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World animal day 2021: 5 ‘Paw-fect’ strategies to increase sales

World animal day 2021: 5 ‘Paw-fect’ strategies to increase sales


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World animal day 2021 is just around the corner! A golden opportunity has come knocking on your retailer doors! Either you are an animal enthusiast, pet shop owner or worker, anyone can start selling online. A day to celebrate pet rights and welfare, it just might ‘feed’ two birds with one ‘scope’. To simplify, retailers might make the sales of their lives while providing top-notch products for the ‘furry felines’. Such joy is inevitable! Pet industry has boomed over the last few years. A pandemic outbreak didn’t slow it down.
This blog will show you retail strategies to increment revenues via sales. It will also talk about products of the top genre, which are popular among shoppers.

Strategies to maximize retailer sales

A report by Gminsights claims that the pet care market has witnessed a growth rate of 6.8% from last year (2020). Living with a pandemic, apart from few shipping and delivery restrictions, the pet industry continues to prosper. World Animal day 2021 might be a good chance for e-tailers to jump in for new trends and market dynamism.

Below are few sales strategies to help sellers understand the animal market better:

  • Sell on ‘awareness’ grounds

    To target your audiences’ ‘soft spots’, selling on ‘moral grounds’ might not be a bad idea (especially for a good cause!).
    Few reports on shark and minke whale killing are of the many unreported ones! Retailers can use such facts and figures to attract shoppers. For instance, more than 8 million dogs are killed for meat, every year, in China. Online stores that list products like dog food and their apparels might use such reports. This might attract more ‘woke’ shoppers and hence increase website traffic.

  • Sponsor charities, events and animal campaigns

    Another valuable strategy can be usage of sponsorship programs. There are many charities and events that get organized on Animal day in October. Retailers can extend their ‘sponsorship support’ to such campaigns. In return, this technique might just increase brand promotion and awareness.

  • Use Google shopping and related tools

    Retailers can use ‘Google shopping’ to sell their products online this World Animal day 2021!
    The question is, why this selling platform? Let’s understand!
    For instance, a new retailer wants to start their animal online business on this day. Google trends will locate both global and local trending pet items. Google merchant center will help with ‘seller’s online shopping setup’.
    However, a retailer already selling on a different platform, can opt Google shopping too. Free listing allows ‘free display’ of products on it (No-commission-charge policy).
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  • Giveaways, contests and quizzes

    Brain teasers are another great technique to induce shopper engagement and interaction. Contests and quizzes on topics like identification, global ‘animal knowledge’ or even the ones on animal ‘comparison’ and ‘preference’. Arrangement of giveaways might bring in more audience. This will help to increase traffic, leads and eventual conversion on retailers’ websites.

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  • Creative CTAs for urgency

    Retailers should include such Call-to-action (CTAs) that create a sense of urgency. The basic focus ,with CTAs, is on lead generation and conversion!
    A retailer website can place such CTAs on all potential folds of landing pages and product pages (including others,if any). An urgency can result in impulsive purchases. A shopper’s nature might vary if contradicted on moral ground

Popular pet products and their current ‘best’ sellers

World Animal day 2021 just might be ‘the right time’ to start your online pet business. A report shows about 1.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 chipped in from the pet market sales in the economy!

Among multiple genre choices, there are few which stand out. Below is one of the most popular pet products sold around globally. For new market players, this list might help you decide your ‘retailer niche’. As a bonus, the products’ list also mentions current top sellers in their product line. Pet market is flexible in nature. Those current sellers might not stay on the ‘top list’ for too long. That position will be for up grabs!

  • Food

    Royal canin sells their food items on multiple online and offline platforms. The pet food market recently went into a crisis of underproduction. Such overdemand came due to online shopping amidst the pandemic’s lockdown.

  • Accessories

    Items like toys, leashes and litter boxes are few of the many add-ons a pet needs. ‘Petloversclub’ is believed to have one of the best pet accessories among other amenities. Check out their website here!

  • Basic necessities

    The 2020 Australian wildfire couldn’t bring more attention towards pets’ safety. From food bowls to wildfire-friendly yard space, all come under basic necessities. Fluff Trough has a good, global list of customers.

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  • Clothing

    Pet clothing is the ‘new trend’ in the market. Costumes, ‘paw-wears’ and ear plugs are not only popular but also might protect pets from perils. Lucy and Co. sell one of the most thoughtful and cute pet clothing!

  • ‘Viral’ pet gears

    With an online presence, retailers can find more about creative and ‘viral’ pet gears. Though they might stay for a short period of time, selling trendy items may bring in sudden profits! Wide one makes subtle pet gears of many types. World animal day 2021 might bring in plenty of cute animal outfits!

  • Unprescribed Medication

    Medicine ventures for items like vitamins, oils, and supplements that don’t need a doctor’s prescription, are gradually becoming popular these days. PetHonesty sells healthy medication for animals.


If you’re still reading this, it’s safe to assume you know enough about animal welfare and its retailer benefits. World Animal day 2021 is celebrated to appreciate animal existence!

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