A WooCommerce special: 6 tools to increase your sales on 12.12

A WooCommerce special: 6 tools to increase your sales on 12.12


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Right after the chaotic sales worth $30.8 Bn happened during Alibaba’s 11.11 Singles day, another massive sale is just lining up in the region of Southeast Asia, which is the Double 12 or 12.12. In other words, there will be a flood of orders coming your way, Missing out on these days will be a huge mistake. as sales volumes are generally 10 times higher during these days. Stay with us to know the tools that will help you to increase your sales on 12.12.

A big question, how are you gonna handle these insane sales digits, right?

Well, Relax and stay with us to know the 6 necessary must-have tools that will allow your Woocommerce store to sell more efficiently in a centralized way.

A quick rewind about the 12.12 sales

Back in 2014, Lazada along with other marketplaces like Zalora came up with an online shopping revolution. The event later proved to be an astonishing success.

Since then, 12.12 is celebrated as one of the biggest online shopping fests of the Southeast Asian market.

In other words, the impact of this shopping carnival quickly spread all over the Southeast Asian region as several other marketplaces like Shopee, Asos, and Aliexpress jumped into it, Creating a rush of sales.

Some previous year sales stats on 12.12

Web traffic was almost 4-5 times more than usual.

60% unique visitors joined last year on 12.12 sales.

The average order value (AOV) was of SGD 125 or US $92.

While the actual sales stats have not been released recently, 322 million packages were sent. As a result, sales on the day in 2018, which was a 33% increase YOY.

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Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, and Asos were the top marketplaces that produced massive sales during this period.

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Here are the 6 tools that will skyrocket you Woocommerce store sales

As the hype in sales during the festive season just keep on rising, it becomes very difficult for Woocommerce sellers who are selling in more than one region of Southeast Asia, to manage their multiple stores. Here are the 6 necessary tools that will surely help you in selling more efficiently and smoothly. Some major benefits of using these tools are:

Increased brand reach: Selling on Southeast Asian eCommerce giants like Lazada, Shopee and Qoo10 will increase your brand reach with a significant number. You will be able to dominate a large group of people with your products and in such an emerging marketplace of Southeast Asia, it will bring 5 times more awareness to your brand.

Organized selling saves time: Well having to manage multiple stores is a hectic process itself. Having to log in and out, again and again, is very inconvenient and a lengthy process.

More revenues in a smarter way: With brand reach comes huge revenues. The more people get to know about your products, the more sales will occur. With more sales, comes more orders.

So, Can i handle these sales and revenues in a centralized way? Yes, you can!

With the help of these tools, manage your WooCommerce stores centrally without getting stressed about managing different stores at once.

1) Lazada Woocommerce Multi-account Integration

Considering the complications that occur during the selling process, Cedcommerce has come up with the Lazada Woocommerce Multi-account Integration. Above all, the integration facilitates you to connect your multiple accounts of Lazada into a single platform.tools to increase woocommerce sales
Now you don’t have to worry about logging in and out again, managing prices and inventories on different platforms. In addition, you can manage multiple Lazada accounts from a single centralized platform and this all comes at a very budget-friendly cost. now it’s time to make your impact on Lazada and increase your sales on 12.12.

Key features of Woocommerce Lazada Multi-account Integration :

  • Profile Based Product Upload: It will allow you to upload your products based upon your profile.
  • Automated Product Inventory Synchronization: Automate the process of product inventory upload and price synchronization on your Lazada store.
  • Crons: Cron job automates the process to fetch Lazada Orders from Lazada to WooCommerce Store.

2) Shopee Woocommerce Multi-account Integration

Talking about Southeast Asian marketplaces without Shopee is like talking about Avengers without Iron man.

In other words, Shopee is one of the most prominent marketplaces of Southeast Asia and after choosing Cristiano Ronaldo (the most followed person on Instagram) as their brand representative, Shopee is reaching new heights.

Many of the Woocommerce sellers who are operating their stores in Southeast Asian different regions. Find it difficult to manage all the accounts at once, especially in the festive period.

Well, our Shopee Woocommerce multi-account integration will allow you to connect your different Shopee stores at a single place. Above all, manage multiple shopee accounts in a centralized way and increase your sales on 12.12

tools to increase woocommerce sales

Some key features Shopee Woocommerce Multi-account Integration:

  • Profile Based Product Upload: Allows the profile-based product upload on the Shopee Marketplace.
  • Automated Product Inventory Synchronization: Automated product inventory and price synchronization on Shopee.
  • Crons: Cron job automates the process to fetch Shopee Orders from Shopee to WooCommerce Store.

