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How to create great product listing on Amazon?

How to create great product listing on Amazon?


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Selling your products on Amazon is a great way to expand your online exposure, which leads to an increase in visits, boost conversions, and eventually grow your sales resulting in maximization of profits. To get the best out of Amazon. You must optimize your product listings. Here are a few tips and takes that help you succeed in a great Amazon Product Listing.

Optimize for Amazon SEO:

Amazon is a marketplace, we all know, but it’s also a high search engine by default. Amazon receives more than 2 Billion Visits per month, that search for a product or two. The high volume of search queries has made amazon put search algorithms at the back end to determine what products to display when a search query is made. It makes it necessary for sellers to be aware of best SEO practices on Amazon. Attributes like title, description, subtitle, questions & answers, reviews, and pictures all together affect how a product will rank.

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You will need some keywords exclusively for Amazon than you do for Google. Remember that people searching on Amazon have high purchase intent, which can impact the keywords they use to search (also covered in the above blog).

Product Title:

Most of the product categories on Amazon have a product title character limit of 250. Make sure you aren’t shy about using the space. Include all the key attributes of the product that can fit for being the title. It is the header of your product and can’t leave buyers clueless. Just remember to keep the title comprehensible. You can also add any USP you would like to be in the title to give it an edge over competitors. Do include the priority target keyword that can add the value of your claim.

How to create great product listing on Amazon

How to create excellent product listing on Amazon: Create a dead-accurate title encompassing all the item-critical data. Image Source:

Product features:

Amazon gives you another avenue to talk about your product. Ideally, you can put four to six points as features of your product, though the official character limit is that of 1000. So if your product is highly technical or features rich, you would not run out of space to list its features. Few tips for writing better product features

  • Try to write features, as buyers would like to read them.
  • Make sure your USP’s and top features are on top.
  • Write about what your product is made of.
  • Write about the problems that your product addresses.
  • Write about any after-sales service you provide with the product.

Product Description Guidelines:

This the perfect place where you would go about freely talking about your product without thinking if that was too much. Amazon gives you a character count of 2000 to describe your product. Here you can cover what you have missed on earlier or might throw extra light on features you want buyers to take note of. Here are few tips to get the best of Product descriptions.

  • Do not use Jargons that buyers might find unfriendly to read.
  • Keep the sentences short and crispy.
  • Make sure you don’t miss out on any feature you skipped in other fields.
  • Use keywords while writing the description to make it search-friendly.
  • This is the best place to add a touch of storytelling about your products.
  • You can quickly compare your products with your competitors too.
How to create great product listing on Amazon

How to create excellent product listing on Amazon: Stating the significant benefits, applications and sprinkling it with relevant keywords increase the visibility as well. Image Source:

ProTip: Use Amazon A+ content to optimize the product listings in a way that lets you rank top on the search result page of Amazon

Product Rating:

The reviews count a lot, as they sum up to give you ratings. A rating juggling between four or five is considered good and implies buyers are happy and satisfied with your products. However, times can be bad too, and you might struggle with good ratings. In such a case, here are few tips.

  • Try to figure out the pain points of buyers. If there is any scope of improvement in the product, act on it at once.
  • You must gather feedback from buyers through automated email campaigns. This might help in resolving their issues before they leave a negative review.
  • Try to gather more reviews, and it might balance the odds with better ones coming in.

Product Images:

Amazon allows you to use up to 9 images, including the lead image. Make the best of it and use them all. Ecommerce being a virtual platform, buyers don’t get feel by the touch of product. Hence product images play a very crucial role. They give a window to buyers how your product looks—some factors to keep in mind for product images on Amazon.

  • Your images must be at least 1000px in width and 500px in height, so they don’t scatter when zoomed in.
  • Try that your product fills on about 85% of the lead image space.
  • Invest in a professional photographer to get you high-resolution images.
  • The lead image must have a plain white background.
  • Images of your product should follow it through different angles.
  • Including an image with a product packaged is also a good idea.
  • Another high image would be showing your product in use.

Main images should only have an actual product, and not its accessories in focus, or any text, graphics, watermark, logos, infographics.

Amazon accepts JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), or GIF (.gif) file formats. JPEG is preferred.

How to create great product listing on Amazon

How to create excellent product listing on Amazon: It is pertinent to upload a clear main image and other secondary images revealing different aspects of the product. Image Source:

Following the best practices and applying the tips discussed above can give your products a fair chance for higher visibility, which will lead to more conversions. Users on the marketplace already have higher purchase intent, and resonating content can push them towards a checkout. Be sure; you don’t miss on these must do’s on amazon.

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