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7 Tips on How to Write Amazon Product Description

7 Tips on How to Write Amazon Product Description


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With net sales of around 178 Billion, Amazon is the world’s largest internet retailer in terms of revenue and market capitalization. It is the dream of every online seller to sell on this giant e-commerce marketplace that sells millions of products and has a huge customer network. Now, for an Amazon seller, it is very important not only to sell a premium quality product but also to present the product well to rank the product higher in the search results. Having said that, it would be remiss of me to mention that Amazon Product Description is one such point that can make your product appear higher in search and do wonders for you.

So here are 7 Amazon Product Description writing secrets which, if considered well, may get your product higher in the search results.

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Get ready and read the tricks for writing a great Amazon product description to take your product to the pinnacle.

Research and Understand

Amazon has customer satisfaction as its core model and that’s what matters the most to the Amazon marketplace. For sellers too, it is mandatory to keep it in mind for several reasons. For writing the flawless Amazon product description, a seller needs to think from a customer viewpoint and the psychology of customers. Research is one practice that you need to do for that.

Read the reviews of similar kinds of products and understand what is the expectations of buyers from such products. Use it to write to-the-point Amazon Product Description and highlight what they want to know. Read more on the next point about it.

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Understand buyer

Knowing your buyer persona is very important while writing the Amazon Product Description. Knowing the buyer is the key to it. Write according to the product you are selling and who could be the potential customer for the product. Writing for a prom dress would be as different from writing for a mobile phone as these products differ. For instance, if you are selling household goods or furniture, consider that your buyers are families or newlyweds and write according to what they want to know or how beneficial a product could be for them. Take an example that if you are selling a chandelier, you may write something like, ‘This classic chandelier will bring the glory to your living room and take your guests to the victorian era’. Read the next point to know it well.

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The tone that you use is the key to win the confidence and trust of your buyers. Using a communicative tone and a familiar tone of voice imbibes the feeling in your buyers that you are communicative and can be trusted for the product even in case they want a refund or replacement for the product later on.

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Be Authentic

DO NOT mention or promise any feature or utility about your product in the product description if your product doesn’t have the feature or utility. It can prove to be deadly for your product. Why? There are two reasons. One, you are damaging your brand reputation in your buyers’ eyes. They may complain about you, give you bad feedback, ask a refund, etc. Secondly, Amazon has customer happiness as its prime motive and it can’t tolerate fraudulent activity no matter how harmless your intention is while writing the Amazon Product Description and adding a wrong point to it.

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Always Optimize

To enable your buyers to find the product that you are selling, make sure that they rank up in the Google search results or in the search results of Amazon. For Amazon ranking, make sure that you are complying with the A9 Algorithm, the Amazon search engine that checks if your product is to be ranked or not. For both A9 Algorithm and Google ranking, use keywords that your target users are most likely to use to search for your product or similar kind of products as you are selling. Make your product description keyword rich by inserting keywords and search terms. Also, search what are keywords that your competitors or sellers with similar products are selling and use them. By doing so, you can rank higher in the Amazon search results as well as Google search results.

amazon product description optimization

Source: Amazon

Focus on Benefit. Write Quick Read Description.

Make your Amazon Product Description easy to be read by adding the bullet points which focus on the utility or benefits of the product. It is a general fact that buyers like to read more about the benefits that are practical and could be beneficial to them instead of features that are irrelevant to them. So create bullets and make the product easy to read. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot mention the features, do that too and make it a perfect combination of what buyers are expecting + what you are offering. For example, if you are selling a mobile phone, don’t forget to mention the product features for your Amazon listing that is outstanding such as – ‘Up to 72-hours battery life ‘.

amazon product description

Source: Amazon

At the same time, make sure that your Amazon product description is easy to read without unnecessary vocabulary and adjectives. Remember, buyers, are finding ease, not the grammar or vocabulary lesson (pun intended). See the product description example below

amazon product description

Source: Amazon

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Follow Amazon Product Description Guidelines

Last but not the least, FOLLOW the guidelines by Amazon and avoid any mishap in the form of action taken against you by Amazon. Worried? Don’t be. The standard guidelines by Amazon tell you the Do’s and Don’ts for writing the Amazon Product Description and following them, you could easily and write the unmatched descriptions.

However, while writing it, keep in mind the points mentioned below:

Accuracy: The accuracy is very important to be maintained and no false point should be made.

Safety: Write about the risks or health measures related to products, for your buyers.

Consideration: No use of obscene or offensive content. Also, no disclosure in the case of cinematic or literary products.

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These were some of the points that may help you write an accurate, to the point, and user-friendly Amazon Product Description. So now when you start writing the Amazon Product Description, try and write what is more relevant for your users and what they find most useful before buying your product. At the same time, make sure you are optimizing your Amazon Product Description.

I would also add at the end that although there are no set rules on how to try the Amazon Product Description, following the practice mentioned in this post and following Amazon guidelines can definitely procure you the best results in terms of visibility, sales, and being the most sought-after seller by your customers.

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