how to sell on Shopify
Unboxing – How to sell on Shopify & How to Run Shopify Business

Unboxing – How to sell on Shopify & How to Run Shopify Business


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Now that you’re done developing your Shopify store from the scratch, it’s time to start selling on the internet! But the question is – how to build a successful business on Shopify? There are uncountable sellers on the internet and you must be toiling between how to run your Shopify business better than them? With an effective Shopify marketing strategy, you can do much better than them. The blog is not just about how to sell on Shopify, in the end, there is a list waiting for you that’s going to help you in figuring out what to sell on Shopify. 

How to run a Shopify business better than your competitors depends on your Shopify marketing strategy. Let’s have a look at multiple facets of the Shopify marketing strategy. 

Shopify Marketing Strategy – Your Guide to Sell on Shopify Efficiently –

Let’s make one thing clear – your strategy should include both – organic and paid ways of promoting your store. If you’re depending entirely on organic ways then you’ve got to be patient. If you’re just using paid promotions then your traffic won’t last for long! 

For your convenience, we have divided the Shopify marketing strategy into 2 parts – Organic and inorganic ways. Depending on your target audience, budget, and products you can shortlist ideas for your store’s promotion. 

Organic Ways of Shopify Marketing Strategy –

Organic marketing is best used to give your brand a strong voice, enable authentic interactions with your store visitors, convert visitors into customers, and drive traffic to your Shopify store. Below are some organic ways that are going to help you to run Shopify business in better and efficient ways. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – It might sound heavy, but at the end of the day it’s all about keyword research, and how well you place them throughout your store. If you want to know how to sell on Shopify better than your competitors, then you’ve got to make your SEO game strong and dynamic. Online shoppers search incessantly for a product to match their intent. All you need to do is optimize it to match what online shoppers are searching for. Although you begin with keywords, the SEO game is a staged strategy that should be dynamic and well under observation. 

    If you think eCommerce SEO is like mainstream SEO, you’re wrong! Proof

  2. Be Active on Social Media – Treat your store and social media pages as your baby, feed it daily! Then you’ll probably know how to run Shopify business better than your competition. Feeding simply means – to stay active and keep posting stuff all over the internet. 
    shopify marketing strategy
    Depending on your product, you can pick up social media channels. You’ll avoid picking up LinkedIn for your apparel store right? 
    Then come up with a great temple and start posting on social media regularly. 

    Click here to know how to sell on Shopify by integrating social media with your store!

    You can incorporate social media buttons into your product pages. So that consumers can share products with their social connection. This is a great Shopify marketing strategy for sellers who want to give their store a 360-degree look.

  3. Build Links – If you want to increase your store’s authority, start building links in your Shopify store. Search engines value quality over quantity, a solid link from a highly-visited website can bring loads of traffic to your Shopify store.
    how to sell shopify
    Strategic internal linking is equally important. It increases the overall search-optimized value of your store and produced clear navigation, prolonged sessions for customers. By constant internal linking, you will be able to build an authentic Shopify store and a good SEO. 
  4. Match URLs to Titles – Now you must be wondering how can this be a solution of how to sell on Shopify? Matching URLs to product titles might not bring you fresh leads. But from a customer’s point of view, it’s of utmost importance.
    Never use an automated means of page creation because of it’s long, never-ending series of random numbers and alphabets. If you’re selling blue color sneakers, then your URL should be – /blue-sneakers-for-men rather than /123673597AVBXES. 
  5. Compelling Content Throughout Your Store – There are endless possibilities where you can win customer’s trust and captivate them through engaging content. Meta descriptions, blogs, product titles, and their descriptions, About us page, etc are the areas where you need to work on your content. 
    Write compelling copies for your products, blog articles, and meta descriptions to capture customer’s attention towards your products! 
  6. Email Marketing – That’s an important part of the Shopify marketing strategy! Great emails have more chances to convert as compared to ads that are shown to general audiences! 
    A great email with a catchy subject line and email body can help you in generating leads for your store. 

