How flipkart works
Let’s Understand the Way How Flipkart Works?

Let’s Understand the Way How Flipkart Works?


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Are you wondering for a long time about the functioning of Flipkart? If yes, then you have come to the right place because we are going to discuss the Flipkart working process. Let’s understand the way how Flipkart works.

About Flipkart

Today, Flipkart is India’s largest online eCommerce website. Flipkart was started in 2007 and recently it achieved a fashion online retailer and e-commerce store, that is Myntra for $300 Million. In 2020, Flipkart is reporting revenue of Rs 34,610 crore which got raised from Rs 30,931 crore in 2019.

This eCommerce shopping website is standing among the top hundred eCommerce websites. Alexa is ranking Flipkart at #82 globally. It is standing at 6th position in India. This massive success makes one ask, “how does Flipkart make money.”

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How does Flipkart work?

how flipkart works

Here we’ll show you a comprehensive analysis of the functioning of Flipkart. This model is the brainchild of Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal who are the founders of Flipkart. They are an aspiration for young entrepreneurs today who think of the ways how Flipkart works.

1. Flipkart’s sales channels

Therefore, for financial gains, Flipkart uses the model “X% commission on the entire sales worth given to the vendor”.

Its sales take place via several channels as given below. For all the sales that Flipkart achieves– Flipkart can charge a proportion (%) cut on the total sale quantity that doesn’t embrace taxes.

  • Direct through an eCommerce website
  • Direct through web App.
  • Direct through e-commerce store mobile app (Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Direct through Telesales (Customer calls and Place order – seldom happens now)
  • Through Affiliate Networks (Coupon Websites, Review Websites, and Bloggers)
  • Social Media Buying/Selling (selling on social media)

2. How does Flipkart make money?

The giant e-commerce marketplace creates revenue not solely by the sale of the product but conjointly from totally different financial gain channels. Putting this into simple terms, it basically tells us the way how Flipkart works.

The web portal

The basic supply of the financial gain is done by accumulating commission for the services from the vendors who use Flipkart as their selling and business e-commerce marketplace. Flipkart allows multiple vendors to sell via their site and in return takes a commission on sales to cover the costs of managing the site while vendors focus on their efforts on building a community.

Listing and convenience fee

The other manner of obtaining revenue for the corporation are inclusion and convenience fee. The listing fee is collected from the vendors, and therefore the convenience fee is collected from the purchasers for faster delivery. The convenience fee adds wrapping charges for the gifts; Billing includes the full financial gain of the corporate Flipkart e-commerce marketplace.

3. Logistics

For delivering the products of the vendors; a fee is charged to them. It provides services to its vendors like alternative delivery corporations. Charging services for delivery dissent from location to location covering the gap. Today, there are e-commerce fulfillment distribution centers for distributing products. Logistics services include many aspects of warehousing, inventory management, billing, packaging, labeling, shipping, cash on delivery, payment, product return & exchange, and much more.

4. Digital Media

As e-commerce grows and takes a greater share of total retail sales, digital media companies are increasingly pursuing new sources of revenue growth by incorporating e-commerce into their platforms and businesses in response to fundamental challenges they each face.

It conjointly sells ads and a totally different product like co-branding and co-advertising to the vendors or brands via digital media. The ads are divided into 3 classes:

  • Co-branding on Flipkart’s homepage via slippery banners that get more views and more sellers every day
  • Co-advertising products for publications in newspapers or magazines’ front pages for common brands.
  • Target search results wherever Flipkart decides that vendor’s product to be displayed at the highest result.

In addition to the top of the revenue model, Flipkart conjointly gets funding from many alternative sources to upgrade their business. Flipkart corporations embrace the recent acquisition of alternative Indian eCommerce stores like Myntra, Jabong, and eBay India which are currently termed as the Flipkart Group!

Which eCommerce technology does Flipkart use?

At present, the engineers of the functioning of Flipkart are clear that the positioning is currently high in its responsiveness and is low with technical issues that assist the net store to stay up as an e-commerce store.

Computing technicals of Flipkart are-

  • Code operates on the UNIX system – Debian and most alternative systems don’t seem to be designed ever on Java. however, they take JVM for their use.
  • For information storage, it uses MySQL, and for caching it uses Memcached. The corporation has calculable massive NoSQL information stores to settle on the most effective for the assembly.
  • Flipkart uses the Hadoop computer code and makes it easier for analysis and information management.

The complete technical provides the explanation as to why it is one of the most effective commerce brands and eCommerce stores in our country as well as around the globe!

The actions of your plan ought to outline your success; not simply your plan alone.

How to build an eCommerce website like Flipkart?

On understanding the operating functionalities, your next question is going through the way to build an e-commerce store like Flipkart! You must understand how Flipkart works. Building an eCommerce website has never been difficult if you do it the correct way with the best features.

All you’ve got to target could be top-notch elements, a feature-rich, scalable, ASCII text file platform that provides you with changeable powerful options to customize and manage each the front-end and back-end in an economical manner.

We will use leading technologies such as the Magento eCommerce platform to create a website like Flipkart that needs numerous custom features and options. Hence, the usage of such platforms makes it an attainable job to create a Flipkart clone and to make it function exactly the way how Flipkart works.

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