what to expect for holiday shopping trends
What to Expect for eBay Holiday Shopping Trends 2023

What to Expect for eBay Holiday Shopping Trends 2023


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As the holiday season approaches, sellers on eBay are gearing up to embrace the latest trends that are set to dominate the shopping landscape in 2023. From creative gift-giving experiences to cutting-edge tech gadgets, this year’s festivities are all about staying ahead of the curve.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the hottest categories, including fashion, collectibles, and more, to ensure your eBay store is primed for success. We’ll make sure you don’t miss out on the eco-friendly holiday fashion trends in 2023 and the potential of social media marketing. Join us as we dive into the details of 2023 holiday shopping trends that will set you up for an unforgettable holiday season on eBay.

holiday fashion trends 2023

Emerging Holiday Trends in 2023

This season, the spotlight is on tech savvy gadgets and innovative gifts. Also, as the average spending on Christmas gifts is projected to exceed $900 per person, here are the most emerging holiday trends 2023.

Gadgets and Smartphones

This year technology takes center stage. The spotlight shines brightly on cutting-edge gadgets from tech giants like Apple and Samsung, painting the festive season with innovation. You can list virtual reality headsets, smart companions for your home, and futuristic wearables that add extra fun to the celebrations.

Hi-Tech Accessories

Last year, a staggering 199 million grown-ups in the U.S. were gearing up to sprinkle their holiday season with tech. With an impressive 61 million eyeing the stylish allure of headphones and earbuds, it’s clear that the high-tech gadgets connect perfectly with the festive spirit.

Streaming, Downloading, and Gifting

The versatility of gift cards opens doors to endless possibilities, letting buyers curate their own holiday gifts. Whether it’s a captivating series, a chart-topping album, or an immersive gaming experience, these choices are thoughtful keys to unlocking joyful hearts.

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Holiday Fashion Trends 2023

Get ready as Barbie dresses and shiny tops are stealing the spotlight. Fashion lovers, especially Gen Z, are all about adding glamor to their holiday looks. Make your eBay store stand out by featuring these stunning styles that everyone’s talking about.

Go Green For Holidays

In 2023, being eco-friendly is a big deal in holiday fashion. Shoppers are into sustainable stuff. Eco fabrics and ethical brands are a hit. Add these choices to your collection to catch the eye of environmentally aware customers.

Gear Up for the Holiday Styles

As the holiday rush approaches, keep in mind the popular colors and styles of the season. Clothing, shoes, and accessories are in high demand. Whether it’s men’s clothing, women’s fashion, or men’s shoes, having these trendy items in your eBay store can make this holiday season a success.

Hot Holiday Gifts: Trending Categories for 2023 on eBay

From awesome tech gadgets to fun toys and games, here’s a quick peek at 2023 holiday season trends on eBay that’ll give you an idea of what’s hot right now:

holiday trends 2023

eBay Motors: People are loving car parts, motorcycle gear, and cool accessories on eBay Motors. They’re also checking out in-car tech, GPS gadgets, and security items. You can dive into the car world with sought-after exterior and interior parts, starters, alternators, and cool lighting. Engines and more are revving up sales.

Home & Garden: Kitchen helpers and comfy stuff for heating and cooling are selling like hotcakes. Pantry items are catching eyes too.

Business & Industrial: Automation gear like PLCs and HMIs is in demand. Medical and lab supplies are also popular, along with healthcare tools.

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories: Shoppers are picking trendy men’s and women’s clothing, plus stylish shoes. For holiday fashion trends in 2023, men’s accessories are catching the eye, while women’s shoes and stylish bags are flying off the virtual shelves. Sneakerheads are also ready for the upcoming season of gifts.

Collectibles: Crystals, special minerals, and military collectibles from different times are sparking interest. Art lovers are snapping up unique paintings, and action figure enthusiasts are having a blast. Vintage audio and video gear, along with vinyl records, coins, stamps, and sports trading cards, are true treasures.

Jewelry & Watches: Watches, shiny accessories, and different jewelry pieces are the talk of the town.

Health & Beauty: Vitamins, refreshing scents, and health goodies are flying off the virtual shelves.

Entertainment and Sports: Digital cameras, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, video games, and related goodies keep the fun alive. Also, soccer fans are showing their spirit with fan gear. And for tech enthusiasts, industrial automation equipment is a hot ticket.

Online Shopping and eCommerce Trends

eCommerce has continued its upward trajectory, impacting the 2023 holiday trends. It makes the convenience of shopping from their devices a strong holiday trend for 2023. You must also consider that mobile shopping has gained popularity. It has become the go to option for many shoppers. So, ensure your eBay store is mobile friendly and offers a seamless shopping experience to cater to this growing trend.

Also, with the expanding eCommerce landscape comes supply chain challenges. Managing inventory and ensuring smooth deliveries will be crucial to meet the heightened demand. Strategize and integrate your online store and eBay to keep up with the festive rush. Prepare according to the 2023 holiday shopping trends to ensure your eBay store is ready to cater to customers seeking trending holiday gifts, and an easy shopping experience.

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Shopping Habits and Consumer Preferences

The 2023 holiday season is bringing exciting changes in how we shop, all thanks to the digital age. Social media is a game-changer – it shapes what gifts we choose. To connect with shoppers, use a smart social media marketing strategy for your eBay items.

Personal touches matter too. People love unique presents. To make the most of this, offer customized products that match each person’s style, making their gift special.

Understanding these new shopping trends allows you to embrace the spirit of the 2023 holidays. Not to forget, you’ll also give your eBay shoppers an unforgettable experience. So, show off your awesome 2023 holiday gifts in your listings – that’s a sure way to stand out!

eBay In-store Pickup

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a trend called Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) gained traction. It’s not just a phase – it’s influencing the 2023 holiday shopping trends.

Gen Z, especially those aged 18-24, really like BOPIS. In May 2023, 28% of them used it, up from 11% in May 2019. Also, women are smart about spending. They’re shopping more at discount stores, hunting for sales, and being cautious about prices compared to men.


As a seller, adapt to these changes. Tap into Gen Z’s love for BOPIS and women’s savvy shopping habits with eBay In-store pickup option. Highlight the option when showcasing holiday gift ideas. Use the 2023 holiday shopping trends to your advantage for a successful selling season!


Embracing the 2023 holiday shopping trends is the key to eBay’s success. Get ready for unique gift experiences and cool tech gadgets – think Apple and Samsung – they’re big hits. Sustainability and personalized options are a hit with eco-friendly shoppers.

eBay’s got loads of cool stuff that fits the 2023 holiday fashion trends. List everything from tech goodies to home essentials. And don’t miss the Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) trend – it’s all about convenience. Keep things mobile-friendly and handle your product listing, inventories and orders well when selling through Shopify or other marketplaces.

Adapt to changing preferences for a fantastic holiday shopping experience. It’ll help you rock eBay’s 2023 holiday shopping trends for a successful and unforgettable season.

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