Sell on eBay motors.
A definitive guide to selling auto parts on eBay motors.

A definitive guide to selling auto parts on eBay motors.


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As brick-and-mortar merchants enter the world wide web, the online automotive parts and accessories sales market has exploded in the last five years. According to a McKinsey market survey, this increase will continue at a minimum of 3% through 2030, annually.
Overall, this expansion correlates with a big consumer rise in online shopping and a $516 million worth of market that could be worth investing in for an already operating motor part company.
With a vast market to look forward to ‘eBay for Motors’ is providing an excellent window of opportunity to the sellers to sell and grow their business on a global scale. eBay offers a variety of tools to help automobile sellers, including various tools that make adding fitment to your listings easier.
Keep reading to dig in more of “Why” and “How” to sell on eBay Motors (the US and CA region).

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Why sell on eBay motors? (the US and CA region)

Lower selling fees and outstanding SEO puts you high on SERP within the budget. In addition to that with shipping assistance and far more buyers than any other marketplace, eBay is home to 189 million sellers and 159 million active buyers.
Encouraging the expansion of the automobile business and services worldwide, eBay is again at the top.

Overall, the sellers can offer vehicle parts and automotive items and accessories on the eBay Motors US website. The eBay Motors CA site follows many of the same regulations as the eBay Motors US site and offers many of the same features.
eBay for Motors, hence is the place for any automobile business owner to expand and go global alongside billions of sellers and buyers.

eBay Annual Revenue stats

eBay Annual Revenue stats

How to sell on eBay motors?

Creating eBay catalog:

Certain regulations for listing things on the eBay Motors US site and retrieving items from the main eBay US site are different:

  • Firstly, make sure you mention a site ID of 100 when listing a vehicle on the US eBay Motors site (not 0).
  • Secondly, the catalog listings in the car parts category provide a clear and quick overview. Use the eBay Product-Based Shopping Experience to hunt up the parts in the eBay catalog.
  • Given all the information, the majority of the listing information is pre-filled if the product is in the eBay catalog. eBay can fill in the following information for you:
    • Product title.
    • Description.
    • Product images (Stock).
    • Category.
    • Item Specifics.
    • Weight & Dimensions.
    • Parts compatibility.

Additional things to consider while creating your eBay catalog.

The eBay catalog is massive and is growing rapidly. Furthermore, eBay allows sellers to use their own branding on individual listings. Any professionally designed website will help you create a positive brand value. Brand listings are the most effective strategy to persuade customers to look for your brand site.

In addition to all the above, use video to demonstrate vehicle fitting, such as bolt placements or electrical plugs; even if you state something will fit the vehicle, gearheads will want to double-check!

Vehicle Compatibility:

Parts compatibility is a more efficient approach for merchants to display parts that are compatible with a variety of cars. It’s also a terrific way for consumers to locate parts that are compatible with their automobiles. With the new parts compatibility listings, you can describe a single part and include a complete list of suitable cars in one entry. Consequently, you can easily make a single listing for a single part and add a whole list of compatible vehicles from over 37,000 models using parts compatibility.

Now with ‘Vehicle Compatibility’, the listing is more relevant to the buyer. Therefore, It consists of several component compatibility information which ranks higher. As a result, easily increases the visibility of your product’s SERP.

Create classified listings:

On eBay, there is a single listing charge and no final value cost for classified listings. By all means, you pay to have your contact information advertised to potential purchasers. Also, eBay Classified postings are a crucial sales channel for car parts sellers. Custom branding sets your listings apart from the competition right away and builds a brand on which buyers can rely.

Sell from your website with CedCommerce:

Covering the most difficult aspect of any automobile business is the management of the inventory and the search capability of the available products, CedCommerce featured integration is no regular integration extension. Hence, keeping in mind the sophistication of the requirements placed by eBay for selling motor pats, the high-performing extension can easily manage >10,000 products.


Features of the plugin.

Features of the plugin.


Other enhanced features:

  • Internal Monitoring System- An automated background stock check is carried out to keep the inventory flow smooth.
  • Keeping the data private- No personal data is being collected by the integration ensuring the data privacy policy.
  • Direct notifications-The automated plugin shots notification directly to the developers at our end to take care of the stock updates.
  • Premium support- A dedicated developer is assigned, keeping in mind the nature of the catalouge. Hence, the projects are assigned on priority so as to meet the deadlines with the marked time frame.
  • Fast response time- With under 1 minute response time, any query registered by you is catered on high priority.

Wait there is more.

To enrich the performance of the app, Ced works with the native Checkmate Workstation products, a company that specializes in automotive fitting data and for default compatibility to create unique search features for the website hence increasing the revenue turnout and bringing more efficiency to your business.

Why CedCommerce?

CedCommerce takes pride in serving many prolific brands and online retailers to establish, optimize, empower and navigate their toughest ecommerce challenges. In addition, combining digital functionalities with e-comm on a global scale, CedCommerce synergistic aim is to dispense business models with best-in-class services and high-performing marketplace solutions.

Experience full-fledged digital solutions – from store setup to product feed management and optimization aligned with prompt expert support setup.


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