easily connect with you. For this, use tags while posting a content on your Facebook business page. Also, you can include the hashtags in the captions for better reach. According to the Sprout Social data, 2 to 3 hashtags on Facebook works the best; and hashtags with 10+ characters see more engagement.

hashtags on Facebook

Surface your products across Facebook Commerce Surfaces

Facebook business Page leverages you with the benefit to surface your products across Facebook commerce surfaces; like Facebook ShopsFacebook Page Shop, Shopping in Reels and Instagram Shopping. You can increase your business and build your social commerce by displaying your brand across these channels; and drive more sales your Facebook Shop.

Besides, if you are a Shopify or a WooCommerce retailer, you can easily get your business on Facebook family of apps through Facebook & Instagram Shopping app and Social Commerce. 

How can you optimize your Facebook business page to increase engagements?

Facebook business page helps you establish your business across Facebook networks. Thus, optimizing your page on a regular interval of time should be your primary goal. Here we listed a few ways through which you can optimize your Facebook business page.

Get A Unique Identity With A URL

Very few people know this, but soon after you create a Facebook business page and get a minimum of 25 likes on it. Facebook provides you with a unique URL slug that represents your page. This is a useful tool to perform link building strategies by promoting this link and redirecting visitors towards your Facebook page.

Facebook business page URL

Fill out your business information.

Upon setting up your Facebook business page, make sure all the information is updated in the profile. A complete profile reveals your professional attitude and builds trust with the audiences. Some of the tips are:

  • Make sure your profile picture and cover picture matches with your business.
  • Add relevant information about your business in the summary section.
  • Add your website address, your eCommerce store link, duration of work, and your contact number in the bio so that customers could easily reach out to you.

Don’t miss out anything in your About Us page

The “About Us” section on Facebook business page provides you with an opportunity to express detailed information about your business, product, and services; so don’t miss out on anything. Complete your short description diligently and include keywords that specify your business.

About us section on Facebook business page

Target your audience by using specified keywords

Optimizing your posts according to the keywords is a crucial part. Place your targeted keywords in the strategic parts of your Facebook Shop or Page. Include keywords in the URL, page title and “About Us” section. This will let your customers discover your Shop easily.

Add new features to your Facebook Page

Facebook is introducing new tools to make it easy for you to surface your business to a larger audience. Leverage the benefit of Messages and connect with your audience through Whatsapp Business, Messenger and Instagram Direct. Besides, if you are seller bases in the US, you can provide in-app checkout to your customers. Checkout makes it seamless for customers to make a purchase right within the app and many more.


To become an efficient seller on Facebook, follow the above tips and drive more sales to your Shop through the Facebook business page. The first step of becoming a successful seller is by optimizing your way of selling. Since Facebook is a well-acknowledged social media platform, you need to keep up with the pace and efficiently manage your profile.

For managing your Facebook Shop, you can coordinate with Facebook Marketing Channels and leverage the additional benefits attached to it. Hope this blog helps you drive more customers to your Shop through Facebook business page and let you experience hassle-free selling. In case of any queries, you can drop down your comments below.

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