Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites
9 Elements of successful eCommerce websites you must know

9 Elements of successful eCommerce websites you must know


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Before starting an e-commerce business and going online, you take references from different multi-vendor sites which may prove to be very time-consuming and confusing. If you are still scratching your head and wondering what are the elements of successful eCommerce websites, we are here to keep you updated with all the crucial features of e-commerce websites that will help you to get an ideal blueprint.


A Responsive Web Design


Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites 


This is first and foremost of all the elements of successful eCommerce websites.

Curious much? Let us satiate you.

A responsive website is the one that is compatible with all devices specifically be mobile friendly.

Why so?

The reason is, people would like to access your site from anywhere and they can’t always carry a bulky PC or laptop with them everywhere. An application of your website compatible for the mobile devices will be most suitable. However, even if your site doesn’t have an app, it should still be accessible from mobile phones. If we take an example of a fixed website, the view that it provides on a PC will not be modified for tablets and smartphones and the customers might be forced to see it in landscape mode or the larger images may also break the layout. Plus the site can also take forever to load if there are heavy graphics used.

How does it work?

Instead of using pixels the responsive website frame uses fluid grids and the proportions are adjusted according to the gadget you are using to browse. E.g if you have to put three columns, instead of deciding the size of each column, you will decide how much part each column will cover out of the total screen size.


It is the progressive enhancement that all the ecommerce business owners are adopting for the layout of their websites because they are well aware that more and more people are switching to mobile browsing.


Only 22% of marketers say they’re ahead of the curve when it comes to responsive design. 29% say they have “average” experience, 23% say they’re behind the times, and 4% say they’re hopeless. (eMarketer


Fast Loading Time


Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites



Most of the website users tend to care about the speed and loading time of a website. It somewhat affects the time period they spend on the website as well as how often they visit it.


Increasing the loading speed of the website by 3 seconds increases the revenue by 10-12%. Delay of 1 second can potentially cost an owner an annual loss of $2.5 million. A site taking 3 or more seconds to load gets 22% fewer conversion. (CDnetworks https://www.cdnetworks.com/sg/en)

These are some factors that will help you prevent the website from being laggy-


  • Decrease HTTP requests


Whenever a browser draws out any picture, data or file, the HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests are counted and according to Yahoo, these take up about 80% of the loading time.


You can decrease the time period by taking some specific measures like reducing the number of images you use, using queries only to load the necessities etc.



  • Cache the browser


It will allow all your website assets to download in the hard-drive or any temporary storage. The files being in your storage will allow the website to load faster.



  • Optimize the files and compress images


Since images take a larger part of request time, keep the images around 150 kb or below. Use JPG format for most of the images and use the PNG format where you need a transparent background.

Optimize the files with the help of the optimization tools.


Easy Navigation 

Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites



This is the second most important of all the elements of successful website To decrease the bounce rate and increase visit duration, it is necessary that your website is easily navigable. While browsing or making a purchase, a well framed and navigable website helps them to follow the directions easily and makes their experience on your website quite smooth-sailing. If everything is present in front of the customer’s eyes, then they don’t get confused and frustrated.


It is very necessary to provide a navigation bar in your website design to make sure it is well elaborated.  Breadcrumb navigation is an important feature, it helps the browser jump to any section in the middle of the home page and the product being browsed which makes the search short and to-the-point. It also makes the website more clean and precise, improving the overall look of the site.


Placing of the navigation bar is important as well there is a reason why they are placed on the top or at the extreme left of the page. These are the primary places to get attention noticed by the web users.

The two types of breadcrumbs best suited for ecommerce sites are-



  • Location-based breadcrumb (hierarchy breadcrumbs)


Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites


source: Google


It helps to showcase the whole website structure. This kind of breadcrumb structure lets the consumers jump directly to other products rather than navigating to previous pages one by one, in case they don’t like a product on your page and want to see something else, thus reducing the bounce rate.


It also helps the web crawlers to see how one page is related to others.  



  • Attribute-based breadcrumb



Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites


These breadcrumbs are also known as keywords-based or tags-based breadcrumbs.


They are very useful for content-rich websites or the ones that have several categories because they let the user to de-select product filters if they want to, making it less hectic for the users.


CTA(Call To Action) Button


Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites


Without this element, every ecommerce website is incomplete and pointless. There will be no point of attracting all the traffic if you can’t convert it. The conversion rate is majorly affected by the CTA(call to action) button.


Effect of the call to action button must be so powerful that it must create a sense of urgency for the users and the must click it.


Focus on these points while you place a CTA(call to action) button for your landing page.



  • Clear text


Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites


Choose a proper and precise text for your CTA(call to action) button. Keep it short, better try to keep it just a single word.


