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Why Should You Start Selling in ASEAN?

Why Should You Start Selling in ASEAN?


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Counting more than 630 million people, Southeast Asia is often considered as the next gold-rush of eCommerce hub.

Said to possess the world’s third enormous population, the Southeast Asia region unveils tremendous expansion opportunities for SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) across ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

SEA ecommerce retail market volume

Researches from Statista reflect Indonesia to be the highest growing eCommerce Southeast Asia market forecasted to reach 52% by 2025. With increasing internet penetration and a middle-class population, eCommerce in Southeast Asia is projected to set a healthy foot by 2025.

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What’s Inside the Package?

  1. Southeast Asia Market Trends – You Should Know.
  2. Southeast Asia eCommerce- Digital Landscape
  3. Top Marketplaces – You Should Sell On
  4. Lucrative Surprises – SEA Sellers

As per the reports of Google and Temasek Holdings, Southeast Asia’s digital market is said to exceed US$300 billion by 2025. Which brings us to the fact that there is no better time to dive into ASEAN’s eCommerce industry than NOW.southeast asia ecommerce

The image by Frost Analysis above portrays the division of eCommerce in various regions such as the U.S., China, and ASEAN, along with their expected growth in the year 2019.

Giving more power to Sellers, CedCommerce enables retailers to outreach their products’ in the SEA market.

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Furthermore, online sales are expected to hit more than $70bn by 2020. Although, the ASEAN market cannot match China’s $500bn market, yet it will continue to allure a lot of international retailers out there.

With the passing of 2019, the ASEAN eCommerce structure holds a tremendous grip over Singapore in forming the threshold for advancement in digital regulation and the growth of millennials in the Southeast Asia region.

Besides, the potential of eCommerce in Southeast Asia is tremendous. As a result, the ASEAN governments are rigid in terms of taxation and any such issues which might impact SMEs in the Southeast Asian region.


The no-tax rule over goods and services of $400 or less enables the cross-border trade among the population of Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. As a result of every other person in ASEAN buys something online from foreign countries.

Southeast Asia eCommerce- Digital Landscape

The eCommerce in ASEAN (Association of Southeast East Asian Nations) has outpaced the digital industry in Southeast Asia. With their ever-rising internet users, the eCommerce landscape of Southeast Asia has shown tremendous growth in the past years. Having reached more than 330 million Internet users, the six largest economies in the ASEAN eCommerce market have outlined to continue at an annual rate of 17.7% until 2020.


SEA ecommerce retail market volume

The sources from the World Bank above depicts the ever-growing internet users from 2015 to 2020. With such impressive digital remarks across Southeast Asia, the eCommerce in ASEAN has always been profitable for all the newbie and veterans in the industry.


Besides, internet users tend to drive massive growth in terms of ASEAN eCommerce even though mobile internet penetration hasn’t quite hit the halfway point yet. The whole lot of new internet users in the Southeast Asia mobile-first and often mobile-only.


The tremendous mobile usage in Southeast Asia has made online commerce even easier. The Facebook groups, Youtube channels, and all other digital platforms tend to bind the sellers and buyers together. Thus, making their communication way quicker and easy. Make sure your website is well-designed and works seamlessly both on mobile and desktop views.

An average Southeast Asian spends 3.6 hours over the internet every day, which makes the ASEAN eCommerce mobile-first and mobile-only economy.

As per the data from Hootsuite, the online sellers must target those belonging to the age group of 18-44 since these age-groups drive a major of Southeast Asia’s eCommerce revenue.

Top Marketplaces in ASEAN – You Should Sell On!

Southeast Asia is such a diverse region that has continued to attract young shoppers. With more and more ASEAN population tuning into eCommerce. The online marketplaces prove to be the best real-time rescues for all the retailers and help them cover huge customer-base.

The tech behemoths such as Shopee, Lazada, PrestoMall, Qoo10, and others in the ASEAN are already benefiting the eCommerce boom. A recent survey carried out in Thailand suggests that 85% of patrons living in low tier cities use their smartphones for online purchases.

SEA ecommerce retail market volume

Also, often claimed to be the Black Friday and Cyber Monday of Southeast Asia- the ever-popular mega sale days of the ASEAN, i.e., 11.11 (singles’ day) and 12.12 (double 12) are said to rake in a lot of monetary profits for all the retailers out there.

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With over 1,80,000 brands taking part in Singles’ Day, Alibaba raked a total of 213.5 billion ($30.8 billion). Hence, setting up yet another record when compared to previous times.

Having known it all, you might get the thought of how to tap into the active and flourishing markets of Southeast Asia eCommerce? Whether or not, if you are already selling in Southeast Asia- ASEAN eCommerce has its door open for all the eCommerce veterans and newbie.

