cenia pro 1.2.2
Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA theme 1.2.2 updates and fixes: Better than ever

Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA theme 1.2.2 updates and fixes: Better than ever


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Regular updates and fixes are making the Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA theme better every day. So it has got better in its latest version. The Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA theme 1.2.2 is updated with features and bug fixes that PWA users long needed to enhance their experience. What’s inside the recent release? Let’s read further-

New Updates in Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA theme 1.2.2

1. Free support of Pagebuilder

The Cenia theme now comes with a free Pagebuilder 2.4.3 and above support for its CMS pages and blocks. With this feature, you can make your PWA pages as attractive as you can without any limit. It lets you refresh your PWA anytime while optimizing its speed and performance.

cenia theme

2. Compatibility with PWA Studio 11 of this Magento 2 PWA theme

This ideal PWA theme for Magento 2 quickly adapts itself as the trends change. Like it worked well with the previous PWA studio 7, this latest version also adapted itself to the now released PWA Studio 11.

3. Compatibility of Interceptors and Targetables with Cenia Components

The Cenia theme is now compatible with interceptors and targetable so you extend, overwrite, or change your PWA files whenever any need arises.

inceptors and targetables

4. Added Additional coverage for translations

Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA theme 1.2.2 can now translate languages on all the pages. Because of this big change, Your viewers can now view every page of your PWA in their preferred language. The previous theme version was not able to sync languages for all its pages.

 Magento 2 PWA theme     translations

5. Performance Optimization of Home Page, Category Page, and Product Page

The theme pages got optimized for their loading speed. Its home page, category page, and product page load quickly without taking a second longer. Reloading the same page again happens faster than ever after the optimization.

6. Performance optimization for the mobile web of this Magento 2 PWA theme

Google page speed of the theme got optimized to improve the mobile view of this Magento 2 PWA theme. Because of this optimization, your PWA will not take a long time in showcasing your products. Your users will now be able to quickly browse products on mobiles, add to the cart, and pay. It convinces them to stay on your PWA and explore it wholly.

Bug Fixes

1. Issues with loading product page images got fixed.
2. The forgot password page works well now with passwords being easier to retrieve.

Magento 2 PWA theme


The overall performance was improved in Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA theme 1.2.2. Its improvised version is bug-free and updated with new features. Managing PWA with this Cenia theme is not a complex task for you and can be easily implemented for your eCommerce website. Above all, the CedCommerce team strives all the time to make the Cenia Pro theme and provide endless support for any assistance.

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