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Tap into the Rising E-commerce of SEA with Shopify Shopee Integration App

Tap into the Rising E-commerce of SEA with Shopify Shopee Integration App


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Portland, Oregon- (December 13, 2019)– Launch of Shopify Shopee integration app by CedCommerce facilitates seamless selling in SEA. Explore and expand on Southeast Asia’s most visited e-commerce website by listing products within minutes.

Merchants can experience effortless selling on SEA’s rising eCommerce marketplace. Above all, the SEA Marketplace Integration app is fully compatible with all the available versions of the Shopify store. 

Product listing to managing multiple accounts or organizing products on Shopee is not a time-intensive job. Shopify Shopee integration is capable of managing orders & inventory with full efficiency. Hence, you experience hassle-free selling on Shopee.

Using SEA Marketplace Integration – Get connected with 2.8 million visitors on Shopee in Minutes.

Salient features that ease selling on Shopify.

  • Hassle-Free Product Listing: The burden of listing every product manually means some room for error. Therefore, automate your product listing (with all possible variations) and mapping (existing products) on Shopee. This way, you list products faster and without error.
  • Analytical Dashboard: Get the best insights about your products in the Shopee marketplace.
  • Profiling: Grouping your products based on different product properties that suit your business niche is easy.
  • Manage Multiple Accounts: The solution enables you to sell in different countries because managing multiple accounts gets simplified.
  • Real-Time Synchronisation: Want to be a top seller on Shopee? it is necessary to remain updated with every change taking place in terms of inventory, price, and orders. Hence, our developers ensured all changes get synced between Shopee and Shopify store in real-time. Therefore, you never skip any important updates.

Automate your selling on Shopee using the SEA Marketplace Integration – it connects Shopify Store with Shopee Marketplace and Shopify Sellers with Millions of Customers.

Shopify Shopee integration app helps both newbie and experienced sellers on Shopify, who are eyeing to expand business on Shopee. Therefore, it is an opportunity for Shopify sellers to multiply sales by expanding the reach to 2.8 million monthly visitors on Shopee.

On this occasion the co-founder, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal quoted,”This SEA Marketplace Integration app will help Shopify sellers to compete with existing sellers on Shopee.”

About CedCommerce:

CedCommerce is a leader in e-commerce solution development since the last decade with a firm belief to ease selling on marketplaces. We facilitated the successful journey of 5000 plus sellers on various e-commerce marketplaces. We are the Official channel partner with popular marketplaces worldwide like Google Shopping Actions, Walmart, Bonanza, Sears, Fruugo, and more.

CedCommerce also offers full-scale digital marketing services. Let your business be easily found by your customers.

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