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Singles  Day (11.11) – Optimize High Demand Products For Smooth Shopping Experience

Singles Day (11.11) – Optimize High Demand Products For Smooth Shopping Experience


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Singles day (11.11) shopping festival is gearing up to entice shoppers with deep discounts and other lucrative offers. Limited time offer is an effective approach to lure maximum customers, and it never fails.

But, another superb approach always works to grab customer attention. It enhances your product to make it stand out.

Moreover, Singles day is undoubtedly the biggest online shopping festival on the planet for the past several years and will remain the same in 2022.

Let’s dive deep into some of the best practices to optimize products that will experience higher demand during Singles day.

Consumer Electronics

Electronic products, particularly smartphones, Bluetooth headphones, Wifi enabled CCTV cameras, storage devices, power banks, and smartwatches, have witnessed consistently high demand. This niche popularity has never seen any significant dip in demand.

After all, Southeast Asians are amongst the most tech-loving guys and a few more reasons are

  • 3 in 4 people from the region have experienced technology as savior during the covid pandemic.
  • Residents are very positive about the digitisation role in job creation and economic prosperity.
  • Sinagporeasns tops as world’s most technologically savvy users. They will be best suited for ads during the upcoming year end festivals.

Moreover during the 10.10 shopping festival the biggest discounts are on electronics products like every other year.

Did you know, 63% of older people (aged 50-59) in Singapore are comfortable with computers. This a promising sign that consumer electronics have a comparatively better chance to attract more customers in Southeast Asia than in other regions.

Let’s dig into some practical approaches to help merchants tap into massive Chinese markets during singles day.

Singles Day Best Practices To Optimize Store To Sell High-Demand Products

Consumer Electronic Products

  • Use well lit product images with preferably white background.
  • At least one video that perfectly demonstrates the purpose of the product. Actually, shoppers need assurance that the product is the right fit. They never ignore this aspect and so should you.
  • Include the return policy link on the product page. Customers love to be assured that expensive stuff can be returned and monetary risk is minimal.

Fashion & Clothing

  • Target the right audience over social media.
    • Facebook (for all age groups, men and women)
    • Tumblr (suitable for teens and young adults)
    • Instagram (for 18-40 age group men and women)
    • Pinterest (for 25-45 age group men and women)
  • Hire local fashion influencers to reveal how extraordinary the outfit is.
  • Ensure size charts are available in multiple dimensions. It helps every customer find the right fit, and nobody feels left out.

Beauty & Cosmetic

Korean products are undoubtedly the most popular skincare product line among Chinese and Southeast Asian customers.

korean beauty products

Image credit – theeverygirl

  • Educate the shoppers about Korean cosmetics being better tailored for asian skin types.
  • Leverage the Instagram beauty influencer community to showcase your product convincingly.
  • Raise awareness among the target audience about using cruelty-free products, followed by portraying your items as one of them
  • List your items on multiple marketing channels to enhance their visibility and reach. Some of the best-suited marketplaces for Korean beauty products are Tmall,, and Taobao.

Men’s Care

Industry experts are confident that men’s care products will reach a market size worth $277 billion in the next eight years. This phenomenon is the men’s beauty boom.

These impressive figures speak about men’s grooming, soon to be a product niche that will be rivalling other popular categories. Therefore, there’s a need to optimize these products for maximum traction.

  • Keep the message clear and straightforward with honest and complete details. Dark colours are masculine.
  • Impress the shopper by telling how long-lasting is the impact of the product.
  • Offering free product samples is a good idea. Men are big fans of the “try before you buy” approach.

appearance is important for mens

Luxury Products

  • Chinese consumers consider luxury as a sign of wealth and social status. The impact is visible in terms of spending on luxury items to be 36% more than last year.
  • No wonder there will be high demand for luxury items in the upcoming Singles day sale. A strategy to optimize such things in the store will be a definite sales booster.
  • The primary target audience are millennials and Gen Z.
  • Personalization is the key to convincing shoppers to buy products with high costs.
  • Several live stream sessions on communicating the product aesthetics
  • Customers buying luxury items will not be happy to see products promoted as cheap or inexpensive. Avoid all such words from your Google ads campaigns.

