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Create Online Marketplace In India

Create Online Marketplace In India


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Are you planning to create online marketplace in India like Flipkart or Amazon?

Do you want to know the easiest way to start your own multivendor market place in India? If Yes then you are just few steps behind. We will explain how easily you can Create Online Marketplace in India like Flipkart,Amazon and can run just within a few hours.


“Step into the light with Indian Multivendor Marketplace



Scope of ecommerce website in India


India is now emerging as one of the leading countries in the world. The growth was induced by increasing use of devices such as tablets and smart phones , access to the internet through improved connectivity and increasing customer wealth are some of the main factor to encourage customers to shop online. Furthermore, favoured demographics and moreover, the Government of India has announced various initiatives like, Digital India, Make in India, Start-up India. Proper implementation of such programs will surely ensure the tremendous growth of ecommerce in India.

Recently in a milestone deal in the ecommerce chapter of India, Walmart acquired Flipkart in a whopping $16bn. This deal is a very clear trust vote for the potential of this sector. It would encourage more and more people to jump into the promising waters of ecommerce and leverage the benefits it has got to offer.



How ecommerce is helpful for your business?

Nowadays retail stores are facing more competition in terms of number of customers and profit. Retail stores must need to know about the expectation of the customer and through the online store builder they can find out the solutions through which they will get more customers and eventually more profits.


Would creating an online store in India be beneficial?

Well, I would like to say that yes creating your e-commerce website would be quite profitable. Infact starting an online multivendor marketplace would earn you more profit.

Multivendor or rather a multiseller marketplace has been one of the most eyeball grabbing business for new entrepreneurs.

A Multivendor Marketplace is an online store where multiple vendors come together to sell their products thus making the profit.

Let me give you an example:

You go to a shopping mall to get a good shirt for yourself. This mall contains multiple branded store selling shirts.

Now imagine a similar multivendor store online and the branded store’s sellers as the vendors selling their products on the multivendor e-commerce store.

This enables the customers to choose from a wide variety of options. This availability of options also plays a major role in driving traffic to your website.

Hence it is very clear why online marketplace in India is rising at fast pace over the days.



How a multivendor marketplace works?


There are basically three entities involved in a Multivendor Marketplace namely: admin, vendor, and customer. All the vendors are required to get themselves registered to the admin’s website in order to sell their products.

Multivendor marketplace provides for a smooth communication between the vendors and the customers. It allows customers to interact with multiple vendors. So, when customers place orders from the website the order is passed to the vendors and they dispatch the product to the customer. Customer can add multiple products from different sellers in one single order. The Admin (marketplace owner) makes money by commission fee on each successful transaction.


Create Online Marketplace In India


What are the best multivendor ecommerce platforms in India?


Platform acts as a foundation for your multivendor marketplace. You can refer the below link to have a more clear vision of choosing a platform.


Platform for Multivendor Marketplace in India


E-commerce Solution Provider

After considering all the requirements of Indian startup, CedCommerce is offering a complete solution named Indian Mutivendor Marketplace Package. With the help of this package, Website owners can convert their store into a feature rich multivendor marketplace.

Indian Mutivendor Marketplace package includes total 18 Addons.

Each Addon has its own unique features which provide the additional powerful functionality to the marketplace and makes it more convenient and automated for the vendors to use.


Marketplace Platinum Package


Key Features-


  • Enables the vendors to completely manage their orders create invoice, shipment, and so on.
  • Allows to create Configurable, Bundled and Grouped products.
  • Helps to impose extra commission on vendors to generate profit.
  • Helps to rate the performance and the products of vendors for the benefit of other customers.
  • Helps to log in the vendor panel using the accounts on the social sites.


Vendor Mass Import Export Addon


Key Features-

  • Allows to create all the 6 types of Magento products.
  • Easily upload & export CSV files and also support bulk image upload.
  • Support import & export for up sell, cross sell and related products.



Vendor RMA Addon [M2]


Key Features-

  • Guest and Registered users’ links to request view and update RMA.
  • Administrator Control to generate, edit and update RMA.
  • Administrator can set vendor controls for RMA.
  • Administrator and vendor both can control Time Limit for RMA.
  • Messaging System to influence better customer service.
  • RMA updates are listed sequentially to show step by step progress of RMA.


Vendor Select and Sell Addon [M2]


Key Features-

  • Multiple Vendors for Single Product
  • Sellers Price Comparison on Product page
  • Admin approval setting for selling existing products.
  • Vendor can search, select and sell existing Products


Vendor Spring Edge Sms Addon [M2]


Key Features-

  • Administrator control to send notification upon customer registration or vendor registration.
  • Administrator setting to send SMS over order placed, and order status change.
  • Vendors can also be notified if any of their products are sold.
  • Vendor will be notified at the time of Customer Registration, Vendor Registration, Vendor Approval/disapproval, Order Creation, Order status Change and Vendor Product Creation/ Deletion/Status Change.


