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What’s the best multi-seller Ecommerce Solution for Indian businesses?

What’s the best multi-seller Ecommerce Solution for Indian businesses?


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Since you’re reading this blog you must have already done your research on Indian ecommerce market and is now searching for the best Ecommerce Solution to launch your own online marketplace in India.


If you’re still uncertain whether it’s the right time to invest in e-commerce ventures in India, you should find the following stats valuable. Or you can skip to the real part, if you’ve already made up your mind.



Why invest in Ecommerce ventures in India?


India is one of the fastest evolving ecommerce markets worldwide. Millions of fresh web users are now exploiting low-cost mobile internet plans to exchange messages, connect on social media, stream videos, and indubitably, to shop.


As of 2015, only 26 percent of the native population had access to the internet, that’s almost ten folds the audience volume from the previous decade.


Recent market analysis projected mobile phone internet user penetration in India to reach 37.36 percent (635 million) of the population in 2021, representing a huge potential for digital and mobile buyer audience.



Ecommerce Solution

Source: Statista



More and more Indians are now accessing the web for the first time and have shown a willingness to make purchases on their smartphones.


Therefore, a strong growth is expected over the coming years as increasing numbers of consumers go online for the first time, largely through smartphones.


Digital buyers in India are expected to grow to 329.1 million by 2020 when 70.7% of internet users will be shopping online.



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Source: Statista



The whole point of bombarding you with stats and figures was to prove that the Ecommerce landscape in India is quite hot and now is an optimum time to invest in ventures online.


Which Ecommerce Solution is best for your business?


Selecting an Ecommerce platform is one of the most important aspects of selling your stuff online, but it also happens to be one of the most challenging, thanks to the sheer abundance of platforms available today.


One such influential platform is the Magento ecommerce that has brought a revolution in the Ecommerce landscape worldwide.


It has got what every online business owner is looking for: world-class features, mobile-friendly theme, 24/7 customers engagement, future-proof to name a few.


This platform has crossed over a million downloads and is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the digital marketplace.


Magento is a sophisticated ecommerce solution that offers a blend of scalability, flexibility, and extensibility right at your fingertips.



What makes Magento the leading Ecommerce Solution?


Here are my top 10 reasons:


Magento Is Open Source. Yes, it’s Free!

Magento Community Edition is a completely open source ecommerce solution and apparently has the largest community of active developer than any other e-commerce platforms on the internet.


Magento is free to download and install. You can tweak the source code any way you want to suit the requirements of your business.


If you require even higher security standards and support you can always opt for the Enterprise Edition.


Tailor-made For E-commerce


Magento’s core features make building e-commerce sites a real breeze. Some of Magento’s key e-commerce features are:


  • User Dashboards
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced shipping and supplier management
  • Allows bundling of products
  • Built-in cross-sell and upsell capabilities
  • CMS option
  • Newsletters


Freedom To Choose Hosting Service


Magento even allows you to pick the hosting service you want unlike other ‘made for e-commerce’ platforms like Shopify or Volusion. This provides flexibility of switching hosting services whenever necessary.

Moreover, you can even enjoy the convenience of a hosted platform with Magento Go which offers all the benefits of the Community edition.


Magento Does Not Forfeit You For Scaling Up

Unlike other e-commerce platforms that charge you for every little addition of feature and enhancement to your site, it’s not a problem with Magento. You can add as many features as you want to your site for FREE.


Easy To Plug and Play Third-Party Extensions


Service providers of other e-commerce platforms constrain the integration of third-party plugins and often charge a substantial amount for the same.
There’s no such restriction imposed by Magento, it has a big heart and everyone is invited to the party.


Modular And Customizable


Its extremely modular technology lets you develop stunning front-end designs and deliver an amazing customer experience by altering or installing layouts and templates of your preference.

Moreover, the backend can be redesigned to suit your custom business need by rewriting code, modifying events and grids.


Blazingly Fast


Websites cannot afford to load slowly anymore. Users want web pages to load instantly before it gets annoying.

Magento uses Varnish that allows you to easily cache your pages, retrieve data from hulking databases in a twinkle, processes queries in coup and load pages fast enough to charm your impatient customers.


Built For SEO


Magento saves you the hassle of creating SEO optimized URLs, meta tags, descriptions, URL rewrites, site maps, navigation and category structures and much more. Its SEO optimized source code ensures that your site is search engines friendly.