Why Gen-Z Shoppers Need Special Attention During Singles Day

A significant chunk of sales during the singles day is generated from Gen Z shoppers. Moreover, they are big-time online shopping enthusiasts with $360 billion in disposable income.

Moreover, Chinese Gen Z shoppers spend the most during Singles day among all age groups. They alone were responsible for 31 percent of shopping during the most prominent retail event on the planet last year.

These facts are too alluring to overlook; ignoring them is equivalent to limiting your sales opportunities. Therefore, let’s go deeper into the right approach to convince and convert Gen-Z shoppers.

How To Influence Gen-Z Shoppers

  • Offer multiple payment methods. Flexible payment is a decisive factor for Gen-Z shoppers.
  • Boost your social media presence with live streaming sessions and enable social commerce for your business. A good percentage of Gen-Z customers are inclined toward purchasing items directly via social media.
  • Moreover, the majority of them consider social media for product discovery.
  • Experts suggest Gen-Z are most likely to fall for discounts and are willing to share their email addresses. Rewards points and gifts are other strategies to lure them during Singles day

Gen-Z shoppers

  • Gen-Z has a soft spot for nature, thus inclined towards eco-friendly products. Surprisingly, they are willing to pay up to 10% more for such items. You can leverage it to your advantage by listing eco-friendly products 
  • Enable fast shipping. If you promise fast shipping, Gen-Z has no qualms about paying up to 5% more.
  • Apparels are the most frequently bought item among female Gen-Zers. Keep a close eye on the latest trends.

Some Good To Know Strategic Flows To Amplify Your Sales Graph Singles Day

Flow 1

Study Your target audience’s behaviour using customer modeling tools. It helps you to offer a tailored shopping experience. As a result, customers will feel special. It will increase your store sales & increases the loyalty.

Flow 2

Shopper inboxes are overflowing with promotional emails. Craft a subject line that relates to shoppers on their journey. It will ensure the value proposition is embedded into your subject line. Hence, your subject line stands out and gets your deal noticed.

How Recommendations Ease Up The Game Of Convincing The Customers

Marketing is going next level to sound less salesy, but customers are fed up with an overdose of marketing. Nevertheless, trusted recommendations are a superb way to impress shoppers.

Recommendations are the key to igniting trust in the products. As a result, it positively influences the purchase decision.

  • 5-star reviews are best in engaging customers at any stage of the buyers’ journey.
  • Embedding positive reviews to abandon cart emails speeds up potential customers’ site revisit.
  • Uplift your cross selling game. Add products frequently bought together with maximum positive reviews. These are best suited for cross-selling.
  • Recommend relevant items as add ons on the primary products. Customers buying a SaaS product will love to find customer service as a recommendation.
  • Optimize your site home page with the most popular and latest products. As a result, visitors will find it irresistible to overlook such great recommendations.

recommendation on order confirmation page image credit: cloudways

Choose a Store Theme that is Conversion Friendly & Aesthetically Appealing

Be it any ordinary product or  high demand, the role of store theme is crucial in uplifting the entire shopping experience. It is the first touch point that hooks customer attention.

Image credit: dribbble

Enhance your store shopping experience by opting for a store theme that conforms to the below

  • Homepage video (grab attention as soon shopper lands on the store)
  • Re-sizable landing page banners
  • Mobile responsive (90% of sales are generated from smartphones during Singles day)
  • Multi-level menu feature
  • Simple navigation (2-3 clicks to reach anywhere on the site)
  • Search-focused menu (enable shoppers to get to product hassle-free)
  • SEO friendly template
  • Well-structured product layout
  • 1-click checkout (seamless checkout is vital for a high conversion rate)
  • Optimized for fast page load speed

All Things Considered – Double Down Sales on Singles Day

There is no denying about tremendous sales opportunities that come along with Singles day. As a wise merchant, it’s time to optimize your store and be in a position to deliver customer orders without delay. Adhering to the abovementioned strategies empowers your online store with a competitive edge. As a result, you can grab the shopper’s eyeball before the competitors.

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