Below, is a list of all the top marketplaces, you must not resist selling upon.


why should you sell in the ASEAN - Lazada

Lazada marketplace is said to acquire 2.03 million unique population as per the latest data of SimilarWebs. Being the perfect marketplace to get going into the prominent ASEAN regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam Lazada marketplace put forths your product in front of millennials.

-It’s zero listing fees make it favorite among sellers.

-Everyday products, USB drives, power banks are the top-selling products on Lazada.


why should you sell in the ASEAN

Said to take over the eCommerce players – Lazada, Qoo10, and PrestoMall- Shopee marketplace seemed to seize the #1 position of the Southeast Asia market in the year 2018. The “mobile-first” countries or instead that belonging to the ASEAN have witnessed Shopee marketplace as a primary mobile, assorted online shop- providing a regular web shopping experience and ruling major parts of ASEAN with its presence in the Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, as well as Malaysia.

-Shopee’s free shipping services draw more patrons to you.

-The Shopee marketplace does not ask for any commission, which means your earnings are only yours.


why should you sell in asean - prestomall

PrestoMall (earlier known as 11Street) is the online shopping mall that connects sellers with a variety of patrons to meet the various quality of products at fair prices. Thus, providing a trustworthy and secure environment for both sellers and buyers. Uncovering countless deals from electronics, fashion, home and living, sports and leisure, and more.

-PrestoMall marketplace enables you to pick your shipping fee.

-With PrestoMall, you get the option to pay to be listed first.


why should you sell in ASEAN - Qoo10

Qoo10 is yet another popular online shopping platform among Southeast Asia eCommerce region. Covering everything from sports goods, apparel, home products, beauty products, electronic gadgets, Qoo10 also sells food. All you need to do is to come up with an attractive eStore.

– Being a seller, you can list your products for free on Qoo10.

-Qoo10 leverages you with its vast customer-base (1.94 million as per Jan’19 Similarwebs report).


southeast asia ecommerce

Based in Malaysia, Lelong is yet another top-performing marketplace in Southeast Asia. Attracting a considerable customer-base, the Qoo10 marketplace put forth two of its plans for its sellers to get started with selling- RM398/year (Webstore Plan) and RM498/year (Webstore Plus Plan) respectively.

-They enable your products to rank better on specific keywords.

-Lelong marketplace tends to maintain clear transparency of your transactions.

More is always better! whether you want to begin or even if you are already selling in Southeast Asia, you can go multichannel and sell your products on different affluent marketplaces of Southeast Asia in a more centralized way.

Lucrative Surprises – SEA Sellers

Having known such lucrative facts about the rising eCommerce of Southeast Asia. You sure don’t want to sit back and risk your chances of making more money online.

More is always better! whether you want to begin or even if you are already selling in Southeast Asia, you can go multichannel and sell your products on different affluent marketplaces of Southeast Asia in a more centralized way.

southeast asia ecommerce

For all the veterans out there- CedCommerce gives your eCommerce store that little push to expand your product outreach and reach the all-new customer-base via their perfect integration solutions. Sync your eCommerce stores with the top-selling marketplaces of Southeast Asia and strengthen your presence in the ASEAN.


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The outlook for secure payment solutions and lack of users’ interest in credit cards have led to the increased COD options across ASEAN. However, several online payments are slowly arising with the increased digitalization in the ASEAN. Below is a detailed description of the bifurcation of payment methods across the Southeast Asia region:

-Singapore tend to hold high grips over Credit cards,
-Internet Banking is the most common practice in Malaysia.
-Annexing further, the current eCommerce trends of Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam witnesses the ever-popular Cash Of delivery (COD) method across the Southeast Asia eCommerce.

Did you know?

Cash on Delivery prevails the Southeast Asia eCommerce market

Unlike the western eCommerce world, Cash On Delivery (COD) is the most preferred payment method in ASEAN. COD is often the only payment solution in eCommerce regions of Southeast Asia.

To Sum Up…

E-commerce in the Southeast Asian region is an ocean, full of wealth. With the ever-rising eCommerce players, the competition will get even more stringent. Worth mentioning- In the age of rising competition, the ASEAN seems to carry some unique trends.

Besides, with CedCommerce’s incredible integration solutions, you can sit back, relax, and stay ahead of the rest of the crowd. Leverage the mass upload of products in one-go, auto-sync, and centrally manage all the orders from your eCommerce store. Also, don’t miss out on the exclusive one-time payment and 24*7 FREE support.

Did this piece impart much about Southeast Asia Market and the growth opportunity of eCommerce in Southeast Asia?

Do leave your valuable comments below, we will not disappoint you. Atleast we will try!

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