Responsive and Mobile Ready

HTML5 capabilities of Magento gives your mobile site complete audio-visual and drag and drop capabilities, gesture-based controls as well as image scaling for diverse screen resolutions.


Centralised Backend System


While almost every other e-commerce platform you can operate only one store per system but with Magento, you can run multiple websites(each with multiple stores and custom layout and design) running on the same common backend system.


Go International With Magento


With Magento’s multi-currency and multi-lingual support you can delight customers from your local town to the opposite end of the planet. There’s no one stopping from ruling internationally by target users across the globe.


You can even check the websites of world-renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Ford, Olympus, Vizio, Nestle Nespresso. All of them are built on Magento and have been delivering an optimum customer experience for a long time.


Magento offers you all the features that you need to build a perfect store for your customers, but it’s only a single seller eCommerce platform by default.


In order to exercise full-fledged marketplace capabilities, you’ll need to annex features that would allow multiple third-party sellers to operate their store without much hassle and give the store owner enough privileges to easily administer the multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace.


CedCommerce Indian Multivendor Marketplace solutions for Magento 2, designed and optimized considerings the current needs and projected prospects of Indian ecommerce market, will allow you to deliver an engaging shopping experience, build brand excitement and earn you game-changing conversions.



How CedCommerce E-commerce Platforms Solution eases the process of operating an online marketplace in India?


Multifaceted Online Marketplace

With CedCommerce marketplace eCommerce solutions, you can execute any kind of multi-seller business idea. Be it B2C, B2B, or C2C, it has everything you need to create any type of marketplace imaginable and facilitate buying and selling of physical goods, digital stuff(subscriptions, ebooks, music, etc), services(booking, rentals, and appointments).


GST Ready Marketplace

Easily align your online store’s taxation and accounting processes is compliant with the latest Indian GST tax regime and streamline your business in the country’s burgeoning eCommerce market. GST compliant invoices with sellers’ GSTIN and products HSN code and automatic state-wise tax calculation during checkout will allow you easily carry out your business under this new taxation system.


Flexible Commission Management

Advanced options to manage marketplace fees for sellers and commission on each sale of their products. The store owner has the liberty to set custom commision based on product type, their category, seller group( wholesaler, retailer, etc) and for the individual seller as well.


Advanced Seller Panel

Every seller who registers on your marketplace gets their own personalized seller panel from where they can manage their inventory, process orders and view payments. Details analytics and sales report can view from the dashboard making it easy for the sellers to keep track of their business.


Mobile Optimized

CedCommerce online marketplace solutions offer a fully responsive website which runs seamlessly on every device not only desktop but also mobile phone and tablets offering outstandingly smooth user experience to visitors regardless of the devices they are using.


Buyer and Seller Mobile Apps

Dedicated mobile apps for sellers as well as customers supporting Android and iOS platforms. Through the app, sellers can easily manage their stores and be up to date with of all their sales through push notification support.


Digital Wallet System

Every popular website like Amazon or Flipkart supports online wallet feature where customers can recharge their online wallet, make the purchase with wallet money, request refund money to their online wallet and transfer wallet money to their bank account.


SLA Ready


Seller Level Agreement or SLA is the contract that specifies all terms and condition between marketplace owner and its co-sellers. Set fined will be imposed on sellers who fail to acknowledge or dispatch their product in agreed time thus maintaining the desired level of service in your marketplace.


Customer Engagement Programs

Increase your customer retention by offering them reward points for shopping on your websites which they can utilize as a discount in their future purchases.
Registered customers can even earn points for referring your sites to their friends and family. These features will help you increase your customer base, drive sales and generate higher revenue.


Seamless Buyer-Seller Interaction

Majority of online shoppers needs live assistance to assist them in finding the right product or some other queries. Customers can chat with the sellers of the respective product or brand through integrate chat and email support and resolve any doubt in real time. Moreover, sellers and customers are kept updated about their orders through SMS as well.


Varied Payment and Logistics Options

Choose from an array of conventional and alternative marketplace payment solutions like Cash on Delivery, credit card payment, PayPal, Stripe and many more.

Flexibility to integrate as many logistics providers like Bluedart, UPS, FedEx, etc along with non API based shipping methods where custom delivery charges can be configured for various pin codes.


The list doesn’t even end here. There are several rich plugins offered by CedCommerce which are designed to enhance the overall performance of the Magento multi vendor marketplace and deliver an optimum selling and buying user experience.



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