How to Run Shopify Business Through Paid Ways – 

Paid marketing allows you to target, reach, engage, and convert your audience quickly and directly. Instead of waiting for someone to visit your store through organic search, you can push your store to reach your target audience. LEt’s explore how to sell on Shopify by using paid methods of promotions – 

  1. Tie-up With a Pop-Up Store – In the lights of COVID-19, Shopify figured out an alternative approach to shipping products – curbside pickup. Customers can drive by the storefront to pick up a product – without ever having to leave their cars. You can either tie-up with a pop-up or build one and become an omnichannel seller!
  2. Automate Your Store – Store automating is a software built to convert tasks, processes, and/or campaigns within your business to automation that intelligently execute when needed. It can take different forms like tagging customers for segmentation and marketing, visual merchandising, and a lot more. 
    how to run shopify business
    If you’re a new seller, then going for automation might not be a wise choice. In this case, you can start with the very basic step – install a chatbot. Chatbots ensure that your store is always open to customers even when you’re having a nice and sound sleep! 
  3. Collaborating with Influencers – Will answer your question – how to run Shopify business better than your competition. Influencers have a strong and loyal fan following. Anything that they promote, their fans are most likely to try the same thing! That’s the level of trust influencers have with their followers. 
    While your competitors are busy with ads, you can simply reach out to influencers and ask for paid promotions. That’s how how you sell on Shopify effectively!
  4. Create Urgency Through Promotions & Discounts – You sure have faced a situation of abandoned carts – where customers add products to their carts but they never complete shopping from your store. 
    In this case, you can play with the buyer’s psychology and create urgency. There are a number of free and paid apps available on Shopify’s app store that helps you in cart recovery, managing promotion, and discount campaigns. 
  5. Add Relevant Call to Action Buttons – Every online store has an add to cart button but what makes them different? The answer lies in carefully placing the CTA buttons throughout the website. 
    Click here to learn the art & science of a good call-to-action button!
    There are stores that offer a spin-wheel where you get either a discount coupon or free delivery. Then there are stores that convince you to share your email ID to get an assured gift. That’s the magic of call-to-action buttons! 

Secret Ingredient to Sell Better is Multichannel Selling –

Multichannel retailing is the practice of selling your products on more than one sales channel. It’s about moving beyond your Shopify store and exploring global marketplaces. Every seller is selling products through their Shopify store, but only some think of scaling up with marketplace integrations. 

Multichannel selling is not only a great Shopify marketing strategy, but it’ll teach you everything about how to run your Shopify business, how to scale your store, and how to make it a global brand. 

There are 60+ global marketplaces where you can showcase your products to millions of people. Marketplaces like – AliExpress, eBay, Walmart, Etsy Lazada, Overstock, Google Shopping, Manomano, Catch, Facebook Shop gives you wings to have a smooth Shopify journey.

Reach out to Shopify experts to get a free consultation on multichannel selling! 

What To Sell on Shopify? | Helping You to Get a Great Product Idea!

Here is a bonus. If you’re still skeptical about what to sell on Shopify, these points will help you in finding the right product for your store. 

  1. Start with What You Have – Before you start searching the internet, it’s always better to start with the ideas that you already have. Maybe a piece of paper is waiting where you’ve made a half-plan for your Shopify store. 
  2. Your Community – Paying attention to trends in brick-and-mortar stores and adapting them to eCommerce can be the eureka moment for you! Look around your community and take note of what new retail concepts people are gossiping about. 
  3. Product & Trend Discovery Sites – It’s not only going to help you with what to sell on Shopify but if you’re keeping an eye on the trends, it’ll also help you to run Shopify business in better ways. 
    Sites like Uncreate and AHALife are great ways to see daily product trends. Don’t forget to consider Google trends to know what are users searching for on the internet. 
  4. Online Marketplaces – Then you have Amazon Mover & Shakers – it displays the biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours. Then there is AliExpress Popular that reveals the most purchased products. With these insights, you’ll surely get answers to what to sell on Shopify. 
  5. Social Forum Communities – Reddit and Quora are the places where you’re most likely to see users engaging in questions and topics of all kinds. To know what to sell on Shopify, you can participate in spaces and Reddit communities and you’ll get a fair idea about what’s trending amongst the audience.
  6. Your Competition – Isn’t that obvious? Your competitors not only teach how to sell on Shopify, but they can be helpful in figuring out what to sell on your store! 

Summing Up – 

So this was all about how to sell on Shopify. One major takeaway should be – there is no secret formula on how to run a Shopify business. It’s about experimenting and combining your best practices. 

You can anytime reach out to Shopify experts and discuss your pain points, but entrepreneurship and eCommerce are all about carving plans, executing them, analyzing, and assessing the results. 

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