  • Placement


Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites

Source: wistia.com


Choose a place where the button is prominent. It has been seen that a CTA (call to action) button placed in the middle instead of bottom or top has a higher click-through rate. You must place the button where it seems most logical.



  • Size



Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites



The CTA (call to action) button should be easy to find it should be flashy and easy to differentiate from the other elements present on the page. The text size should also be prominent



  • Colour



Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites



The colour should make the CTA (call to action) button stand out. There should be enough white space around the button, and the text colour on the button should not clash with the colour of the button itself.


Cart option


Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites



It is the second most necessary feature of an ecommerce multivendor marketplace until you have online booking business website because these sites don’t need a cart button.


Buyers need a cart button because it helps them to store the items they want to purchase for a while.


It also eliminates the whole process of making a purchase one by one when a person wants to buy several things at once. All they have to do is keep adding the items to the cart and then proceed to check out and make payments compositely.


On some websites, having the cart option eliminates the need to register. Users can directly shop and pay without registering themselves on the site.


Various Payment Options


Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites



Keeping in mind about the convenience of people there should be multiple payment methods e.g in India people most of the people prefer the COD (Cash On Delivery) option while in most of the western countries people find it easy to pay via card. This is the reason people providing different payment options will attract more customers as they won’t look for any second option.  


Order Management System


Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites



Your website should make it an easy task for the vendors to clearly see, align and manage their orders without any confusion so that they can fulfil their orders in time. With a lot of confusion, it is possible to lose track of some orders every time and this will adversely affect your ecommerce business in a long run and will finally result in loss of customers.


According to a report, 65% of customers have cut ties with a brand over just one negative encounter (source: https://bit.ly/2Ior3Rw).


What is OMS(Order Management System)  

It simply means keeping track of the order of the customer which means it covers the whole process from when the order is placed till the delivery is made.  

The advantages of this system are-


  • It helps the customer to keep a track of the order they placed, they can literally see on which stage of the procession is their order.  



  • It helps the vendors to align the orders and keep a track of all the orders placed so they can see whether all the orders are being fulfilled in time or not.



How can you have a hassle-free order management system


  • Receiving an order  


This is the initial step. Keep a track of all the orders on a daily basis, because there are several orders placed per day for the products of different vendors on your site. There should be a specific system to notify the vendors when the orders are being placed for their products and special orders should be highlighted.


  • Payment receiving process

If the payment system is difficult to use or faulty then all your efforts of traffic conversion will go down in dumps. Make sure that the payment transaction system works smoothly.



  • Consolidating multi-channel orders



Selling on multiple channels can increase your sales, however, it can also create a wide scope of missing orders as the channel will broaden up and keeping track of all the orders manually will very hectic. But you can solve the problem by using an OMS that consolidates the data automatically in the back office.  



  • Order picking process


With hundreds and thousands of orders being placed each day, it can be a bit confusing to choose a suitable order picking process.  

You can choose from these picking process.



  • Zone batch picking


It is a combination of zone and batch picking. The order pickers are assigned zones but they cover one SKU at a time and have to deliver it in a specified time window. Just like zone picking and batch picking.



  • Zone wave picking


This method is a combination of zone and wave picking. The zones are assigned and the orders are grouped and processed together but the picker picks one order at a time. Here also the picker has a time window within which he has to make the delivery.



  • Zone batch wave picking


This order picking process is the most complex. The pickers are assigned the zones, the grouping and processing are simultaneously done. Post this the pickers pick the orders in batches from different SKUs with the same delivery area and deliver according to multiple time window shifts.



  • Order fulfilment


To make sure that the order is fulfilled in minimal time is the main element of OMS. According to a survey, almost 60% of the customers expect a next day delivery system. The motto is simple the faster and the more accurately you deliver the happier you make your customers.




Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites



To have a proper communication channel for the convenience of the consumers is also an important element that your website must have.

Supposedly a customer is new to your site or even if he is a regular customer, he can still have some queries. How will he reach you to get an answer? That’s the reason you should provide an active communication channel. It makes the customer feel connected to you.




Elements Of Successful eCommerce Websites



Securing crucial data of your website that includes payment card number of your customers and the payment gateway security, passwords etc.

Here are a few points to keep in mind-


  • Make sure your site’s security system falls in the parameters of the recognised authority in your region.



  • Use SSL (Security Socket Layer), it is a digital certificate for data encryption.  These will help to keep safe all the private data.



  • Price and data scraping is a big problem nowadays. Some online competitors are clouting bad bots that perform click fraud, scrape product data and price. 30% of web frauds are caused due to bad bots. Use real-time bot-detection technology to detect and eliminate the bad bots.



  • Make it essential for the customers to use strong passwords.



  • A lot of frauds occur due to the blunder of humans, hence train your employees to be aware of online security.



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