3) Qoo10 Woocommerce multi-account Integration

Qoo10, formerly known as GMarket, operates its eCommerce marketplaces across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, mainland China, and Hong Kong, and on one international online marketplace.

That’s a lot of regions to sell into, isn’t it?

For instance, managing price inventory and orders on different Qoo10 stores is always a hectic process. Well, we got your back with our Qoo10 Woocommerce multi-account integration, which helps you to sell your Qoo10 products on all the regions across Southeast Asia at a single place and will help you to increase sales on 12.12 as well.tools to increase woocommerce sales

Salient features of Qoo10 Woocommerce multi-account Integration are:

  • Profile Based Product Upload: Allows the profile-based product upload on the Qoo10 Marketplace.
  • Automated Product Inventory Synchronization: Automated product inventory and price synchronization on Qoo10.
  • Crons: Cron job automates the process to fetch Qoo10 Orders from Qoo10 to WooCommerce Store.

So these were the multi-account integration that helped you in centralizing all your marketplaces accounts located in different regions of Southeast Asia.

Well, What If you are not having multiple accounts, but prefer to sell in a single region of Southeast Asia by combining your store to big names like Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10.

So, here are the 3 necessary tools that you need, to integrate your Woocommerce store to the most prominent marketplace of Southeast Asia.

4) Lazada Integration For WooCommerce

The annual shopping carnival of singles day or the 11.11, Lazada created a humongous sales of $20.8 Billion in just 24 hours. In other words, shattering all previous records of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and even its own record of previous years.

Doesn’t matter If you are a seller or not stats like these would’ve given you hysteria for sure.

How to start selling your products on Lazada from your Woocommerce store?

Cedcommerce’s Lazada Integration for Woocommerce will allow you to integrate your woocommerce store to the Lazada marketplace. In addition, you get connected with Southeast Asia’s largest marketplace. With this integration, you will be able to manage both of your stores in a centralized place.

tools to increase woocommerce sales

Key features of the app are:

  • Profile-based product upload
  • Product Category Mapping
  • Email Notification
  • Automated Shipment
  • Automated Synchronization
  • Auto Acknowledgement of Order
  • Bulk Upload System

5) Shopee integration for WooCommerce

One of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms of Southeast Asia, Shopee has emerged itself as the most worthy competitor of Lazada.

In conclusion, Shopee was described as one of the “5 disruptive eCommerce startups we saw in 2015 by Tech In Asia.

How can be a seller miss out on a chance on selling on a platform like Shopee?

With Shopee integration for WooCommerce, you can easily list, sell and manage your products of WooCommerce on Shopee in a much efficient and centralized way.

tools to increase woocommerce sales

Highlight features of the integration are: 

  • Profile-based product upload
  • Product Category Mapping
  • Automated Shipment
  • Automated Synchronization
  • Bulk Upload System

6) Qoo10 integration for WooCommerce

Qoo10 is the third most downloaded eCommerce in Southeast Asia in the Q3 of 2019. Gaining 25% of the web market share, Qoo10 is scaling its business at a very rapid rate and on a large scale. However, Selling on Qoo10 could prove to be a big success after seeing its emergence rate.

With Cedcommerce’s Qoo10 Woocommerce Integration, your way to effortless and centralized selling on Qoo10 is just a few clicks away. Get the integration and start selling right away,tools to increase woocommerce sales

Profile Based Product Upload: It allows the profile-based product upload on the Qoo10.my marketplace.

Auto-sync Price and Inventory: Real-time synchronization of product inventory and product price.

Crons: Cron job automates the process for Inventory, Price and Order management.

Product Operation: It allows admin to perform product related tasks such as product upload, and product view using a bulk management system.

Manage Qoo10 Orders: It allows admin to import orders from the Qoo10 Marketplace to convert it into regular WooCommerce Orders and Shipments.

To Conclude

Now, you are aware of the 6 necessary tools that will surely gonna increase your sales this 12.12.

Give it a go and enjoy the most profitable festive season you ever had while selling in the Southeast Asian region.

I hope that this article gave you the necessary information that you were looking for.

Wishing you all the luck, growth and prosperity for the festive season sales.

Having any query regarding the tools? Leave it here in the comment section.

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