zomato clone script
Zomato Clone Script: Facilitating online food ordering system

Zomato Clone Script: Facilitating online food ordering system


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Nowadays in every field ecommerce websites are excelling, the same holds true for online food ordering systems as well. Websites like Zomato, foodpanda and justeat are growing day by day. Clone scripts are providing the much required solutions to entrepreneurs who wish to start similar websites. Zomato clone script could be your go to option for a similar solution.

The usp behind food ordering systems is the fact that they offer comfort along with a large number of options to choose food from, reducing the hassles of driving down to the hotels to actually order. If you think this is your calling we’re here to explain how a zomato clone script with Magento 2 marketplace extensions and addons offered by CedCommerce help you realize your dream to create online food ordering website.



zomato clone script

                                                                                                          Zomato Clone Script: Create your own Zomato


You may have read a lot about zomato clone scripts in the IT market since its a very popular online food store. But do you know how does it actually work? Besides all the technicality and all that glam about its advantages; what does it exactly do?


According to Statista, In 2016, retail e-commerce revenue from food and beverage sales in the United States amounted to almost 11.6 billion U.S. dollars.





Features offered by a zomato clone script

There could be n number of online food ordering scripts to go for. CedCommerce offers you some great features in Online Food Store Website Solutions for Zomato clone script which are mentioned below–


Search by location:

Customers will be able to search for the restaurants from the list of available ones in the store which serves good quality food at genuine cost. Secondly, it provides for selection basis distance from locality so that when you order the food it gets delivered to you in a short time. Thus conforming to the very idea of online food ordering system’s user friendliness.



Checkout process:

  • Sign-up/Log-in: New users have to register themselves with all necessary contact details on Zomato clone. These details provided by you at the time of registration are necessary to deliver your food. Registered users will be able to simply log with their necessary user-names and passwords.



  • Submit Order: The customer will have the option to edit, delete or change any of the items in their shopping cart, before submitting the order in zomato clone script. The quantity of your items can be changed, with instructions on the usage of certain ingredients. After adding necessary items from the menu into the cart, you can place the order.



  • Pay Online/Cash on Delivery: The customer can either pay online or pay to the delivery man when the order is delivered. Online payments include the categories of credit/debit cards, online bank transfer and payment gateways. If you want to choose, you can also pay using cash on delivery, after verifying items delivered.Multiple payment gateways are also supported by Zomato clone script.



zomato clone script                                                                                            Zomato Clone Script: Create your own Zomato         


Order confirmation sent to the restaurant:

As soon as you confirm your order, a notification is sent to the restaurant. The management at the restaurant gets notified with a text message or an email that an order has been placed online for some items on the menu. They study the order placed through Zomato clone script by the customer.



The restaurant starts to prepare the order:

Once the restaurant staff makes note of your specific order with your necessary contact details, the message is then forwarded to the kitchen. The staff at the kitchen study your order and get to action immediately in preparing it.


Food Delivered to customers:

The Fresh food will be prepared, packed well and delivered to you in short-time, as you had already chosen a nearby restaurant. You did not have to wait idly for a long time while your food is prepared. Sitting right on your couch and watching the TV, your food gets delivered to you through a wonderful Zomato clone script!


Create your own zomato

                                                                                               Zomato Clone Script: Create your own Zomato          



CedCommerce supports the building of a similar platform owing to its Marketplace extensions. For assistance visit: CedCommerce


There are many more features like review and rating, order tracking facility, referring your friends and get attractive discount on your next purchase of the meal, avail deals and discount running by particular restaurants. Restaurants (Vendors ) could also have the facility to authenticate the customer through OTP verification, quick sign up through the social media account into their panel, etc.


How can you create an online food ordering system?

CedCommerce offers you the ready-made online food delivery app development solution which is similar to Food Panda, Zomato clone script which is well optimized for both the web and mobile platform. CedCommerce provides you the customized app with your own brand name. Every customer will be able to order their food from multiple vendors, at the same time they could proceed with the payment, the admin will also earn commission from every order, the restaurant receives payment from admin, then the delivery staff of restaurant delivers the food to the respective customer.


Create Your Own Zomato



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