Vendor Deals Addon [M2]


Key Features-

  • Create deals on Products
  • Shows deals view page
  • Show deal end timer with deal


Pincode Checker [M2]


Key Features-

  • All the information is provided right on the product view page
  • Checks if products can be delivered to a given zip code
  • Checks the availability of Cash on Delivery payment option.
  • Shows the expected days for delivery to a given zip code.


Wallet System [M2]


Key Features-

  • Wallet system behaves as an Online Payment Method.
  • Admin can enable/disable wallet for each and every customer.
  • Customer can easily credit his wallet and can pay for his desired product directly from wallet.
  • Admin can also add/deduct money from the wallet of every customer.
  • Admin can also do the Online refund by the help of Wallet System for Magento 2 and credit the amount into the customer’s Wallet System
  • Admin can view the customers who are using Wallet for making payment.


Customer Reward Management [M2]


Key Features-

  • Nurtures and establishes a healthy customer-seller relationship.
  • No fixed pattern for rewarding customers, admin may set any combination that works best for his business interests and wishes of customers .
  • Admin is entitled to change or discard any rule at any point.
  • Point redemption can be done easily at fronted.
  • Informs customer about his wallet balance or points after each successful purchase.


Vendor Promotion Rules Addon [M2]


Key Features-

  • Admin can enable or disable Vendor Promotion rules addon.
  • Vendor can set promotion rules for their products.
  • Rules created by admin will apply on all vendor’s products.



Multistep Vendor Registration Addon [M2]


Key Features-

  • Step-wise navigation for filling information.
  • Form Validation (to prevent users from filling invalid data).
  • Upload documents like ID Proof, PAN Card, etc.
  • Profile completion Progress Bar and notification mail for full profile completion.


Vendor Advance Transaction [M2]


Key Features-

  • Admin can set marketplace fees which will be adjusted from total payable amount of vendor.
  • Proper invoice will be generated and sent to vendor.
  • No restrictions on the number of fees which is to be charged.
  • Decided fee will be applied on all vendors.
  • Fee will be payable only for orders with status completed and also completed their payment cycle


Vendor Store Pickup [M2]


Key Features-

  • The vendor can create multiple pickup locations.
  • Customers can select stores at the time of checkout.
  • Customers can select the stores nearest to them.
  • Customer can search store and the result also gets displayed in Google Map as a pin marker.


Vendor Attribute Addon [M2]


Key Features-

  • Unique Attribute Code
  • Different Inputs Types are available like Drop down, Text, Textarea, Date, Multiselect, etc.
  • Input Validation and Sort Order of Input Fields


Vendor Messaging Addon [M2]


Key Features-

  • Vendor-Admin Chat or vice versa.
  • Vendor-Customer Chat or vice versa
  • Admin can send message to multiple customers/vendors by mass action.
  • Separate messaging section for the vendors to send or receive messages in their inbox.
  • Customers can interact with any vendor of their choice and ask anything about the products or services associated with the products.


Vendor Group Addon [M2]


Key Features-

  • Easily Manageable Configurations as per the Group.
  • Flexible Group-specific Commission Rates.
  • Group-wise Vendor Panel Accessible Resources.
  • Approval/Disapproval Settings on the basis of the Group.
  • Group-wise Allowed Categories.


Indian GST Magento 2 Extension [M2]


Key Features-

  • Applied GST appears on the order view, the invoice view, the credit memo view, the new order email and the PDFs.
  • Admin can set the GSTIN and can also view the GSTIN on the invoice and the credit memo.
  • Admin can enable or disable the GST.
  • Admin can select the tax rates of the respective product from the product creation page.


Vendor Advance Report Addon [M2]


Key Features-

  • It facilitates vendor to check Out of Stock, Sold Products, Product Views, Sales Report and Payment Report from vendor panel.
  • Vendor can also see his returned order reports if he had installed Vendor RMA Addon
  • Admin can see the Sales Report, Payment Report of all the vendor from admin panel.
  • Admin can also see the vendor’s return order’s report.


This Package will surely help you to boost up your sale.


Admin Capabilities-

  • Can create/manage vendors
  • Admin can approve/disapprove (manually or auto approval) vendor products.
  • Efficient management of traffic coming at website.
  • Admin can set the amount of commission, he wants to deduct from the vendor on each sold product item.


Vendor Capabilities-

  • View analytical sales report from dashboard.
  • View and edit his profile.
  • Add new products to the catalogue.
  • Manage products inventory.
  • View his orders and their current status.
  • View allowed shipping and payment methods.
  • View transaction history.
  • Send request to the admin for any payment.


Choosing the one that best satisfies your current requirement while leaving room for future scalability and customization is not an easy task.

So I would advise you to go through this great article where a detailed comparison of most popular multi-vendor marketplace extension have been made not only on the basis of price, features, GUI but also after sales services, extendibility and it’s future prospects towards m-commerce.

You can refer the following link in order to know more description, Popular e-commerce solution and Pricing etc.

Indian Multivendor Marketplace

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Start Indian Multivendor Marketplace



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